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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUPS

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Fire, 852:with our planet that Egos appear in those groups whose lotuses are not produced as the result ofFire, 853:has necessarily a profound effect both upon the groups in which they appear, and upon the type ofFire, 853:To continue with our consideration of egoic groups: It might be briefly stated that the egoicFire, 853:It might be briefly stated that the egoic groups in connection with our planet may be roughlyFire, 854:have enumerated above certain classifications of groups of Egos to be found on the causal levels ofFire, 854:group separation is to be seen. These groups are far too many to enumerate in detail. We haveFire, 854:We have outlined and named five of the larger groups as catalogued under [855] one scheme ofFire, 855:and even under the one here used, these five groups are each subdivided into ten groups, and theseFire, 855:these five groups are each subdivided into ten groups, and these again are broken up into lesserFire, 867:they go astray. This can be seen working out in groups as well as in individuals. But, inversely,Fire, 871:therefore, it might be stated that egoic groups in whom the knowledge petals are being organizedFire, 877:lunar energy, and a bringing of both these two groups to a stage of cooperative activity. ItFire, 878:The solar Lords, in their three major groups, are equally ready for the final sacrifice, whichFire, 878:body is completely destroyed. The four lower groups of solar Pitris return to the heart of theFire, 878:from whence they came, whilst the three higher groups are carried (by the force and energyFire, 879:isolated - form planetary Logoi. The forty-nine groups of solar fires concerned in the great workFire, 879:an insoluble mystery to man at present. The four groups who found their way to the Heart of theFire, 882:his own Ray Lord, Comprehension of the different groups of existences who are participating inFire, 889:imparted, as it is useless for man to study the groups of lesser builders, their functions andFire, 890:plane the devas may be divided into three groups: The transmitters of the will of God, theFire, 890:These are the greater builders in their various groups. The manipulators of the initiated energy.Fire, 890:of the builders of greater degree. The three groups to be considered are: The elementals of densestFire, 890:We must bear in mind as we study these three groups that we are not concerned with theFire, 890:matters we must never dissociate the various groups in our minds in a too literal sense, for theyFire, 891:the term. They dwell in settlements, or groups, under a form of government suited to their needs inFire, 891:of a planet. Allied with them are several other groups of low class entities, whose place in theFire, 895:two other manifestations of life. First. Certain groups of devas who desire to pass into the humanFire, 896:closely connected with man's evolution. The many groups of the water devas of the manipulatoryFire, 901:devas on both these planes belong essentially to groups over which Neptunian influence presides,Fire, 901:and of the path of return, with the two groups of deva lives therein concerned, will be apprehendedFire, 902:physical subplane can be divided into three groups, and these again into seven and into forty-nine,Fire, 902:and into forty-nine, thus corresponding with all groups in the solar system. These groups (in theirFire, 902:with all groups in the solar system. These groups (in their essential nature) respond to thatFire, 903:fourth ether, the buddhic plane. These three groups are therefore cosmically connected with: [904]Fire, 904:volcano; this group can be subdivided into four groups according to color - red, orange, yellow,Fire, 906:plane and that they (in their major and minor groups) are the internal macrocosmic and microcosmicFire, 906:in its fifth division of deva essences, certain groups are now being contacted in this, the fifthFire, 910:as do the human race. They reincarnate in groups, and not as individuals, though each group isFire, 912:of a glorious translucent lavender. Some of the groups of devas to be contacted on the physicalFire, 912:on the physical plane are as follows: Four groups of violet devas, associated with the ethericFire, 914:the three earlier enumerated. Certain subsidiary groups are found. Under group 1 are found all theFire, 915:as manifestation is concerned - into two main groups. Each group is represented on each of the fourFire, 915:differentiation out of the many possible. These groups are, first, those devas who are theFire, 915:but if the student will consider these two groups, and will investigate their relationship to manFire, 916:Before we take up the consideration of these two groups it might be wise here to emphasize theFire, 919:noted that in the enumeration of these two main groups, we did not touch upon that great group ofFire, 919:the Word." I have only dealt with the two groups who constitute the "Army of the Voice." This isFire, 920:instance. Systemically they fall into three groups: Group 1 includes those transmitters of the WordFire, 921:gradually becomes proven. The energy of these groups passes through the physical sun, and fromFire, 922:and workers on each plane form similar groups. Equally well can man consider this