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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUPS

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Discipleship2, 429:among those who constitutionally join occult groups and the ranks of the glimmered devotees whoDiscipleship2, 434:energies - energies which are being directed by groups of Living Beings who work from the angle ofDiscipleship2, 456:trained in the earlier, personality-tainted groups) believe the Masters pry into their daily lives,Discipleship2, 457:for workers) is the forming everywhere of such groups as yours, the relating of group with groupDiscipleship2, 457:of that super group, the Hierarchy. Such groups are forming now in their thousands and are to beDiscipleship2, 457:workers such as yourself, must contact these groups, bringing them together on one point only, andDiscipleship2, 457:Untidily, when the right time comes, these groups must issue a great manifesto to the world -Discipleship2, 457:being issued in each country by all the groups who stand for world unity and goodwill. Thus theyDiscipleship2, 457:make your order so vibrant, so alive, that other groups may gain stimulation from it. You haveDiscipleship2, 458:years' time enough work will have been done by groups such as yours so that the pattern of unity inDiscipleship2, 458:link humility with that task; seek not to link groups with your group, but recognize your group andDiscipleship2, 458:but recognize your group and all other similar groups as parts of a worldwide spiritual movementDiscipleship2, 464:Assignment after assignment in connection with groups, nations, races and increasingly large unitsDiscipleship2, 503:of the other and older esoteric schools and groups entirely exoteric. There is little left to themDiscipleship2, 504:the members of my Ashram (even affiliated groups, such as yours) with the opportunity to preserveDiscipleship2, 505:fact that he is the inner Head of all esoteric groups, and in the interest of the coming new worldDiscipleship2, 518:upon the second ray fall (as you know) into two groups, generally speaking; there are, naturally,Discipleship2, 518:souls upon the second ray likewise fall into two groups: They follow the way of specialized detailDiscipleship2, 523:time refuse to think about your work, about your groups, their personnel or about yourself and yourDiscipleship2, 527:to fail you - your knowledge of psychology, your groups of students, your friends and your brothersDiscipleship2, 528:advised to do this; you should relinquish your groups and stand alone. At present you are notDiscipleship2, 528:lines - of superior teachers, gathering their groups around them, of mystery where there is noDiscipleship2, 537:by united service are included with the other groups, and these can oft be unknown or includeDiscipleship2, 548:This was peculiarly so in the work of the Groups of Nine, and in the first cycle of the New SeedDiscipleship2, 576:in the earlier stages of the forming of the groups, are in reality ray meditations and can be soDiscipleship2, 586:presence - name each [586] of the people in the groups of nine and in the new seed group, as wellDiscipleship2, 588:but the disciples in the world and the dedicated groups can begin to take the needed steps ofDiscipleship2, 591:You know the point achieved. Move on. Three groups there are which you must aid and fuse them intoDiscipleship2, 592:postwar helpfulness, in the form of thousands of groups and of millions of well-intentioned people,Discipleship2, 592:movements, led to the organization of the groups which wrought for human betterment, aided in theDiscipleship2, 593:eventually a veritable network of interrelated groups - should now be elaborated. The moreDiscipleship2, 597:the exclusion of all other members of national groups. This produced what we might call theDiscipleship2, 600:again and again incarnated in certain races and groups. There are also those who have incarnated inDiscipleship2, 603:Now pour your energies into the work of the groups with which you are affiliated. Give to A.A.B.Discipleship2, 618:is one of the most, deeply esoteric arts. In the Groups of Nine and in the New Seed Group, it wasDiscipleship2, 676:the reasons why the various members of the groups of nine stopped their work with me and are notEducation, 10:goes on our young people will be graded into two groups: the mystical, under which heading oneEducation, 19:Three. He can therefore react to the associated groups of lives which constitute his own littleEducation, 40:highly sensitive races, composed of nations and groups who labored over the development of theEducation, 47:Hitler. In other countries, some people and some groups - through hereditary position or financialEducation, 57:prepare the child. Those working in these three groups must eventually proceed in the closestEducation, 61:but with different motives and objectives; both groups are groups of trained esotericists. Education, 61:motives and objectives; both groups are groups of trained esotericists. Education, 62:particularly those in the older Piscean groups, to regard any interest in the energies producingEducation, 63:But the newer esotericism which the more modern groups and the more mental types will sponsor seesEducation, 79:attention concentrated upon a few privileged groups, giving them a carefully planned culturalEducation, 79:in the Italian School, the Dutch and the Spanish groups. Finally, in the newer countries of theEducation, 84:about and right relations between individuals, groups, parties, nations and throughout the entireEducation, 87:towards this are already being taken and today groups of educators are getting together andEducation, 89:Much, very much, has been done by enlightened groups