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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUPS

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Astrology, 28:pointed out that these energies fall into three groups: Those coming from certain greatAstrology, 31:existing between the seven planets and these two groups of seven stars each. It will eventually beAstrology, 38:to forms within the solar system. Each of these groups of beings is likewise septenary in nature,Astrology, 41:the human self-conscious entities. These two groups are literally three, as the fifth Hierarchy isAstrology, 42:manifest subjectively; they warm and vitalize groups of forms; they [43] flower forth and expressAstrology, 43:They are, therefore, the arupa or formless groups, as the remaining are the rupa groups or thoseAstrology, 43:formless groups, as the remaining are the rupa groups or those having forms. The fourth CreativeAstrology, 44:In the case of ourselves and the remaining groups, the forms are composed of substance of the threeAstrology, 45:is more to be felt than that of the subsidiary groups. The dominant groups are the second, fourthAstrology, 45:than that of the subsidiary groups. The dominant groups are the second, fourth and fifth, and thisAstrology, 45:as the representative of the five liberated groups, and the fourth is the representative group inAstrology, 45:the second represents (for man, or these two groups united) that which is the Spirit aspect, theAstrology, 45:of the fifth Hierarchy to the five liberated groups. This relation, in connection with ourAstrology, 48:It is necessary to bear in mind that all these groups are (even when termed "formless") the trueAstrology, 48:regard the subject as follows: The four superior groups are the Hierarchies expressing themselvesAstrology, 48:the second, third and fourth. The two lowest groups are the lives which are found functioning asAstrology, 48:between the seven head centers and the seven groups of egos on the mental plane, and there is anAstrology, 48:major center) and the expression of these seven groups of egos in the three worlds. This is [49] aAstrology, 65:up to express the situation in regard to three groups: The mass of people who conform to orthodoxAstrology, 75:unfoldment. These might be divided into three groups through a broad, but necessarily inadequate,Astrology, 76:awakening. These people also fall into two major groups: Those who are using the solar plexusAstrology, 79:non-sacred - and also which centers these two groups of rays govern. Thus we shall relate: TheAstrology, 80:the subject of the interplay between the three groups of ruling planets as given in Tabulation VI.Astrology, 198:the energy of Sirius, pouring into the seven groups which form our planetary Hierarchy evokes aAstrology, 199:manner through the seven rays and their seven groups as these constitute the active Hierarchy. TheAstrology, 243:Hierarchy which is one of the three major groups of Builders, forming part of the third aspect ofAstrology, 289:the control by the personality, ruled by Leo, of groups and large or small bodies of people. This -Astrology, 312:and for the clash of idealisms. The two groups bring a different approach to the world problems asAstrology, 325:emerge with clarity in the public consciousness. Groups of souls come into incarnation cyclicallyAstrology, 325:The developing effects as they demonstrate in groups. [326] The evolving understanding as intellectAstrology, 327:down the ages. When the major reincarnating groups are thus distinguished and their work for theAstrology, 327:intuitive ability to recognize the reincarnating groups, as groups and not individuals, throughAstrology, 327:to recognize the reincarnating groups, as groups and not individuals, through their ray qualities,Astrology, 327:as to the rays governing certain nations. Groups are governed by the astrological signs and by theAstrology, 327:of God as they work out through the serving groups of egos who will come into physical incarnationAstrology, 347:horoscopes of advanced human beings or esoteric groups, but eventually - when casting the horoscopeAstrology, 411:it might be said that the three major groups of forces affecting our planet are zodiacal, systemicAstrology, 419:being through the medium of these three related groups and our solar system. As hinted by me in AAstrology, 419:by me in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, these four groups of stars constitute the manifested aspect orAstrology, 421:Next I will deal with analysis of three groups of triangles which are of major importance toAstrology, 421:follow upon information earlier given. These groups of triangles emanate energies which reachAstrology, 421:other and to our Earth and these fall into two groups: The ray energies which we are told emanateAstrology, 425:The twelve signs of the zodiac fall into two groups of signs, and their related synthesis has muchAstrology, 427:it is then a fusion of six energies. These three groups of energies (each of them a fusion of six)Astrology, 429:us to do more than study certain of the major groups of triangles and a few of the most importantAstrology, 472:spirit and has led to the formation of groups in every department [473] of human living and so laidAstrology, 483:and another of the Pointers and these two groups form an interlocking directorate, potentlyAstrology, 509:Pluto at present only evokes response from groups or from those disciples who are enough evolvedAstrology, 517:ray - Pluto To these rays must be added (in both groups of human beings) the fourth ray whichAstrology, 520:will-to-have of certain