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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUPS

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Discipleship1, 777:passed out to the public by the various occult groups, having no experience in writing for theDiscipleship1, 778:with the organization life of the various occult groups which claimed to be working under theirDiscipleship1, 778:for the mistakes of the leaders of the groups who took refuge under such statements as: The MasterDiscipleship1, 778:the history of practically all the known occult groups which attract the attention of the public.Discipleship1, 781:and title which is a blight on so many occult groups, leading to the full tide of competition,Discipleship1, 781:which distinguishes the majority of the occult groups, which renders futile so many of theirDiscipleship1, 782:the occult, esoteric, metaphysical or orthodox groups and churches and still be members of theDiscipleship1, 782:Leaders and senior workers in many occult groups are working in the Arcane School, but they feelDiscipleship1, 782:their time, loyalty and service to their own groups. This school has been in existence for twentyDiscipleship1, 783:are occultists, working in the various occult groups; some are mystics, working with vision andDiscipleship1, 787:given out by the various teachers and occult groups, plus the ridiculous claims put out by theDiscipleship1, 788:They are not separate and antagonistic to the groups working under various disciples or otherDiscipleship1, 788:people portrayed by the mediocre leaders of many groups, nor do they choose (for their pledgedDiscipleship2, 4:the New Age methods and technique and to train groups (for it [5] is a group age) which can expressDiscipleship2, 5:and led to the closing of the several individual groups. You will have noted that I assigned theDiscipleship2, 5:you, as individuals. I could continue with the groups as they existed but, brother of mine, whatDiscipleship2, 6:work of esoteric training. It is the same with groups; these are tested and tried in connectionDiscipleship2, 7:may again arise correspondences to the original groups as planned. They will arise as the spiritualDiscipleship2, 13:hard pressed. The Hierarchy and its affiliated groups are seeking active help and cooperation inDiscipleship2, 14:achieved. The work of this group, and of other groups similarly motivated, is to achieve theseDiscipleship2, 28:subjectively [28] the present existing groups. This synthesis and corporate effort will become anDiscipleship2, 32:the outer. Three of your comrades in the earlier groups have rejoined [33] the group; the demand ofDiscipleship2, 49:now being made by disciples in these new seed groups. They are in reality occupied with the [50]Discipleship2, 50:upon your specific group importance. The groups are simply the field for hierarchical expression,Discipleship2, 53:(as represented by an increasing number of groups of aspirants and disciples) to the Hierarchy.Discipleship2, 53:to the Hierarchy. According to the status of the groups and their awareness and condition ofDiscipleship2, 55:merged into group approach, and the approach of groups will some day be superseded by the organizedDiscipleship2, 56:of Approach is possible for individuals, for groups, and for humanity as a whole, as a unit.Discipleship2, 59:human relations or whether the materialistic groups will reassert their control and succeed inDiscipleship2, 60:and the goats are forming into two distinct groups. The judgment being given is not the generallyDiscipleship2, 60:seven Masters who are responsible for the seven groups of Ashrams. He is also reaching certainDiscipleship2, 60:is also reaching certain conclusions as to the groups of disciples who have hitherto been underDiscipleship2, 65:this time by the Hierarchy and by the ashramic groups affects the personal lives of disciples andDiscipleship2, 65:the Theosophical, Rosicrucian and other occult groups; they have had, since 1900, to accept andDiscipleship2, 74:Group. My experiment in reorganizing the earlier groups into one large group has not succeeded. IDiscipleship2, 74:five years. The earlier experiment with the groups lasted ten years. These experiments wereDiscipleship2, 75:of you. Voluntarily and willingly you joined the groups for training, discipline and expansion.Discipleship2, 86:change or difficulty will greatly reassure all groups. Young people should be found and trained -Discipleship2, 94:the reasons for the experiment with these outer groups which is now being tried by the Hierarchy,Discipleship2, 102:and the responsibility of being one of the first groups (not by any means the only one, however) toDiscipleship2, 102:in the world of men without those representative groups which can "step down" the hierarchicalDiscipleship2, 103:the highest type of constructively functioning groups. There exists amongst its personnel aDiscipleship2, 107:criticism is automatically eliminated. Modern groups (and groups form a large part of every fieldDiscipleship2, 107:is automatically eliminated. Modern groups (and groups form a large part of every field of thoughtDiscipleship2, 107:Everywhere, however, the newer type of groups are slowly being gathered together. Have you everDiscipleship2, 108:a complete list of all who were in the earlier groups as well as those who were or are in theDiscipleship2, 108:we ask: How can we create extra-ashramic groups out of aspirants and disciples who primarily valueDiscipleship2, 109:governs the majority of the many little occult groups. Until groups are formed which consist ofDiscipleship2, 109:majority of the many little occult groups. Until groups are formed which consist of disciples andDiscipleship2, 128:reports is relatively negligible as such to groups like this. But the symbolic