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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUPS

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Fire, 472:cannot untangle the mystery beyond that of the groups affiliated with them, while the Chohans ofFire, 472:higher degrees work with the karma of the larger groups (which are the aggregates of the lesserFire, 472:groups (which are the aggregates of the lesser groups). 54 Karma and Reincarnation, the fourth andFire, 472:five essentials of karma are divided into 2 groups in the Mahabharata: man's present actionFire, 485:close is the cooperation between the different groups, and how interrelated are their activities.Fire, 489:a solar Logos (viewed as Egos) but they work in groups subject to: Inherent impulse, or latentFire, 492:concern us in the three worlds - different groups of devas coming into action according to theFire, 492:the agency of mental fire as embodied in certain groups of devas, that the force of energy that isFire, 502:Earth, as a systemic triangle. The adaptation of groups (deva and human) to certain types ofFire, 502:and which from high cosmic levels play upon groups, fostering certain attributes for which we have,Fire, 503:plan as it affects him individually and his groups. [504] Fire, 510:seven on the third, forming there the forty-nine groups which most concern evolving man. AccordingFire, 510:to the angle of vision, this numbering of groups may be increased or lessened, but for purposes ofFire, 517:the direct control of the lower of the three groups of Lipika Lords, and is the agency throughFire, 523:shining through the causal vehicles of the egoic groups. Only two and a half planes then remainFire, 524:apparent, and the nature of the three magnetic groups, in their various subdivisions with theirFire, 525:will eventuate in a cleavage between the two groups in the middle of the fifth round. It must beFire, 526:Their triple essence by means of the three great groups of atoms. Three are the atoms, andFire, 530:form. - S. D., I, 488. They exist in two great groups: The Ahhi are the vehicle of divine thought.Fire, 532:of the mental unit. Those of the animal groups are upon the second subplane; those of the vegetableFire, 532:upon the second subplane; those of the vegetable groups are upon the third subplane; those of theFire, 532:upon the third subplane; those of the mineral groups are upon the fourth subplane. There is,Fire, 533:- physical, astral, mental and buddhic. Eight groups of solar Entities Who form the subjective lifeFire, 534:can flow. It should by remembered that all such groups on every planet form a vehicle for the lifeFire, 534:on egoic levels, remembering that these groups are differentiated and are formed of aggregates ofFire, 534:of seven, until there are formed forty-nine groups of seven egoic vehicles forming one group whichFire, 534:solar Deity. There is a multiplicity of these groups of forty-nine. This has been somewhat statedFire, 535:initiates form a group or force center. These groups have their permanent atoms as do all livesFire, 539:consciousness, unfolding each of its petals in groups of three upon the three subplanes of theFire, 541:the definite benefit of humanity. Each of the groups of petals is distinguished by a predominantFire, 548:such as the Ego in the causal body and egoic groups. This will produce later a better comprehensionFire, 562:do not do so. Therefore, the two above mentioned groups come under karmic law. They only areFire, 573:it concentric and interlaced circles in blue, in groups of three, linked by one large circle. BothFire, 576:in the appearance of the Monads in their seven groups. Love the source, and the Monad of love, theFire, 578:In the five worlds of human evolution both groups of Monads have to control atomic and molecularFire, 599:will not, are sharply differentiated into two groups; the seventh is a major round because it willFire, 612:Devas - The Greater Builders I have divided the groups of devas and elementals into evolutionaryFire, 612:are represented in the activities of these two groups and it is their interaction and interplayFire, 613:the large, or through [613] the consideration of groups, of races, and of the life of the scheme,Fire, 615:we pass on to study specifically the three main groups of building devas on the three planes in theFire, 616:causal levels, those force centers being egoic groups in their various divisions. The concretion ofFire, 617:physical body similar to the relationship which groups of Egos on the mental plane have to theFire, 617:volens to be annihilated. It is these seven groups that form the principal divisions of theFire, 619:The Heavenly Man works necessarily through egoic groups, pouring positive force upon them untilFire, 622:the three worlds. The force which animates those groups of "lotuses" [623] which we call egoicFire, 623:groups of "lotuses" [623] which we call egoic groups or centers - aggregations of causal bodies.Fire, 623:each of them occultly embodied in two great groups of devas: First. The devas who are the substanceFire, 625:Why is this? Because in these notes those groups of devas who are the force and energy of theFire, 626:with these three lower planes and their many groups of devas it must be remembered that their polarFire, 627:specifically the deva entities in their