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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUPING

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Astrology, 542:of the European Order of Nations but it was a grouping around Germany as the center and for theAstrology, 542:and for the selfish interests of Germany. The grouping which is a part of the divine Plan is notAstrology, 542:divine Plan is not around any one nation but a grouping based on the ideal of brotherhood, on theAstrology, 544:of these beings who sought (under the present grouping of constellations) to enslave the race. TheDestiny, 51:function has been to produce the first tentative grouping of federated nations the world has seenDestiny, 51:and to demonstrate the possibility of such a grouping. The United States is doing a somewhatDiscipleship1, 46:asks himself this question as he studies the grouping of souls with which he has associated himselfDiscipleship2, 344:not and cannot differentiate himself. The second grouping is of not nearly so great importance, butDiscipleship2, 345:disciple for a deeper understanding of the first grouping of divine ideas. These five formulas holdDiscipleship2, 345:you though I am here referring to it. The second grouping of the formulas is as follows: FormulaExternalisation, 32:generated and carried forward. There is another grouping which should not be overlooked. TheFire, 273:to the composition of any particular form. This grouping of atoms will tend to the makeup of aFire, 654:the third type of electrical phenomena. Another grouping of this triplicity can be made whichFire, 667:into the three groups A, B, C, are under another grouping spoken of as "the Devas of the SeventhFire, 855:and of initiates are found) the method of grouping will be according to: Ray. Subray. DepartmentFire, 915:on each of the four subplanes, and this grouping must be considered as but one method ofFire, 923:schemes, therefore, will fall into a similar grouping, and this will open up for students a vastFire, 1083:in cyclic evolution. [1083] The same method of grouping is used in connection with all the kingdomsFire, 1095:of a much closer adhesion, and a decisiveness of grouping that is inherently characteristic of theHercules, 105:five is the number of man, and thus in this grouping of stars we have the story of man, of theMagic, 442:energy in some form or another and in the last grouping with the work of the so-called unregenerateMeditation, 212:absorbing each other in stated cycles, and grouping themselves in groups of threes or fives, yetMeditation, 216:indigo, green, and yellow, - and in this primary grouping lies much of interest. We now come to aPatanjali, 394:of a single life or a single event. Through this grouping, visible bodily conditions or outwardPsychology1, 76:for the divine will. Through the septenary grouping of the solar lives on the mental levels whereonPsychology1, 114:of these tiny outer groups (whose membership and grouping are known only to those who form part ofPsychology1, 252:the animal. Both kingdoms share the same general grouping of nerves, of force centers and channelsPsychology1, 306:of souls in form supersede the present wrong grouping of ideas. The disciple and aspirant upon thePsychology1, 384:you may realize, to produce the first tentative grouping of federated nations, and to demonstratePsychology1, 384:and to demonstrate the possibility of such grouping. The United States of America are doing aPsychology1, 387:An interesting fact emerges as we consider this grouping. Great Britain is the custodian of thePsychology1, 394:who should give birth to the Messiah. In every grouping, - whether in heaven or on earth - there isPsychology1, 394:different to that of the other units in the same grouping. When our solar universe came into being,Psychology1, 395:"breaking away" which characterized the major grouping. Back in later Lemurian times, a group ofPsychology1, 426:the animal. Both kingdoms share the same general grouping of nerves, of force centers and channels,Psychology2, 145:provides at this time an active and necessary grouping of disciples who are eager to aid the Plan.Psychology2, 197:some measure be used. This great and spiritual grouping of servers is, on the physical plane, onlyPsychology2, 390:thus bringing about a correspondence to that grouping within the divine expression which we callPsychology2, 567:and to get in touch with the soul of the higher grouping to which the unit in the lower groupingPsychology2, 567:higher grouping to which the unit in the lower grouping aspires, and with the soul that can thusPsychology2, 636:organization, and in every Church and religious grouping. They constitute the most influential unitPsychology2, 637:the world - in every nation, city and town, - a grouping of people who belong to no party, take noPsychology2, 639:kingdom or an earthly government. It is a grouping of all those who - belonging as they do to everyRays, 423:the seven cosmic Paths. There is no such grouping as the seven solar Paths. In most cases, the
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