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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUPINGS

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Destiny, 52:eventually to give to the planet a system of groupings within one national border or empire, andDiscipleship1, 24:graded orders, and with the detail of their groupings we are not concerned, except with the factDiscipleship2, 274:however, related to or expressions of monadic groupings or universal recognitions, and not of soulDiscipleship2, 344:you by me, have been arranged into two different groupings. I mention this because these groupingsDiscipleship2, 344:groupings. I mention this because these groupings emerge out of the general text and may not haveDiscipleship2, 686:and positive factors) to study the following groupings: Spirit - Positive Soul - BalancingDiscipleship2, 686:Brain - Negative You have, in the above groupings, three great fields of reflection. TheseDiscipleship2, 686:three great fields of reflection. These groupings can also be worked out in many ways. It must beDiscipleship2, 686:in mind that (as H.P.B. points out) any such groupings, such as the seven principles, will varyExternalisation, 199:of the Soviet Socialist Republics. Certain major groupings [200] would seem possible and probablyExternalisation, 300:about Them. The above are the more familiar groupings. In September 1940 I gave an interpretationExternalisation, 639:line, and with this attitude of antagonistic groupings, only disaster can lie. Blocs in themselvesFire, 824:student must remember that according to these groupings, so will be the tendency of the petals toFire, 923:planes, the schemes, man and the atom, that the groupings of the lines or streams of energy duringFire, 1168:The devas of desire in their second reflected groupings, The heart of the Sun, The second RayFire, 1196:the three, by an arrangement of internal groupings, show seven groups; these may be represented asHealing, 81:stages of consciousness and the various other groupings of five with which you meet in the esotericHealing, 317:praecox comes under the first and the fourth groupings and is a blend, usually, of the factorsMagic, 47:or deva kingdom. The Hierarchy of Rays - certain groupings of the seven rays in relation to ourMagic, 384:of the divine Sons of mind. Hence we have these groupings, and hence the focusing of the energiesPsychology1, 45:expressions of ray effects upon differing groupings of material substance. The third ray is, in itsPsychology1, 253:and the general conformation into which these groupings of lives fall in this kingdom. ObjectivePsychology1, 376:between the kingdoms; these produce the types, groupings, families, branches, empires and nations.Psychology1, 384:to give to the planet, eventually, a system of groupings within one national border or one empire,Psychology1, 400:groups were the ancestors of three major racial groupings, which can be generalized as follows: ThePsychology1, 428:and the general conformation into which these groupings of lives fall in this kingdom. ObjectivePsychology2, 110:and therefore all rays and the varying states or groupings of consciousness, and all forms, in orPsychology2, 114:in this great task the following relations and groupings. These must be considered, and are asPsychology2, 203:that many human beings are not thus aware. The groupings which arise out of this awarenessPsychology2, 207:is only a wide generalization, and the various groupings shade into each other in a bewilderingPsychology2, 208:this, and to realize that their divisions and groupings, their affirmations and statements aboutPsychology2, 266:times; it is going on today among the lower groupings in the human family. It should be thePsychology2, 327:and consequent attitudes in the three major groupings. It is of interest to bear in mind that thePsychology2, 404:the problems of psychology into the following groupings: The Problems of Cleavage, leadingPsychology2, 409:may be divided more precisely into three major groupings: The Problems of Cleavage. These in theirPsychology2, 547:of them that we are here occupied. These five groupings of disease are: Psychology2, 623:of Deity, spirit and matter, as well as the many groupings of the pairs of opposites with which thePsychology2, 634:We are dealing with basic matters, with the groupings which are founded on major attitudes, and notPsychology2, 698:in this great task the following relations and groupings. These must be considered and are asPsychology2, 738:being can be placed under one or other of these groupings or categories. It might be of value hereRays, 198:dim vision, the sensing of half truths and the groupings of the aspirant in the process of learningRays, 326:this, it became apparent that there were three groupings or levels of consciousness which had to beRays, 580:situation at this time; great ideologies, potent groupings of workers and thinkers dedicated to theRays, 625:must not be confused with the outer national groupings and aims. Italy also is influenced by theTelepathy, 84:between the many subhuman and superhuman forms, groupings, and kingdoms are too intricate in their
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