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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUP

(page 59 of 83)


Meditation, 88:out of the physical body. They pertain to the group causal body, to certain ray secrets, and to theMeditation, 90:Trusted in what sense? Trusted to think in group terms and not in terms of self, trusted to use theMeditation, 92:an occidental or an oriental type of body. His group affiliations, whether exoteric or esoteric. 3.Meditation, 107:and his type of body. Those attendant on his group affiliations, whether on the physical plane andMeditation, 110:found in a more or less degree in every occult group. It is generally recognized that each race hasMeditation, 114:to be avoided in Meditation Dangers attendant on Group Affiliations August 2, 1920 Very brieflyMeditation, 114:in meditation that are incidental to a man's group affiliations, whether exoteric or esoteric.Meditation, 115:path. Unless inner growth finds expression in group service the man treads a dangerous road. Meditation, 116:The following groups will be found: His family group to which he is usually affiliated for twoMeditation, 117:need. His associated band of servers, the group under some Great One that is definitely united forMeditation, 117:as a man's karma holds him to some particular group the thing that he must aim at is to play hisMeditation, 118:liberation; besides this he must carry on his group with him to greater heights and usefulness.Meditation, 118:will have to play it out. If he builds into that group's causal body (the composite product of theMeditation, 118:is desired: A student is affiliated with a group that has an over-preponderance of devotees, and heMeditation, 118:If he permits himself to be overcome by the group thought-forms and becomes himself a devotee,Meditation, 118:meditation and unwisely omitting to balance that group's causal body, he runs into a danger thatMeditation, 118:a danger that hurts not only himself but the group to which he belongs. 2. On the emotional plane:Meditation, 118:groups such as: His emotional plane family group, which is more thoroughly his own group than theMeditation, 118:family group, which is more thoroughly his own group than the family into which he happens to beMeditation, 119:more potent than on the lower levels. The egoic group to which he belongs. This is most importantMeditation, 120:may be run when the karma of the student and his group affiliations are overlooked. Today theMeditation, 142:and from that stage passes on into that of the group consciousness. Here he realizes first hisMeditation, 142:consciousness. Here he realizes first his egoic group and then other egoic groups. This stage isMeditation, 142:enables a man to realize not only his egoic group affiliations but his place in the human HierarchyMeditation, 143:all other consciousness, and be realizing his group as one with himself, but until the man (inMeditation, 143:to that same plane and is likewise aware of his group consciousness, and likewise regards himselfMeditation, 143:himself as the higher Self within the egoic group and not as a separated unit, it is of no more useMeditation, 144:associates. Its affiliated groups. Its egoic group. Other egoic groups. That Man of the Heavens ofMeditation, 144:consciousness with the subsequent development of group consciousness very directly concern all whoMeditation, 145:the ability to look upon oneself as part of a group, with no interests and desires, no aims orMeditation, 145:no aims or wishes apart from the good of that group. It necessitates a constant watchfulness everyMeditation, 146:all embracing consciousness slips into the egoic group soul consciously. This form provides theMeditation, 146:the man can at will transfer himself into his group, and later consciously dwell there permanently.Meditation, 153:to give or outline such forms, I wish to group them for you so that later when the Teacher movesMeditation, 154:obviated in the personal life. National or group karma occasionally involves a pupil, and upsetsMeditation, 155:work done during the next seven years, or on the group karma, also on the progress made, not onlyMeditation, 157:or personality ray. They link him up with his group on the inner planes, either the group ofMeditation, 157:with his group on the inner planes, either the group of servers, the group of invisible helpers, orMeditation, 157:inner planes, either the group of servers, the group of invisible helpers, or later with his egoicMeditation, 157:of invisible helpers, or later with his egoic group. [158] They tend to merge the occult and theMeditation, 165:upon the ray. It links him with his egoic group and binds all into one composite whole, vibratingMeditation, 171:of the microcosm in the three worlds, to the group egoic and its focal point, a Master; from theMeditation, 171:its focal point, a Master; from the ruler of the group he rises to the Manu, the Ruler of theMeditation, 172:his Ego, then with his Master, next with his group egoic and then with all groups, till finally heMeditation, 178:with their Deva Lords. This brings me to another group of mantrams used in connection with theMeditation, 178:the one who uses them in contact with the deva group he seeks. These mantrams are, of course, formsMeditation, 178:if the man himself is on the same ray as the group he calls. You ask why protective mantrams areMeditation, 180:life, and to contact and cooperate with some group of devas. The above digression may serveMeditation, 182:permitted, though not as yet with the involving group. Remember this statement. The deva and humanMeditation, 193:of the major centers. The effects achieved by a