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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUPS

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Autobiography, 196:derogatory in my statement for to my mind both groups are equally needed; both can serve aAutobiography, 196:has been the curse of the T.S. and many occult groups. Often have I said to the school secretariesAutobiography, 197:We have students belonging to four different groups of Rosicrucians. We have church members,Autobiography, 203:was there I learned to understand and like both groups. I respect, like and trust the youngerAutobiography, 217:to esoteric thinkers and occult students of all groups in Europe and elsewhere. She had theseAutobiography, 218:approach to truth and to talk to little groups of students. This was also cancelled because I hadAutobiography, 223:to economic conditions and had been purchased by groups from Germany and France whose aims andAutobiography, 227:in Great Britain was also going ahead. Little groups of students scattered throughout the worldAutobiography, 229:different countries in Europe. Everywhere small groups could be contacted who were emphasizing someAutobiography, 230:or self satisfaction. We are only one of many groups through which the Masters of the Wisdom areAutobiography, 230:to do certain things. Other disciples and groups have been responsible for initiating otherAutobiography, 235:emphasis laid upon peace. For years the peace groups in the world have been occupied in spreadingAutobiography, 239:upon the physical plane of the Masters and Their groups of disciples gathered together in what areAutobiography, 240:are being taught today to work together in groups with the possibility of group initiations heldAutobiography, 241:results. Later we hope to develop certain groups that will use some of the techniques with whichAutobiography, 245:passed out to the public by the various occult groups, having no experience in writing for theAutobiography, 246:with the organization life of the various occult groups which claimed to be working under TheirAutobiography, 246:for the mistakes of the leaders of the groups who took refuge under such statements as: The MasterAutobiography, 246:the history of practically all the known occult groups which attract the attention of the public.Autobiography, 249:and title which is a blight on so many occult groups, leading to the full tide of competition,Autobiography, 249:which distinguishes the majority of the occult groups, which renders futile so many of theAutobiography, 250:the occult, esoteric, metaphysical or orthodox groups and churches and still be members of theAutobiography, 250:Leaders and senior workers in many occult groups are also working in the Arcane School, but feelAutobiography, 250:their time, loyalty and service to their own groups. The Arcane School has been in existence forAutobiography, 251:are occultists, working in the various occult groups; some are mystics, working with vision andAutobiography, 255:given out by the various teachers and occult groups, plus the ridiculous claims put out by theAutobiography, 255:They are not separate and antagonistic to the groups working under various disciples or otherAutobiography, 255:people portrayed by the mediocre leaders of many groups, nor do They choose, for Their pledgedAutobiography, 262:to be found. These organizations are composed of groups of people with devoted spiritual intention,Autobiography, 263:disciples. There is thus built up within these groups, practically without exception, a closeAutobiography, 264:as the inner schools of the many Theosophical groups, the Rosicrucian orders and the countlessAutobiography, 272:divide the schools in the world today into three groups: 1. There are a large number of so-calledAutobiography, 273:Wisdom. His work comes midway between the groups now forming and the old groups. 3. Then we nowAutobiography, 273:between the groups now forming and the old groups. 3. Then we now have appearing the newer esotericAutobiography, 273:not only antagonism and rejection from the older groups but it will also evoke response [274] fromAutobiography, 274:also evoke response [274] from many in those groups who have outgrown the old ways and who haveAutobiography, 274:points of spiritual activity within the old groups and in their environment. This leads to threeAutobiography, 274:This leads to three happenings: The old groups reject those who respond to the newer esotericAutobiography, 274:esoteric teaching and force them out of their groups. The new schools begin to take shape by meansAutobiography, 278:investigated, plus their relation to the seven groups into which the Hierarchy is divided and theAutobiography, 282:plus devotion, by the churches and the esoteric groups. This is a basic truth and necessity, but aAutobiography, 283:and of the devotees can well be met in other groups and esoteric schools, and is thus being met.Autobiography, 286:the other activity, as do some of the esoteric groups. We - as an organization - exact no serviceAutobiography, 286:at the same time as actively working in other groups. You will find several kinds of TheosophistsAutobiography, 286:Again, Arcane School students can form their own groups and give expression to their own ideas andAutobiography, 286:we take absolutely no responsibility for such groups and they are not regarded as part of theAutobiography, 286:in the most advanced degrees is handled by two groups at the Headquarters in New York. [287] Autobiography, 288:the teaching as a working hypothesis. Both groups are then instructed in the rules governing theAutobiography, 290:[290] of idealism, origin and goal in all other