of men in all lands and this they have doneEducation, 91:should be the hallmark of the cultured and wiser groups, plus effort on their part to relate theEducation, 119:with the Caucasian race) and the hybrid groups found in the many islands in the southern waters inEducation, 122:brotherhoods and fraternities, of parties and of groups, dedicated to some cause or idea, isEducation, 123:world - the planetary Hierarchy and affiliated groups. The fusion of a vast number of men intoEducation, 123:of a vast number of men into various idealistic groups. These will form in every realm of humanEducation, 123:to the fact that if the various educational groups found in the world today, in every country, wereEducation, 123:of goal. Their many ramifications and subsidiary groups constitute a vast interlocking networkEducation, 123:not, as in the past, confined to a few advanced groups or one or two great intuitives. TheEducation, 124:form of welfare work, or joins some of the many groups occupied with forms of esoteric philosophy,Education, 124:the world, and a census of the world educational groups and the world religious groups (to mentionEducation, 124:world educational groups and the world religious groups (to mention only two out of many possibleEducation, 132:in mind) divide the Hierarchy into two basic groups: Those souls who have reached perfection andEducation, 138:to emerge, out of these two [138] planetary groups or bodies, through their close fusion andEducation, 143:relates himself to other individuals or to groups. For the sake of clarity, we will give the nameExternalisation, 5:in connection with esoteric, occult and mystical groups and the spiritualistic movement. Externalisation, 6:stupidity, or upon the backs of some teachers, groups or organizations. Much blame can indeed beExternalisation, 8:so-called, can be divided into the following two groups: Higher Psychism: Divine - Controlled -Externalisation, 8:nor is the fact appreciated that both groups of qualities indicate our divinity. All areExternalisation, 12:of desire and personal longing (which divide groups) emerge from contact with it. The results toExternalisation, 13:This type of psychic can communicate with both groups and their value and their usefulness asExternalisation, 16:world need, it is imperative that these various groups should begin to recognize their real unityExternalisation, 16:if they cooperate with the membership of other groups. Instead, they should recognize that allExternalisation, 19:to the earnest aspirant the unity underlying all groups, and enable him to eliminate the poison ofExternalisation, 23:to whether the fusion of the inner and the outer groups of world servers can be made, or whetherExternalisation, 26:- Section I - Introductory Remarks Seed Groups in the New Age July 1937 Earlier I gave you someExternalisation, 26:Earlier I gave you some thoughts anent the new groups which come into functioning activity underExternalisation, 26:Vol. II (Esoteric Psychology), Pages 174-194.) Groups have always existed in the world, as forExternalisation, 26:unit, but they have been predominantly third ray groups with, therefore, a dominant outerExternalisation, 27:still is, of the evolutionary process. But the groups now forming are a second ray activity and areExternalisation, 27:are a second ray activity and are building groups - building the forms of expression in the newExternalisation, 27:are "working in the dark." At some distant date, groups will emerge which will be first ray groups,Externalisation, 27:date, groups will emerge which will be first ray groups, animated by the will aspect andExternalisation, 27:these we need not concern ourselves. These seed groups are embryonic and therefore, likeExternalisation, 27:its internal life and activity, and these seed groups are no exception to this universal law. TheirExternalisation, 27:in order to "bear fruit upwards." Should these groups develop as intended, should the corporateExternalisation, 27:continuance be their keynote, then these seed groups , tiny as they may be, will come to flower,Externalisation, 30:the experiment being carried on in the new seed groups. Looking at the whole problem from anotherExternalisation, 30:soul through the pioneering efforts of certain groups. It has therefore, as you will readilyExternalisation, 31:so new and relatively so rare that these groups remain as yet in an embryonic stage. We call themExternalisation, 31:yet in an embryonic stage. We call them the seed groups of the new age. There are many such, as IExternalisation, 31:the future to decide. This applies also to the groups which I began to build in 1931 (DiscipleshipExternalisation, 31:and developed, the success of these seed groups must depend. It does not mean that their successExternalisation, 31:group, but upon the comprehension by all the groups of the meaning and purpose and techniques ofExternalisation, 31:with forces on the physical plane. The other six groups will be mentioned later. You have becomeExternalisation, 31:somewhat accustomed to the concept of these groups. The novelty is dying out and you are apt to askExternalisation, 32:with fresh ardor. I have stated [32] that these groups constitute an experiment and that they areExternalisation, 33:through the religions of the world and the groups of idealistic esoteric seekers after reality.Externalisation, 33:Hierarchy. Consequently, we have: Negative Groups - The Masses - The Churches and religions - TheExternalisation, 33:- The Esotericists, in their turn Positive Groups - The Intelligentsia - The Esotericists,Externalisation, 33:The Planetary Hierarchy Broadly speaking, these groups divide themselves into the extroverted
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