tabulation inFire, 923:conjecture. The seven Prajapatis fall into two groups of three, with one dominating. Students willFire, 924:this line of activity can be subdivided into two groups: [925] Those who work on the four higherFire, 925:lesser beings who ensoul different families and groups within any specific kingdom. Fire, 927:now can hinder the Work of evolution. The three groups of devas are active, and the archetypal formFire, 928:and concretion rapidly proceeds. The three groups of builders coordinate their efforts afresh and aFire, 930:The devas of the etheric doubles fall into two groups. They are those who are the lesser builders,Fire, 931:it into any specific form. They exist in many groups according to their point in he evolution, andFire, 931:"the elemental alchemists." They are in many groups connected with the differing elements, metals,Fire, 931:of the vegetable kingdom. They exist in many groups and are termed "the surface alchemists" andFire, 934:beings. These are but a few out of the many groups possible to touch upon; it is needless furtherFire, 935:physical plane. They exist, therefore, in four groups, and each group has a curious karmic relationFire, 936:becomes an actuality. These are the four main groups of devas which come under the influence of anyFire, 937:forms through the activity of the above four groups are here briefly recognized as the mentalFire, 937:and the matter of the physical body. These seven groups form, in their totality, what we might callFire, 939:on the three planes, dealing with them in two groups: Those who are connected with the permanentFire, 939:allied to the solar Angels. They exist in seven groups connected with three of the spirillae ofFire, 940:atom. These three spirillae are to these seven groups of lives what the three major rays are to theFire, 940:lives what the three major rays are to the seven groups of rays on the egoic subplanes of theFire, 940:the surrounding deva essence in their two groups: Those who build the form. Those who are builtFire, 941:of this note by the solar Angel, and the three groups of devas connected with the three permanentFire, 942:of the [942] created forms. Then the next two groups of Sephiroth are seen reproduced in man. He isFire, 942:D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals These groups of builders are four in number: TheFire, 942:builders of the dense physical. Each of these groups can be subdivided into four or seven or three,Fire, 942:group. These Lords are to be found in three groups, and a Lord out of the third group has the workFire, 942:agents, who again are divided into the following groups: Three karmic agents responsible to theFire, 943:agents who represent (within these three groups) the seven Ray types. Those agents of the good LawFire, 943:personality again are divided into seven main groups; all devas, just as is the case with the humanFire, 944:Elementals and Fire Elementals The elemental groups of the dense physical plane who are swept intoFire, 946:the macrocosm is to the microcosm. All these groups of building lives may be divided into threeFire, 946:of building lives may be divided into three groups of energy units, and their nature deduced fromFire, 946:and their nature deduced from the phrases: Groups of lives animated by dynamic energy. Groups ofFire, 946:Groups of lives animated by dynamic energy. Groups of lives animated by radiant energy. Groups ofFire, 946:Groups of lives animated by radiant energy. Groups of lives animated by atomic energy. These againFire, 951:such a strong vibration (due to the force of two groups of lunar lords) that the third group ofFire, 966:through Their disciples) are forced to work with groups, being seldom able to find a man or womanFire, 966:active. They frequently have to work with large groups before the quota of energy supplied to ThemFire, 978:He can pour His force. The Master works through groups (large or small) and the work is facilitatedFire, 997:illumination. We will divide them into three groups of aphorisms or occult phrases; of these, theFire, 1011:He can help and stimulate His disciples or groups of men in any place at any time. [1012] TheFire, 1026:the karmic enmity existing between the two great groups of devas. These groups can only be unitedFire, 1026:between the two great groups of devas. These groups can only be united by the mediator, man. ItFire, 1032:or as the Manasaputras and their various groups are concerned. On the involutionary arc, the VishnuFire, 1033:atoms) is seen a correspondence to the three groups of Lipika Lords who are the karmic cause ofFire, 1033:control its periodic manifestation. These three groups are related to Their guiding IntelligencesFire, 1034:of motion, and the unified consciousness of all groups. It is the consciousness which proclaims "IFire, 1045:the spiral cyclic activity of all [1045] atomic groups, it is necessary to point out, therefore,Fire, 1045:self-determined, a composite of all planetary groups, rotating on its own axis, yet conforming toFire, 1045:or repulse it. These are the main sets of atomic groups, but there are many intermediate forms uponFire, 1048:finally the impulse which forces the planetary groups, the sum total of all atoms and forms, to aFire, 1050:The effect produced by the action of the groups karmically allied with the Pilgrim. They are:
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