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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUPS

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Discipleship1, 72:here for you also to remember that though these groups are intended to be Seed groups of the NewDiscipleship1, 72:that though these groups are intended to be Seed groups of the New Age, two factors in connectionDiscipleship1, 72:the only worker along these lines and these seed groups are not the only units to be found today inDiscipleship1, 72:however, somewhat more subjective than are the groups in which I am particularly interested andDiscipleship1, 72:they do exist. There are, also, two such seed groups in China and four in India. I mention this inDiscipleship1, 73:of the great heresy of separateness. [73] These groups of disciples are all passing through theDiscipleship1, 73:Later, when the needed adjustments are made and groups of disciples can work together withoutDiscipleship1, 73:The willingness to work through these groups exists on our side and is found, therefore, upon theDiscipleship1, 73:expectantly looking, will be absorbed into other groups or form the nucleus of a reorganized unit.Discipleship1, 73:of a reorganized unit. All the teaching on the groups of disciples, functioning in the New Age, isDiscipleship1, 73:in the New Age, is intended for all the groups and for general distribution later on. The teachingDiscipleship1, 74:or for the registration of littleness. The new groups of disciples are Seed Groups; they are in theDiscipleship1, 74:littleness. The new groups of disciples are Seed Groups; they are in the dark or growing stage andDiscipleship1, 80:2. The future objective of these ashramic groups. It is fundamentally necessary that the new groupsDiscipleship1, 80:It is fundamentally necessary that the new groups which are inaugurating the new discipleshipDiscipleship1, 80:prior to successful work in all these pioneering groups. Think outwardly towards each other inDiscipleship1, 82:specify the outstanding fault of the majority of groups of disciples at this time, I would say thatDiscipleship1, 83:This thought and its teaching by many esoteric groups has been productive of much error, muchDiscipleship1, 97:not always imply discipleship. There are many groups - well known and magnetic - which have atDiscipleship1, 117:confused with mine. The vibration of sixth ray groups which respond to a second ray vibration.Discipleship1, 128:remind you also that in my attitude towards my groups of disciples (some of which have been workingDiscipleship1, 131:has enabled you to link up with these initial groups connected with the Masters' Ashrams which areDiscipleship1, 132:real purpose and serving no useful end. If the groups of disciples on the outer plane which theDiscipleship1, 132:the world can be regarded as among the Seed Groups of the New Age and can likewise be of immediateDiscipleship1, 136:activity which is the announced goal of all groups of disciples. Frequently the inner attitude isDiscipleship1, 136:the work can come to fruition. There are many groups, working under the Masters, who have been inDiscipleship1, 145:my last instruction. I am dealing with "building groups" - those groups which are coming forthDiscipleship1, 145:I am dealing with "building groups" - those groups which are coming forth along the teaching lineDiscipleship1, 187:presence. Such is the method of the New Age groups. The utmost impartial impersonality is our goal,Discipleship1, 188:It is one work but delegated to different groups who work in the closest possible . I amDiscipleship1, 189:with your group members and with myself. No groups belonging to the Masters or affiliated withDiscipleship1, 200:Between this group of chelas and other groups in my Ashram. Between the individual members in theDiscipleship1, 214:the larger Plan. Investigate the psychology of groups. You have wide knowledge as to the psychologyDiscipleship1, 217:on group activity and the technique of the new groups. This experiment in group activity which I amDiscipleship1, 226:and outgoing) of the head of all esoteric groups, the Master Morya. This you will not be able to doDiscipleship1, 238:enough to stand the pressure of two vibratory groups and (until such time as you make your choice)Discipleship1, 272:financial manipulation where that was possible. Groups in the future must act as magnets; they mustDiscipleship1, 273:- the financial requirements [273] of the new groups and of the New Group of World Servers will beDiscipleship1, 273:boldly faced. The emphasis laid by certain large groups on meditation for the raising of fundsDiscipleship1, 292:led forward, and the group contribution to other groups is deepened. Your second line ofDiscipleship1, 304:which is one of the main objectives before all groups of disciples. When all are formed, then aDiscipleship1, 304:then a member will be chosen from each of the groups to form another group whose work will be toDiscipleship1, 304:be to preserve a group interplay between the groups. If you can give five minutes each day to anDiscipleship1, 324:people can be yours. Some people work with groups and, through the inclusiveness of their auras andDiscipleship1, 330:working at it and the others fall into two main groups. They are either working furiously to bringDiscipleship1, 343:you have yet to learn. Members of the new groups have to learn to identify themselves with theDiscipleship1, 343:the background. This will not be easy for you. Groups, just like individuals, have their threeDiscipleship1, 369:[369] which is needed for the work to be done. Groups of disciples today are being trained inDiscipleship1, 377:I refer not here only to the vision of the many groups, serving in the world today and fulfilingDiscipleship1, 394:when they can find their way into these groups. All of your group brothers have experienced a hardDiscipleship1, 399:have simply to be led. Of which of these two groups am I a member? Is my mind the organ of visionDiscipleship1, 451:the third initiation) yet there are persons, groups of persons and nations in the world today whoDiscipleship1, 452:which exist between individuals, families and groups or to the larger unit, the world. Those of youDiscipleship1, 456:inner pressure of constructive thinking. In all groups, each unit contributes somewhat to the groupDiscipleship1, 488:effort into the strengthening and helping of groups, occupied with collective world service. SeekDiscipleship1, 498:of World Servers. 