group of persons who have the power to work onMeditation, 195:a given word from the leader, each unit in the group will deliberately withdraw his consciousnessMeditation, 195:pitched in the key to which the majority of the group respond. This key will be ascertained by theMeditation, 195:This key will be ascertained by the clairvoyant group leader reviewing rapidly the auras gatheredMeditation, 196:that go to the makeup of the personnel of a group. [197] It blends - under certain geometricalMeditation, 197:- the auras of the differentiated units in a group, and causes these auras to form one united groupMeditation, 197:group, and causes these auras to form one united group aura, thereby permitting of the rhythmicMeditation, 199:dependent on the status and personnel of the group, it is not primarily for group purposes. GroupsMeditation, 199:personnel of the group, it is not primarily for group purposes. Groups will apply themselves to theMeditation, 199:types of logoic force, of passing it through the group funnel, and of sending it out through theMeditation, 208:On the bodies of the pupil. On groups and on group work. On the environment. The application ofMeditation, 216:much of interest. We now come to a different group of colors, and one that falls naturallyMeditation, 242:This involves on the part of the person or group that undertakes this work the ascertaining ofMeditation, 242:not with effects. The primary aim of the healing group will be to discover the originating cause ofMeditation, 242:emotional or the mental body the members of the group will then proceed to deal with the effect asMeditation, 243:on to our next point: 2. The ascertaining by the group that practices healing of full informationMeditation, 244:angles, and not at any earlier time, will the group who purpose healing study the physical vehicleMeditation, 245:conditions you would have at the head of the group a person with causal consciousness, who can dealMeditation, 246:of all [246] the bodies with the Ego. The group will also include: A person, or persons who canMeditation, 246:the desired results. Some member of the group will also be a member of the medical profession, whoMeditation, 246:and by the cooperation of all those units in the group, results will be achieved that will meritMeditation, 246:that will merit the name of miracles. In the group, also, will be a number of people who canMeditation, 246:self and of the Master. Besides this, in each group will be found some person who can accuratelyMeditation, 246:of medicine. I have here touched on the ideal group. It is not as yet in any way possible, but aMeditation, 263:He understands the laws governing groups and group souls. He governs a group soul consciouslyMeditation, 263:governing groups and group souls. He governs a group soul consciously Himself (a group on the pathMeditation, 263:He governs a group soul consciously Himself (a group on the path of return and formed of the livesMeditation, 263:of the Heavenly Man by means of which He and His group are kept in sympathetic vibration, andMeditation, 266:involved in the ability of the man to develop group consciousness. On the planes of the higherMeditation, 266:is composed (from the standpoint of form) of group souls, - those group souls being made up of theMeditation, 266:the standpoint of form) of group souls, - those group souls being made up of the individual humanMeditation, 267:even though it entails passing into the group of a different Master. This takes place after theMeditation, 267:three things: 1. The ability to contact his group, or in other words, to be sensible of theMeditation, 267:words, to be sensible of the vibration of the group of which some particular Master is the focalMeditation, 267:observation, he can only sense and hold the group vibration (which is the Master's vibration) for aMeditation, 267:high moment link up with the Master and with the group, and his whole being will be flooded withMeditation, 267:and surge upward in an outburst of his group color. Then he will relax, drop back and lose theMeditation, 268:- the power to touch the Master and the Master's group, and the power to polarize himself in theMeditation, 268:of vibration will draw a man to the higher group to which he may belong, to the Master WhoMeditation, 269:and affiliates the man [269] with his divine group. The same law effects his liberation fromMeditation, 269:Thus he is permitted to touch that Triad and the group on the subplane of the higher mental toMeditation, 269:and prove that he has somewhat to impart to the group with which he is esoterically affiliated.Meditation, 269:to add that will increase the beauty of the group, that will add to the available equipment thatMeditation, 269:race, and that will increase the richness of the group coloring. This can be brought about in twoMeditation, 270:ways: He is definitely a part of the Master's group, and is within the consciousness of the MasterMeditation, 270:his consciousness that could in any way harm the group to which he belongs, or be antagonistic toMeditation, 271:of my meaning, when he first forms part of the group enclosed in the Master's aura, he is kept onMeditation, 271:unworthy of the Self and thus harmful to the group. Until he has learnt to do this he cannotMeditation, 271:himself still more, gradually he develops group consciousness and thinks in group terms of service,Meditation, 271:he develops group consciousness and thinks in group terms of service, gradually his aura takes onMeditation, 271:advances ever closer to the heart of the group, and finds his own place and functional activity in
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