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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUP

(page 80 of 83)


Rays, 344:Some well-meaning aspirants interpret the group idea as the instruction to them that they shouldRays, 344:should make an effort to form groups - their own group or groups. This is not the idea as it isRays, 344:world and work to become a focal point for a group. His task now is to discover the group ofRays, 344:for a group. His task now is to discover the group of aspirants with which he should affiliateRays, 344:the neophyte who is getting his first glimpse of group relations leading to group initiation: "AndRays, 344:his first glimpse of group relations leading to group initiation: "And dost thou see the Door, ORays, 345:of seven, but had not contacted their fellow group members in physical consciousness; the emphasisRays, 346:training for some one initiation. This group admission will develop rapidly as the world settlesRays, 346:or demonstrated expansion, discovers his own group, he will find that it has in it those who haveRays, 348:his character accomplishments and because the group conscious aspect of the soul is active in himRays, 349:soul and which we call magnetic attraction (the group-building quality) he shares with theRays, 349:with the spiritual aspirant. He is essentially group conscious, and though his motives areRays, 349:are separative, his methods are those of the group, and these he can get only from the soul. YouRays, 349:attraction into action and which we call true group consciousness and group cohesion. It is at thisRays, 349:and which we call true group consciousness and group cohesion. It is at this point that the twoRays, 350:path which leads into light and life. One group has never freed itself from the principles whichRays, 355:their minds, for individual attainment and the group possibilities are both involved; each is,Rays, 365:initiation. These all register development in group awareness, as well as in the recognition of theRays, 368:itself in a recognizable manner through the New Group of World Servers. This intermediate group -Rays, 368:New Group of World Servers. This intermediate group - between the Hierarchy and Humanity - is aRays, 368:implements the Purpose, and later, when the New Group of World Servers is organized and isRays, 372:in the Hierarchy, he becomes identified with the group; in Shamballa, He becomes identified withRays, 373:enlightenment will find their way into the New Group of World Servers; this group will increasinglyRays, 373:way into the New Group of World Servers; this group will increasingly assume potent relationRays, 373:and humanity. From one point of view, the New Group of World Servers can be regarded not only as aRays, 373:Servers can be regarded not only as a relating group, but also as a great transforming station,Rays, 374:to the Master and the radiatory and magnetic group which He has attracted to Himself, the discipleRays, 379:you bear these in mind. The concept of a college group, of a band of workers or of a number of menRays, 383:in civilization, in human nature and in the group expression of the human spirit - religions,Rays, 393:evolutionary progress; it is put to the test in group form when the entire Hierarchy meets at ItsRays, 393:what level of consciousness, and involving what group of lives, must be implemented and presentedRays, 405:They are necessarily few in number, and a small group of Them remains to study in our particularRays, 406:individual states of consciousness within any group. It is the consciousness of the whole, and itsRays, 407:definite correspondence with and relation to the group of Nirmanakayas within our planet Who workRays, 407:condition seldom attained by any other group of Masters in training. It must be realized that theRays, 421:tremendous decision which will place Him in a group of Lives on some sacred planet or in some solarRays, 422:the sacred planets, before transferring into the group which guides our Solar Logos; this in itsRays, 430:the Jews (who are not a nation but a religious group) the Near East and Russia. In the maps whichRays, 441:abstract mind. Himself and the Master of his ray group, thus developing the ashramic consciousness.Rays, 442:responsiveness to that which the ashramic group conveys to him, to his emerging vision of theRays, 447:and through a conscious incorporation into the group in service and for purposes of assimilationRays, 452:the middle or balancing aspect, which is love or group relationship. (See Education in the New Age,Rays, 468:of love and to interpret it in terms of the group well-being, and not in terms of the personalRays, 470:it lies behind the rapport between man and man, group and group, and eventually between nation andRays, 470:the rapport between man and man, group and group, and eventually between nation and nation. It isRays, 480:the result of different forces, and primarily of group force. It is predominantly marked by an actRays, 480:reflex action, and is based on the force of the group of etheric centers through which man (as anRays, 485:realization of the will-to-good in a dynamic and group form; it may also be simply an ability toRays, 496:you prefer to go forward steadily, with no group effort, making your work for me and for the groupRays, 496:effort, making your work for me and for the group an ordered