groups and will express a fundamental spiritualAutobiography, 290:they will endeavor to cooperate with all groups which have a sane spiritual vision and objectiveAutobiography, 290:reason that the Arcane School does not start groups, lodges or organized meetings in the manyAutobiography, 293:(as is too often the case) to existing religious groups, to aspiration, to the processes ofBethlehem, 25:and which can be understood only by joining such groups. It has nothing to do with societies,Bethlehem, 25:is rendered. The modern so-called esoteric groups are not the custodians of the teaching ofBethlehem, 26:so far away from the membership of most of the groups who claim an insight into the initiationBethlehem, 51:and by airplane is today the lot of everyone. Groups of people in many countries are beingBethlehem, 120:world today. Upon this theory many teachers and groups thrive, and curiously enough, they do soBethlehem, 135:disciples whom He chose and trained, and the groups of men and women everywhere which responded toBethlehem, 139:is dual and therefore [139] unmanageable, or groups and nations are divided into opposing camps,Bethlehem, 253:(as manifested through the nations and groups) are oriented towards synthesis and cooperation. TheDestiny, 9:ideologies may be temporarily adapted to the groups or nations who adopt them. They are none ofDestiny, 9:and the communistic regimes. Most of these groups of ideologies have latent in them much beauty,Destiny, 26:There is little that you, as individuals or as groups, can do about them beyond seeing to it thatDestiny, 29:the influence of a ray has become potent, it is groups that are primarily affected and not justDestiny, 30:- The Influence of the Rays Today These three groups of people, influenced by the sixth and seventhDestiny, 31:and controlling all. It is with these three groups of people and with the work upon which they areDestiny, 37:powerful forces directed by the two contributing groups - the spiritual workers of the planet andDestiny, 40:well as its internal dissensions, its protesting groups and its cliques and cabals. The Church hasDestiny, 43:after death and the appearance of all the many groups which are today investigating the nature ofDestiny, 44:movement and the psychical research groups, would seek for and find the natural sensitives (and notDestiny, 44:and which humanity shares with two great groups of lives - the [45] Members of the Hierarchy andDestiny, 45:- the sixth and the seventh. First, that entire groups of people are increasingly susceptible toDestiny, 45:influence and this inevitably leads to these groups (responsive to either the sixth or the seventhDestiny, 47:by the Law of Cleavages; however, advanced groups in every nation are beginning to respond to theDestiny, 69:then be in greater control and certain great groups of human beings (those who now compose theDestiny, 78:between France and Germany, and between the groups within Germany itself. Ray 7. - Ceremonial OrderDestiny, 90:the many magical, spiritualistic and occult groups which flourish today in the States. Ray 2. -Destiny, 100:in a demonstrable way in the two great guiding groups of world leaders during the war. The threeDestiny, 100:of world leaders during the war. The three Axis groups of leaders, dominated by the evil GermanDestiny, 107:to your attention and that is that the two great groups of divine agents - the Great WhiteDestiny, 107:agencies. You have, as a consequence: Two groups of advanced Minds, both groups equally illuminedDestiny, 107:consequence: Two groups of advanced Minds, both groups equally illumined by the light of theDestiny, 107:law of love control. In this connection, the two groups are working in opposition, therefore, uponDestiny, 107:clear as far as the workers in these two groups are concerned, but are not so clear where ordinaryDestiny, 108:evolution determines his problem. Thus the two groups are working in opposition upon the plane ofDestiny, 108:The materializing of the plans of these two groups of illumined minds proceeds steadily under theDestiny, 108:of an inner conflict) the forces of these two groups, working with the energies of the sixth andDestiny, 108:do well to ponder. Consequently, you have two groups, two objectives, two great formulated ideals,Destiny, 126:aspirants. This adjustment must include the two groups (one at present large and the other stillDestiny, 152:God, gathered out of all religions and spiritual groups, will untidily bring to an end the greatDiscipleship1, 4:you. I am, therefore, dividing my disciples into groups so that they may work on different aspectsDiscipleship1, 4:a little in detail in connection with these groups. My time is very limited and I shall have to putDiscipleship1, 9:is relegated to a secondary place. The groups within each Ashram are intended to work togetherDiscipleship1, 9:be possible when the individual members in the groups and the individual groups lose sight of theirDiscipleship1, 9:members in the groups and the individual groups lose sight of their own identities in an effort toDiscipleship1, 9:radiance. You need to remember that I look at my groups of disciples always subjectively and as aDiscipleship1, 13:tend to increase the spiritual potency of all groups with which the group members are related andDiscipleship1, 13:which they may be associated. I refer to all groups which belong to the New Age and are workingDiscipleship1, 15:group, and the linking of the group with other groups occupied with special work within the AshramDiscipleship1, 17:preparation for initiation, along with other groups all over the world who have caught the new
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