great and unspiritual groups. Later this will aspect will evoke theAstrology, 525:in a demonstrable way in the two great guiding groups of world leaders: The three Axis groups ofAstrology, 525:guiding groups of world leaders: The three Axis groups of leaders, dominated by the evil GermanAstrology, 542:federation, spheres of action and the many groups which distinguish increasingly human intercourse.Astrology, 542:guided the destiny of Germany talked of world groups and of the European Order of Nations but itAstrology, 572:I would pause here and remind you that both groups are necessary: the first group - emotional andAstrology, 582:among friends, but seldom as yet as love among groups and nations. It is the theme of the ChristianAstrology, 604:7 Rays and the Will Aspect The constellations in groups of three transmit the seven influences ofAstrology, 612:from all three major planetary centers or groups. The darkened spots indicate awakened, alertAstrology, 632:thing on a world wide scale, though enlightened groups are rapidly appearing. Out of public opinionAstrology, 637:(S.D. Vol. II, 26) "There are seven chief groups of such Dhyan Chohans. They are the primeval sevenAstrology, 637:under each of which is born one of the human groups." (S.D. Vol. I, 626) "There are only sevenAstrology, 640:it is borne in mind that not only do these three groups form a cosmic triangle, but that withinAstrology, 641:and centers." (C.F. 1052) 10. "These three groups of solar bodies (The Great Bear, the Pleiades andAstrology, 641:in connection with the solar system these three groups are related to the Logoic Spiritual Triad -Astrology, 642:These seven Spirits art: The seven chief groups of Dhyan Chohans. The seven Primeval Rays." (S.D.Astrology, 645:note here that we again have a triplicity of groups, representing a triplicity of forces and hereinAstrology, 679:first flicker of consciousness in the particular groups involved. In every case the method was thatAstrology, 686:with the subsequent stimulation of certain groups in the fourth Creative Hierarchy, the human,Astrology, 687:and his followers are the exponents. These three groups form the three centers in one greatAstrology, 689:great Beings is, that when viewed in Their seven groups, They form: Focal points for the force orAstrology, 692:note here that we again have a triplicity of groups, representing a triplicity of force, and hereinAtom, 13:find that the answers given fall into three main groups, and that three principal solutions areAtom, 21:urge which eventually merges all units and all groups, until you have that sumtotal ofAtom, 23:of the unit or the atom, the interaction between groups, and the endless play of one force or typeAtom, 26:we shall have the aggregate of all forms, of all groups, and of all states of consciousnessAtom, 27:formation, and that eventually from the many groups will be seen emerging the one perfect, fullyAtom, 28:to which we may belong. We do not belong to all groups, nor, can we consciously realize our placeAtom, 44:atom, on and up through varying grades and groups of such intelligent centers, to man, and thenceAtom, 70:intelligence, as it informs the totality of all groups and kingdoms, is the goal for man, the humanAtom, 80:atoms, and through their mutual coherence formed groups or congeries of atoms. In other words, weAtom, 89:of a great universal life which underlies all groups, that he is not just a universal atom, that heAtom, 90:will be merged in that of the Aggregate of all groups. We suppose, and we hope, that we are passingAtom, 150:their turn, work by means of lesser centers or groups, passing their energy on down through [151]Atom, 151:passing their energy on down through [151] groups of human atoms to the various kingdoms of nature,Autobiography, 5:who have shared our work - along with many other groups, responding to the same inspiration of loveAutobiography, 12:between capital and labor will be solved; two groups which involve the interests of the very richAutobiography, 34:work was dinned into my consciousness by both groups. The world was divided into those who wereAutobiography, 36:of it today in connection with various occult groups. People's sincerity and aspiration do succeedAutobiography, 71:together; a constitution which will satisfy both groups, as well as the Indian principalities andAutobiography, 119:windows. They live on the streets, sitting in groups on the sidewalks. But for centuries the JewsAutobiography, 145:find a bad element? There are evil people in all groups and communities and sets and organizations.Autobiography, 158:be required to sever their connection with other groups and organizations and pledge their loyaltyAutobiography, 172:only channel and its refusal to recognize other groups and organizations as integral and equallyAutobiography, 175:letters which I have written to entire national groups (to which I have affixed no personalAutobiography, 182:There is far too much of this in various occult groups. When people come to me and tell me thatAutobiography, 184:that I say the general public and not occult groups. I know and believe that the general public isAutobiography, 189:T.S. along with one or two other Theosophical groups who represent the point of view of theAutobiography, 189:for the fact that all these fundamentalist groups have remained very small. The Committee of 1400Autobiography, 190:the various Theosophical societies and occult groups came regularly. Mr. Richard Prater, an oldAutobiography, 191:recognized. From the Secret Doctrine class arose groups of students all over the country who
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