various groups, having laid down the fundamentals inFire, 632:we are immediately concerned, or with the three groups I have outlined - the Agnichaitans, theFire, 634:lies in the relationship between the two great groups of devas who build and construct the mostFire, 634:portion of logoic manifestation, and the two groups of corpuscles which in their mutual interactionFire, 635:is of interest, but in studying these groups of devas at present we will view them principally inFire, 635:lines of thought, we will now take up these groups one at a time and consider them. Fire, 635:devas of the system are divided into forty-nine groups - the forty-nine fires. The Agnichaitans inFire, 635:in turn are also divided into forty-nine groups, thus reflecting the whole. [636] The Raja-Lord.Fire, 636:Kshiti. The life of the physical plane. Three groups of Agnichaitans concerned with: The force orFire, 636:They form the purely mother aspect. These three groups are subdivided again into seven groups whichFire, 636:three groups are subdivided again into seven groups which form the matter of each subplane, viewingFire, 636:of the plane is manifesting. These seven groups are again divided into seven, making forty-nine.Fire, 636:divided into seven, making forty-nine. The three groups function as follows: Group A. on the firstFire, 637:the devas of construction, or the form building groups; this comes from the second aspect ofFire, 637:Group C. Agnichaitans In considering these groups of Agnichaitans, we must remember that we areFire, 644:is carried out by the agency of [644] certain groups of devas on all the planes. These three groupsFire, 644:groups of devas on all the planes. These three groups on the physical plane find their counterpartsFire, 648:Certain Beings Who form the life of specific groups. They are esoteric, and Their function is oneFire, 648:is largely given over to deva control - the two groups of devas meeting there, and performing theirFire, 650:of deva substance, or of tabulating the myriad groups and classes will be borne in on ourFire, 650:our comprehension. On all the planes these three groups will be found, and all are recipients ofFire, 650:An analogy likewise exists between these three groups of devas on the systemic physical plane, andFire, 651:order. The etheric web which protected certain groups in the human and animal kingdoms was rent inFire, 653:Agnichaitans We have seen that on all planes the groups of devas can be divided into three [654]Fire, 654:of devas can be divided into three [654] main groups, even though usually studied in their dualFire, 654:force units. Broadly speaking, these groups can be viewed as: Those which embody the positiveFire, 654:and this we followed when we enumerated the groups of Agnichaitans. Group A - Corresponds to theFire, 654:defined. We have touched upon the two lower groups of devas. Now, we might take up theFire, 656:it has involved the response of certain peculiar groups of devas to His note. They embody inFire, 657:[657] With each other, thus making seven groups who are the sumtotal of the Brahma aspect of ourFire, 657:aspect of our planetary Logos. With the seven groups who constitute the atomic matter of thatFire, 657:scheme are the other two. With corresponding groups in lesser degree in all the systemic schemes.Fire, 658:We start here upon a consideration of those groups of devas who are the substance of the astralFire, 658:at before we begin to differentiate them into groups and study their relation to: The variousFire, 658:who are the soul of the differing kingdoms, or groups, such as the animal kingdom, the humanFire, 662:in a fivefold aspect, dividing them into five groups. At this point we will limit our considerationFire, 664:that is here said is expressed in terms of deva groups and deva forces, which form (in theirFire, 665:connected). They can be divided into certain groups, indicating their place in the scale ofFire, 665:be asked why we are dealing only with those deva groups which are to be found in the three worlds.Fire, 667:physical plane, though divided into the three groups A, B, C, are under another grouping spoken ofFire, 670:and are closely allied to our planetary Logos. Groups of these Pitris are found wherever man is inFire, 674:comprehends the essential nature of the seven groups, or of the logoic Septenate, which is thatFire, 675:an intuitive realization of their orders and groups, the keynotes of those orders and of theFire, 676:Logos, we will briefly enumerate the principal groups of Agnisuryans on the systemic astral plane,Fire, 676:of the systemic astral plane. Third. Various groups of devas, performing different functionsFire, 676:that we are but touching upon a few of the many groups, and that there are numbers whose name isFire, 676:incarnation. They are divided into seven groups according to the Ray of the Monad. Those devas whoFire, 677:man may aspire. They are divided into certain groups - three in number - connected with science,Fire, 677:religion and philosophy, and through these groups of deva substance the Heads of the threeFire, 681:20 These lunar Pitris are divided into four groups and are concerned with the building of man'sFire, 681:of man, they are to be considered in their three groups - etheric, astral and lower mental. The
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