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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUPS

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Externalisation, 102:but one which must now be superseded. The seed groups now in process of forming will beExternalisation, 102:- interior and subjective - of the seed groups, to their radiatory activity, and to the magneticExternalisation, 102:eventually to two factors: one, the power of the groups upon the subtler planes of thought andExternalisation, 102:the activity of those who form part of the key groups; they will themselves form correspondingExternalisation, 102:groups; they will themselves form corresponding groups of nine, or seven or five, and thus thereExternalisation, 103:is then abortive. The influence of these new groups is due to the close inner relation demonstratedExternalisation, 104:nations, it is essential that the establishing groups should themselves express the subtler aspectsExternalisation, 104:The emphasis upon the work which serving groups must seek to develop is that of an organized,Externalisation, 104:worlds, and this will be the task of the New Groups when organized and functioning correctly. InExternalisation, 104:those who are affiliated with spiritual groups and are therefore linked subjectively to [105] theirExternalisation, 111:its very depths; all its evolutionary grades and groups are responding to the stimulation,Externalisation, 122:of a little child. The cleavage between the two groups (the one expressing the forces ofExternalisation, 125:of the opponents into two clearly defined groups is now so complete that the final struggle hasExternalisation, 127:a correct grasp of the ideals animating the two groups of opponents. In Atlantean days, it wasExternalisation, 128:true, for the conflict was between two small groups and the masses of the people were simply theExternalisation, 131:is fundamentally as sound as that in the other groups, but the difference lies in the factors ofExternalisation, 131:and cruelty have been avoided in the first two groups of nations, and the reason is based upon theExternalisation, 131:World Picture Nevertheless in these three groups there is much of interest to be noted. One ofExternalisation, 132:is, therefore, working out in these three groups of interrelated elements and differing nationalExternalisation, 132:be seen expressing itself through these three groups of nations. At the same time, the ShamballaExternalisation, 134:today, the removal of people out of Italy and of groups of people within Russia, and the constantExternalisation, 134:human beings in all lands as well as by groups which are actively working in every country forExternalisation, 136:of Materialism. And in between these two great groups stand the masses - waiting for the emergenceExternalisation, 139:unless it is definitely and consciously offset. Groups who are adhering to the principles of theExternalisation, 143:with similarly minded or enquiring people, with groups and churches, clubs, organizations andExternalisation, 143:done with the leaders and senior workers in such groups and with people who can be prepared by eachExternalisation, 149:of consciousness and indicates the need of both groups to shift their focus of interest and theirExternalisation, 151:their good intent futile. But, out of these groups are rapidly emerging those who can work in theExternalisation, 172:and particularly the heads of organizations, groups and churches of all kinds and temperaments whoExternalisation, 176:to keep out of trouble and avoid war; dominant groups are swinging many nations under their bannersExternalisation, 176:today is a world conflict. The following groups of people are involved: The fighting aggressorExternalisation, 195:not be solved by intermarriage, or by isolating groups for occupation of special areas, or by anyExternalisation, 199:regimes have divided the world into opposing groups. There are the great democracies, under whichExternalisation, 199:Axis policies. They are essentially reactionary groups, for tyrants, cruelty and the exploitationExternalisation, 212:states and conditions, controlling different groups of human beings on their way from the humanExternalisation, 214:clear to the unprejudiced onlooker. To these two groups I would add a third. This third group isExternalisation, 214:This third group is formed internally of two groups: first, those people who are potentially weakExternalisation, 214:have, therefore, in the world at this time three groups of people who embody the three major viewsExternalisation, 215:more distinct, yet the exponents of these three groups are to be found in every land and among allExternalisation, 216:which is going on in the world. These three groups are functioning today and are in conflict. TheExternalisation, 229:to further the ends of one or other of the two groups, at no matter what cost, but knowing whereExternalisation, 234:party strife controls and blinds the warring groups, hiding the wider vision of world affairs andExternalisation, 244:in the good of the group; when the group or groups merge their interests in the national good, whenExternalisation, 248:the refugees; speaking on public platforms or to groups upon the issues at stake, or participatingExternalisation, 252:conclusively convince the attacking, aggressive groups that their day is ended and that theirExternalisation, 254:the present aggressive activity of certain groups ultimate good may be engineered and the evilExternalisation, 266:to the possibility of interplay between the two groups - of spiritual Lives and men. The thirdExternalisation, 274:R., reached by all who, with the first two groups, can stand with "massed intent." On the unitedExternalisation, 291:humanity, to the Hierarchy and to still greater groups of Lives? These are questions which normallyExternalisation, 297:These fall mainly into four