part of the daily life, which you canRays, 497:and initiates of the world, we can see the group antahkarana gradually appearing - that bridgeRays, 505:energy coming from the seven egoic groups (one group of each ray type). To this bridge the creativeRays, 528:will) of invocation by the lesser individual, group or kingdom, and the evocation of that which isRays, 528:Here is the key as to why the invocation by a group "standing with massed intent" can bring forth,Rays, 533:created by the Lord of the World and His group of Executives. This information concerning theRays, 533:date (in the early part of the next century) a group of enlightened Masons will rearrange theRays, 545:this later [545] fusion of consciousness. In group formation, disciples are gathered together atRays, 545:instruction and are thereby protected within the group aura from the tremendous potency of theRays, 545:vibration or radiance to that of the person or group he contacts. The impression he makes producesRays, 545:difficulty, both for the individual and for the group. It will be obvious to you, therefore, thatRays, 547:building; this is rapidly becoming a part of the group Antahkarana, built by disciples (working inRays, 547:service of the Plan, the problems connected with group work in the Aquarian Age, or with the lifeRays, 553:received its initial impulse as a result of a group decision within the Hierarchy itself. CertainRays, 553:at the time - a relatively small but powerful group - decided together to tread the Path of EarthRays, 553:Human unity and unanimity, human planning for group welfare, and human [554] creativity (expressedRays, 554:opportunity, was the emergence of the New Group of World Servers. They appeared in every country,Rays, 554:made their appearance in the ranks of the New Group of World Servers, directing their efforts,Rays, 554:and stimulating their understanding. The new group worked in and through every department of humanRays, 571:need - will eventually be controlled by a vast group of initiates of the first initiation - byRays, 577:in the difficulties and the problems of the group and of that totality of groups which we callRays, 579:take the first initiation, but that a very large group of aspirants (far larger than is realized)Rays, 579:of the mental principle. This particular group in the human family are "kama-manasic" initiates,Rays, 579:and brought in a new and hitherto unexpressed group emotional consciousness; this leads the fusedRays, 580:consciousness from the mental plane by the new group of world servers, implemented by the energy ofRays, 585:effects are felt predominantly in the initiate's group and in his field of service; there, heRays, 585:only in relation to his consciousness of the group in which he plays an increasingly potent part.Rays, 585:these effects differentiate and condition his group service, according to the initiation beingRays, 586:produced within the three groups. These are: The group in which the initiate is working upon theRays, 586:of some phase of work sponsored by the New Group of World Servers. All disciples and initiates inRays, 586:manifestation are at this time members of that group, which is the focal point of the presentRays, 586:of energy wherein ray energy is now active. The group which may regard itself consciously as theRays, 586:regard itself consciously as the initiate's own group, in the sense that he is slowly influencingRays, 587:Wielders of the Law of Evolution. The ashramic group of which the initiate is a part and withinRays, 596:not because of its ideology), and by one world group in every country, those guilty of financialRays, 599:plane is guided, directed and controlled by group purpose and by the hierarchical plan. TheRays, 605:the effect of this ray is predominantly of a group nature, and there are - except in the ranks ofRays, 607:in some kind of form life, either individual or group. You will all, as disciples or aspirants, beRays, 613:possible, nor are the spiritual values of either group appreciated by the unthinking masses. Today,Rays, 613:not the goal of the average politician in either group, for usually only his own selfish ambitionRays, 618:into relationship with humanity; so that the New Group of World Servers (implementing the love ofRays, 620:disciples and aspirants who form the New Group of World Servers, seeking to embody the love andRays, 626:national friction in all groups and parties. One group is fighting to preserve the old order; theRays, 626:is fighting to preserve the old order; the other group is fighting fiercely to abolish all the oldRays, 632:model. This can only take place when the present group of dictators and arrogant men have passedRays, 633:world is watching. The transition period between group living (in the true and spiritual sense) andRays, 634:to be to the Jewish people what Stalin and his group, and Hitler and his gang, have been to theirRays, 660:nurturing and fostering will be the task of a group of Masters (to be developed in the next majorRays, 660:sixth initiation, will dedicate Themselves, as a group, to the Path of Earth Service. They willRays, 660:of Sanat Kumara's project. With this our present group of Masters are not specifically [661]Rays, 662:and who fall into three categories: Those in the group who have caught the vision, who accept the
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