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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUP

(page 60 of 83)


Meditation, 272:to the Master, and no contrary vibration to the group. He has been tried and not been foundMeditation, 272:his relationship to some Master and to some one group soul. It is not dependent upon his takingMeditation, 273:entering into closer and closer touch with his group and with the Hierarchy. He is not onlyMeditation, 273:He is not only vibrating in tune with his group and with his Master, but is beginning now to gatherMeditation, 273:now to gather out his own people, and form a group himself. This group will be at first only onMeditation, 273:his own people, and form a group himself. This group will be at first only on emotional andMeditation, 273:way prevents his being one with his Master and group, but the method of interblending is one of theMeditation, 274:outer contact with [274] a Master and His group to a position of the closest intimacy, and to anMeditation, 276:He develops the capacity of the pupil to work in group formation. He studies his action andMeditation, 276:his action and interaction on his own affiliated group. He works with the pupil's causal body andMeditation, 281:from the point of view of his usefulness in the group soul, and his capacity to help. Meditation, 292:moment vibrating to the key of the Master of his group. He has made contact. He may not rememberMeditation, 293:to the would be aspirant to the mysteries of the group. When the work [294] is properly done, theMeditation, 294:coming ceremonies. This puts each member of the group - through his own effort and through theMeditation, 294:and the particular Master. The note of the group will be known to the one who guards the entrance,Meditation, 304:contacts his higher self, his Master, his egoic group, the First Initiator, the One ParamountMeditation, 306:school. Only as the causal body of the national group has reached a certain rate of vibration willMeditation, 309:in western China. This makes the seventh in the group of schools outlined. It is not purposed asMeditation, 309:of His knowledge. An endeavor to think in group terms and clearly for oneself, not depending uponMeditation, 320:period of service, his ability to work in group formation and to think in terms of others. [321]Meditation, 322:it and the large central shrine where the group meetings will be held. [323] This large centralMeditation, 323:traced the triangle, and within the triangle the group will sit, the three spaces outside theMeditation, 328:review of the united auras of the school group.) Secondly, a graded scientific study of theMeditation, 329:Practical Work Service to the race. Study of group work. Review work. [330] Work on the subtlerMeditation, 349:which Agni is paramountly lord. Agnichaitans A group of fire devas. Atlantis The continent that wasMeditation, 353:and ethical doctrines. Hierarchy That group of spiritual beings on the inner planes of the solarPatanjali, 14:wise (occultly understood) and whose motive is group development. Therefore that reaction calledPatanjali, 17:of the soul realm - or the "Kingdom of God." All group concerns and the nature of groupPatanjali, 17:of God." All group concerns and the nature of group consciousness are revealed to him. It will bePatanjali, 20:which are created by the race, the nation, the group or the organization. Group thought forms ofPatanjali, 20:race, the nation, the group or the organization. Group thought forms of any kind (from thePatanjali, 26:utilized by him in increasing his efficiency in group service and in group endeavor. Patanjali, 26:his efficiency in group service and in group endeavor. Patanjali, 35:with the Oversoul subserves the one plan and is group-conscious. Thus through these four stages ofPatanjali, 39:He enters into the world of causes. The first group might be regarded as comprising all who arePatanjali, 39:have taken the second Initiation. The second group is comprised of those higher disciples who -Patanjali, 39:the heart and throat into the head. The second group - through a knowledge of the law - works withPatanjali, 40:or soul. This is the achievement of the previous group. Then the Presence itself is later contactedPatanjali, 40:self and the not-self have been known by this group of initiates. Now the vision of the not-selfPatanjali, 45:the "tortoises" of the Path just as the first group are the "hares." In some of the old books therePatanjali, 45:are portrayed under three symbols: The intense group are depicted as goats, and aspirants of thisPatanjali, 45:under the sign Capricorn, The moderate group are depicted by a fish, and many born under the signPatanjali, 45:are found in this category, The gentle or slow group are pictured as crabs and often come intoPatanjali, 51:All-Self The sum total of all selves. I am That Group consciousness. AUM The Word of Revelation.Patanjali, 70:it only include service or identification with group consciousness, but it must also include thePatanjali, 79:"gracious peace." We have seen that correct group relations and rhythmic living will produce thatPatanjali, 86:condition is largely sensuous. One is racial and group realization, the other is relative to thePatanjali, 124:part of the Oversoul. This [124] results in group consciousness which is the objective of thePatanjali, 130:the man becomes aware of something else, the group to which he belongs, and he does this through aPatanjali, 130:He learns that he, the human atom is a part of a group or center in the