relatively minor groups: 1. Racial Avatars. These Appearances areExternalisation, 302:and waiting possibility. The plight of vast groups of people upon the planet today lies heavy uponExternalisation, 316:work of the New Age. As time goes on, subsidiary groups will be indicated who can work in theExternalisation, 316:to any of you. But they represent the working groups of all the Masters, and upon their shouldersExternalisation, 323:Discipleship. The world today is full of groups occupied with the task of helping one or other ofExternalisation, 323:with the task of helping one or other of the groups of aspirants and seekers to be foundExternalisation, 325:in this group (or in your relations with other groups) all have your personal problems. TheseExternalisation, 327:(amounting to hate in the case of some groups and sections of suffering humanity), accompanied by aExternalisation, 328:more surely and soundly than ever before; groups everywhere are organizing for the rebuildingExternalisation, 328:they may later choose as collaborators. Small groups must grow out of this group later, when it isExternalisation, 328:and into a basic cooperation with any similar groups which are engaged in world salvage, primarilyExternalisation, 329:3. Discover, and where possible contact, all groups which are motivated by a true love forExternalisation, 329:a gradual compilation of a mailing list of such groups, accompanied with samples of theirExternalisation, 330:that have been formulated by individuals, groups of world thinkers and specialists in the differentExternalisation, 330:this group will be ready to vitalize people and groups everywhere with whom they are in touch -Externalisation, 330:7. Leaders of spiritual, religious and esoteric groups, as well as educational groups, should beExternalisation, 330:and esoteric groups, as well as educational groups, should be approached in the interests of worldExternalisation, 331:ideals, of unifying and of strengthening other groups. There are also three things possible to thisExternalisation, 331:the agents of this group and other New Age groups in the future. Work done by you prior to the warExternalisation, 332:the share in these plans which spiritual groups can undertake. I would have you remember thatExternalisation, 344:among friends, but seldom as yet in love among groups and nations. It is the theme of the ChristianExternalisation, 356:Immanent - immanent [356] in individual man, in groups and nations, in organized forms and inExternalisation, 366:will provide the motive power for many men and groups, but not the motive which can produce trueExternalisation, 384:techniques and objectives of the various groups and organizations which are interested in worldExternalisation, 384:the outstanding need. Keep a record of all such groups, their leaders, objectives and programs. ItExternalisation, 390:sources. Can the united effort of these two groups - one conscious of what is happening and theExternalisation, 392:in terms of spiritual endeavor) the following groups whose massed intent is to bring about theExternalisation, 392:problem is how to fuse and blend the first five groups so that the spiritual appeal can express aExternalisation, 392:task of unification lies in the hands of two groups: the planetary Hierarchy and the new group ofExternalisation, 398:and the Hierarchy. This fusion of the two groups - Humanity and the Hierarchy - may then suffice toExternalisation, 401:Centers which operate behind the scenes, between groups of workers on the physical plane and in theExternalisation, 401:three worlds of human evolution and spiritual groups upon the inner planes, such as the Ashrams ofExternalisation, 401:such as the Ashrams of the Masters and the egoic groups with which all human beings are inExternalisation, 417:kingdom of God to apparently remote spiritual groups, will be emphasized. Then there will open forExternalisation, 424:nerves, the culture of fear, the organization of groups and of isolated workers in every nationExternalisation, 425:The Forces of Evil sought for those leaders and groups who are the materialistic correspondence toExternalisation, 440:Agent" of this potent energy, and the seven groups of Masters Who work with the human and subhumanExternalisation, 447:history) is to bring all of them, as functioning groups, under the direct impact of the energyExternalisation, 448:be done or the type of men who work in first ray groups and Ashrams, and in Whose hands theExternalisation, 453:inherent fanaticism (found ever in reactionary groups) will fight against the appearance of theExternalisation, 459:litter the desks of world leaders and of those groups and organizations who are attemptingExternalisation, 461:which will permit tranquility. These three groups, however, indicate the successful operation ofExternalisation, 462:they are ineffectual where the theologian of all groups - political, religious or social - isExternalisation, 462:statesmen and leaders of important world groups are admitting the failure of their church, or theirExternalisation, 465:working in the various organizations and groups dedicated to human betterment, and byExternalisation, 467:to guide the destiny of races, nations and world groups. On their shoulders lies the responsibilityExternalisation, 468:and men and women of goodwill. These two groups (the Hierarchy and Humanity) will need to beExternalisation, 476:and had simply been a fight between human groups and nations, the Hierarchy would have remainedExternalisation, 476:to intrude into world affairs, and that potent groups of evil beings were organized to exploit theExternalisation, 476:but oft unintelligent, pacifist. Both these groups would sacrifice the future of humanity toExternalisation, 477:are focused at this time through certain monied groups in every powerful nation, particularly in
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