usefulness is greatDiscipleship2, 136:of solar Life carry his purpose to the holy groups (the Ashrams. A.A.B.), and thence into the mindsDiscipleship2, 136:itself. This coming externalization of the groups which constitute the Ashrams of the Masters (notDiscipleship2, 147:of crisis, or when there is need for all the groups or Ashrams - as there is today - to unite inDiscipleship2, 151:will be able to recognize those who, in other groups and in different lands, are also a vital partDiscipleship2, 165:enlightenment of all rulers and leaders in all groups who are handling world matters; as a prayerDiscipleship2, 166:will be increasingly the case. Both of these groups - the general public and the world aspirants inDiscipleship2, 200:be selfless service; the keynote of all such groups is creativity; they are all of themDiscipleship2, 200:have you bear in mind is that these intermediate groups of Workers who know the power of meditationDiscipleship2, 201:is the fifth principle, there are five major groups who function primarily through "creative andDiscipleship2, 201:to the Hierarchy. The personnel of these groups is supplied from the larger groups to which theyDiscipleship2, 201:of these groups is supplied from the larger groups to which they are intermediate: 1. The New GroupDiscipleship2, 204:of World Servers is composed of the following groups: Initiates and disciples who are consciously aDiscipleship2, 206:All the meditating units and the reflective groups are related to each other through unity ofDiscipleship2, 208:pointed out to you that there are three major groups of meditating agents who act as intermediariesDiscipleship2, 208:who act as intermediaries between the three groups of Self-conscious Lives upon our planet, andDiscipleship2, 209:Hierarchy. Their link with all these planetary groups (and it is real and vital) can be grasped inDiscipleship2, 213:so is he." You have, therefore, three major groups of thinkers and three other groups of intensive,Discipleship2, 213:three major groups of thinkers and three other groups of intensive, creative thinkers, all of themDiscipleship2, 214:Esoterically, the reflection of the three major groups, listed above. We need not deal here withDiscipleship2, 214:above. We need not deal here with the higher groups of spiritual Intermediaries and theirDiscipleship2, 218:and meditation of the many spiritually inclined groups in the world today, and once the New GroupDiscipleship2, 222:and of evocation, as employed by all the linking groups between the various planetary centers; aDiscipleship2, 230:Then visualize the work to be done by those groups which claim your present allegiance (i.e., theDiscipleship2, 232:grades in the social order must be met; world groups of every description have to be contacted.Discipleship2, 233:of numerous subjective, spiritual and mental groups; the laws of this meditative work are theDiscipleship2, 233:planetary Logos and are imposed upon all lesser groups of lives by those whose task it is to wieldDiscipleship2, 234:expression, it met the need of all possible groups and grades of human beings; and that - moreDiscipleship2, 235:and light. The work hitherto done in such occult groups as the Arcane School and others, as theyDiscipleship2, 246:or Masters. They have also retained in their groups of disciples those who have started specificDiscipleship2, 283:which have been so much emphasized by the occult groups and leaders and which have been held out asDiscipleship2, 336:next five hundred years to present several such groups to the One Initiator. All who are in theseDiscipleship2, 336:to the One Initiator. All who are in these groups have taken the first initiation, as have so manyDiscipleship2, 337:will still be taken individually or in groups of three, but not more. When the Masters take theDiscipleship2, 337:Hierarchy, apparently deserted by both attentive groups. There, in complete silence and in aDiscipleship2, 346:theme has been covered by me to date under four groups of thoughts or four groups of presentedDiscipleship2, 346:me to date under four groups of thoughts or four groups of presented ideas. Even though I realizeDiscipleship2, 347:which will appear when the three previous groups of approaches have been taken. This potency willDiscipleship2, 351:process. This is slowly being changed; groups are being admitted [352] to initiation because of aDiscipleship2, 358:Ashrams within the one Ashram. In those Ashrams, groups of disciples are working, blindly andDiscipleship2, 361:and among the intelligentsia on Earth. These two groups have the task - the first group consciouslyDiscipleship2, 373:who are en rapport with the Master, or of those groups of disciples or aspirants who are working inDiscipleship2, 383:be its service. It is the bringing together of groups in preparation for initiation which has ledDiscipleship2, 393:types of consciousness, and to the nations and groups with which the New Group of World Servers isDiscipleship2, 407:in the world religions or in other constructive groups - who were linked consciously to theirDiscipleship2, 410:and disciples. People everywhere are joining groups of all kinds and working steadily in groupDiscipleship2, 410:fusion and group work. Among those in these many groups - functioning in every land - will be foundDiscipleship2, 410:be found those who form part of the subjective groups which the Hierarchy is everywhere formingDiscipleship2, 410:are affiliated, objectively and subjectively; groups like the one to which you belong are far moreDiscipleship2, 410:are all working in a similar manner, where groups in preparation for initiation are concerned. itDiscipleship2, 429:interpretations of it which the various occult groups have promulgated. Often have I wished that
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