body of a heavenly Man, aPatanjali, 130:Logos and that he must develop awareness of: His group vibration, His group purpose, His groupPatanjali, 130:develop awareness of: His group vibration, His group purpose, His group center. This is the stagePatanjali, 130:of: His group vibration, His group purpose, His group center. This is the stage of the probationaryPatanjali, 131:great initiation, and learns of the place his group holds in the planetary plan, catching a glimpsePatanjali, 138:upon any specific plane or through any specific group of forms is not right when that sphere ofPatanjali, 149:type of body, and the form, both of vehicle and group relations, is painful to the soul, who isPatanjali, 174:to widen his horizon and to search where (in the group and in his environment), what he seeks mayPatanjali, 174:to a full realization of the significance of group consciousness. H.P.B. has said that a sense ofPatanjali, 182:attitude towards his environment or his group, and his mental attitude towards ideas, thoughtPatanjali, 190:heart; eventually bringing the aspirant into the group of some adept or spiritual teacher, andPatanjali, 221:significance and the relation of the man to his group, planetary or otherwise. This is dealt withPatanjali, 250:with all souls, subhuman, human, and superhuman. Group consciousness somewhat expresses the idea,Patanjali, 277:on the upward arc he is linked with his egoic group and on the downward arc with the vegetablePatanjali, 278:disciples. [278] Through direct knowledge of the group activities and relations of a man's own ego.Patanjali, 278:environment, Those of his present family, group and race, Those of his present life cycle, These ofPatanjali, 278:of his present life cycle, These of his egoic group. Thus through the process of elimination hePatanjali, 298:world. Intuitional or Christ consciousness. Group consciousness. 3. Mental Plane Mahendra World ofPatanjali, 323:faculty is lacking. They demonstrate as group faculty, analogous to a racial instinct in the humanPatanjali, 323:Spiritual discernment 3rd (Formless) Response to group vibration 2nd (Formless) Spiritual telepathyPatanjali, 357:from the planetary to the solar, and group [358] consciousness can be developed into GodPatanjali, 369:practice of Raja Yoga are carried forward into group realization and it is seen that they producePatanjali, 378:powers are the result of the development of group consciousness, of the second aspect of divinity.Patanjali, 391:effect he has upon them. Thus is the return to group consciousness brought about and thus is karmaPatanjali, 410:held constantly in view, and in pursuance of the group plan. It must never be forgotten that allPatanjali, 410:It must never be forgotten that all egos work in group formation and under the direct control ofPatanjali, 426:end, and though he may still be subservient to group karma (planetary or solar), he himself hasPatanjali, 428:utilization by the soul for the achievement of group objectives and the development of groupPatanjali, 428:of group objectives and the development of group consciousness upon the physical plane. HithertoProblems, 7:and misinterpreted and the task of the New Group of World Servers is to offset this evil. HumanityProblems, 8:of the men and women of goodwill. This latter group would show themselves as willing to carryProblems, 10:men today think in terms of their own nation or group and this is their largest concept; they haveProblems, 18:and not in response to the propaganda of a group or a military caste. The responsibility of theProblems, 19:herd consciousness. This must be transmuted into group consciousness - the consciousness of theProblems, 21:revelation of great spiritual value and group significance - a revelation for all mankind. It isProblems, 28:exactly what we are - as [28] nations, in our group relationships, through our expression ofProblems, 37:fed pride and fostered the belief that he, his group and his nation are infinitely superior toProblems, 44:of independent nations bound together into one group. India is composed of a multiplicity ofProblems, 48:action, based upon failure to preserve right group relations, is not developed but if a child isProblems, 48:the encroachments of individual desire upon group requirements for personal gain, will emerge inProblems, 53:taught to think of themselves in relation to the group, to the family unit and to the nation inProblems, 55:play his part, teaching him his place in the group and preparing him for intelligent living andProblems, 58:contribution which he can and must make to the group. It is perhaps a platitude to say thatProblems, 68:of all separative classes into one thriving group of human beings. All these objectives are goodProblems, 70:planet can largely be attributed to a selfish group with materialistic purposes who have forProblems, 70:has emerged and has wrecked the world. This group of capitalists has cornered and exploited theProblems, 71:they still exist. They form an international group, closely interrelated, working in complete unityProblems, 73:of the planet's resources by an international group of selfish and ambitious men. The opportunityProblems, 73:and Employment Let us now look at the opposing group - Labor. A powerful group, representing theProblems, 73:look at the opposing group - Labor. A powerful group, representing the capitalistic system, bothProblems, 74:and international, and an equally [74] powerful group of labor unions and their leaders, face each
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