5th month - The work of the groups of my disciples. 6th month - World synthesis.Discipleship1, 572:of true service for you will appear. [572] All groups of disciples, seeking to work together underDiscipleship1, 572:Tibetan has been caring for the disciples in the groups of several other Masters so as to releaseDiscipleship1, 585:are of such importance or that second ray groups exist in order to help people like you. They doDiscipleship1, 585:possible for them to serve; you have talked to groups on service and yet with no results, adequateDiscipleship1, 592:your own soul in carrying revelation to small groups. This will entail less individual work andDiscipleship1, 592:less individual work and more work with small groups of people. Find these small groups and raiseDiscipleship1, 592:with small groups of people. Find these small groups and raise their vibration by brief and potentDiscipleship1, 592:do in collaboration with others, with the new groups which have the new psychological outlook and aDiscipleship1, 592:fusion of souls and of the units in the various groups which are colored by the attitude that willDiscipleship1, 601:are free to interest themselves in any number of groups and communicators. I refer to the problemDiscipleship1, 614:group there. But the plans are already laid; the groups are already formed; the organization,Discipleship1, 622:your ability to serve. You can work with many groups, if you so wish, and should always work as anDiscipleship1, 627:of the potency latent in such consecrated groups. If the personnel of the group can be sufficientlyDiscipleship1, 627:few years will show the Masters which of their groups can stand pressure and yet preserve the soulDiscipleship1, 630:ask you to brood much upon the work of the new groups of disciples as they form the seed groupsDiscipleship1, 630:new groups of disciples as they form the seed groups wherein the technique of the New Age may beDiscipleship1, 633:of being the personality aspects of the egoic groups. The expression or term, Hierarchy, is only aDiscipleship1, 633:personality aspect of all these egoic groups of liberated egos or souls which function on theDiscipleship1, 642:be able to work with the whole person or with groups as a whole. I would ask all of you to ponderDiscipleship1, 645:strongly colored the personnel of some of my groups; a tendency to criticize and to discuss eachDiscipleship1, 646:This [646] group is a difficult one. Some groups have work which automatically confines theirDiscipleship1, 646:confines their attention to mental levels. Other groups are chosen because of their ability to workDiscipleship1, 664:by your group brothers. Those working in these groups will tell you that in spite of theDiscipleship1, 680:They are consequently occupied with forming new groups of disciples who can gradually be integratedDiscipleship1, 680:who can gradually be integrated into existent groups and be available for world service. It isDiscipleship1, 680:the Masters take in hand and weld into their groups for service. They are: The recognized need toDiscipleship1, 690:- Part II World disciples think in terms of groups with a steadily developing measure ofDiscipleship1, 692:on his work and the same is true of all working groups of servers. Such is the law. Perfection isDiscipleship1, 701:has, therefore, to watch the effect of three groups of energies which all make an impact upon him:Discipleship1, 702:a Master's particular group, and the many outer groups which, though working under his inspirationDiscipleship1, 719:which the Masters are seeking to do with their groups of disciples in this hour of world crisis.Discipleship1, 722:separating walls between individuals, between groups and between nations. Are you prepared asDiscipleship1, 725:one which should be most carefully studied. All groups of disciples, working in or out of anDiscipleship1, 730:of the world lies in the hands of their three groups of initiated disciples; with them, theDiscipleship1, 730:with them, the accepted disciples of the three groups are asked to cooperate and this offersDiscipleship1, 730:with the three Masters and their initiate groups, their opportunity will emerge. This triangle ofDiscipleship1, 734:new members and disciples, either singly or in groups. One question that necessarily arises is: HowDiscipleship1, 738:who are learning to work in smaller supervised groups and in cooperation with their moreDiscipleship1, 740:intention. The theory (so prevalent among occult groups) that the leader or some senior workingDiscipleship1, 761:- of humanity. Disciples gravitate into world groups and many of them are doing far more efficientDiscipleship1, 761:work than those gathered together into esoteric groups. The advanced accepted disciple has alwaysDiscipleship1, 769:whole; it is sent out through the medium of the groups and Ashrams which are presided over by manyDiscipleship1, 771:the gap between the two opposing factions and groups and so enable later contact to be made. SomeDiscipleship1, 771:today that it is not possible for any person or groups of people to isolate themselves away from
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