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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUPS

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Fire, 1202:is more to be felt than that of the subsidiary groups. [1203] The dominant groups are the second,Fire, 1203:of the subsidiary groups. [1203] The dominant groups are the second, fourth and fifth, and thisFire, 1203:as the representative of the five liberated groups and the fourth is the representative group inFire, 1203:the second represents (for man, or these two groups united) that which is the Spirit aspect, theFire, 1203:of the fifth Hierarchy to the five liberated groups. This relation, in connection with ourFire, 1206:It is necessary to bear in mind that all these groups are (even when termed "formless") the trueFire, 1206:regard the subject as follows: The four superior groups are the hierarchies expressing themselvesFire, 1206:the second, third and fourth. The two lowest groups are the lives which are found functioning asFire, 1206:between the seven head centers and the seven groups of Egos on the mental plane, and there is anFire, 1206:major center) and the expression of these seven groups of Egos in the three worlds. This is a mostFire, 1210:are acted upon by the sixth and seventh groups and by the energy emanating from them. They areFire, 1212:the laws of group unity for all the three groups, superhuman, human, and subhuman. Above him standFire, 1213:merging or centralization of the forces of three groups, Of the energy for which the animal kingdomFire, 1215:of all atoms with these particular groups, and their consequent submergence in the interests of theFire, 1219:are ascertained and consciously studied in all groups working under the Masters. Fire, 1222:through a consideration of the fact that all groups are to be found on one or other of the sevenFire, 1222:give the names for the three ways in which the groups on any particular ray interact with eachFire, 1233:on these matters. All symbols emanate from three groups of Creators: The solar Logos, Who isFire, 1233:The Planetary Logoi, who - in Their seven groups - create through seven ways and methods, and thusFire, 1234:under impulses emanating from the other three groups. Each of the three groups is free withinFire, 1234:from the other three groups. Each of the three groups is free within certain specified limits. 2.Fire, 1237:plane. These forces fall into three main groups: Forces emanating from the mental plane in its twoFire, 1244:of the animating impulse lying behind all world groups which are particularly consecrated to theFire, 1245:under the Lord [1245] of the World in the seven groups into which our Masters of the Wisdom areFire, 1245:eventually become exoteric, and as the seven groups are recognized and known, schools ofFire, 1245:of development for the filling of posts in these groups will be the logical sequence. The adeptsFire, 1245:special spiritual energy produces in all those groups which come under its direct influence aFire, 1261:have reference only to the. two great groups of asekha initiates. [1262] Adepts who pass upon theFire, 1272:and three times it opens wide. Thus three great groups of Lotus Lords are impelled upon Their way.Fire, 1278:found in the heart of cosmic space within the groups divine. The sacred seven with the greaterGlamour, xi:as being pioneering experimental ventures. [xi] Groups of this sort have already appeared inGlamour, xi:Certain Preliminary Clarifications All groups involved in esoteric work have their own dharma orGlamour, 6:power of attachment in a detached manner. Both groups, builders and destroyers, must ever work fromGlamour, 17:will lie their field of service. Still other groups are only as yet in an embryonic stage. TheirGlamour, 18:of healing. If this is so, you can see how groups of disciples can constitute a contribution to theGlamour, 18:thought on the human consciousness by trained groups of thinkers is the method that can be mostGlamour, 18:applied at this time, and here these groups can help profoundly. One of the things which willGlamour, 18:the next three or four decades is the work that groups can do on levels other than the physical.Glamour, 18:sensitivity is necessarily the objective of all groups of disciples, but it is the main objectiveGlamour, 19:here they can render potent service. Groups of sensitives of this order can constitute a working,Glamour, 19:change the current of men's thoughts. All small groups of people, naturally and inevitably, arriveGlamour, 19:themselves, and between the personnel of similar groups, and this is to be desired and fostered andGlamour, 27:constitutes one of the first of the exoteric groups with which it is intended to work in the newGlamour, 27:in the new age. Through the activity of such groups, the world glamor will be dissipated, [28] butGlamour, 28:that as I look at the individual in any of these groups, I can at the same time gauge the qualityGlamour, 30:half truth, the wild thinking of various world groups, and many similar emanating sources have -Glamour, 30:sociology, etc., etc.), into many parties and groups, all of them colored by an analogous idea,Glamour, 30:all of them colored by an analogous idea, into groups of idealists fighting each other on behalf ofGlamour, 36:of the Hierarchy embraces the starting of small groups such as this one which would have theGlamour, 37:It will therefore be apparent to you that small groups such as this, if established in differentGlamour, 37:activities, could play a most useful part. Such groups would have two aspects to their endeavor.Glamour, 39:will serve to guide your group and analogous groups in the way of right activity. Secondly, I wishGlamour, 44:compiled from the instructions offered to these groups of disciples, will not be heavy treatises asGlamour, 49:which we hear so much? Not what many occult groups make it out to be. It is not the control of anGlamour, 98:place before long) this group and other such groups should work, as a group and under direction ofGlamour, 104:an experiment as that being carried on in these groups has been undertaken and permitted. Glamour, 104:producing world glamor can be divided into three groups: [105] Planetary causes. Causes initiatedGlamour, 105:nevertheless, founded and based in the two above groups of conditioning factors. a. PlanetaryGlamour, 108:plane, was evoked in the consciousness of the groups under preparation for the first initiationGlamour, 111:self-pity. The world today is divided into three groups, all of whom are subject to certain phasesGlamour, 115:in the control of the Warrior so that the two groups of forces which I love may be resolved into aGlamour, 116:sentiency. These, at this stage, fall into two groups which we call the pairs of opposites. TheirGlamour, 119:or of importance, or a fanatical adherence to groups of ideas, inherited from the past, or mentalGlamour, 119:a purely personal nature. Between any of these groups of forces which we call bodies: - Between theGlamour, 119:scientific levels so frequently evidences. Both groups fail to make a definite and decisiveGlamour, 119:manifestation upon the physical plane, both groups fail to deal with the problems of physical planeGlamour, 121:of the superimposed will - upon others and upon groups. RAY II The glamor of the love of beingGlamour, 123:World Problem - The Causes of Glamor One of the groups with which I have worked had certainGlamour, 123:group had a curious history in relation to other groups, because its personnel changed severalGlamour, 125:of the work which this group and certain other groups are intending to do in dissipating worldGlamour, 130:is wide open, in any case, to the seven major groups of ideas which are the IDEA of God for anyGlamour, 130:men. There is, at least, sensitivity to seven groups of ideas and their resultant ideals and - ifGlamour, 138:give to their race and time. These are the four groups who are exchanging illusion for theGlamour, 146:anti-Jew. I would ask those in both these groups to recognize the problem with which they areGlamour, 162:by God Immanent - immanent in individual man, in groups and nations, in organized forms and inGlamour, 183:and holding steadily - many of the theosophical groups - that The Secret Doctrine was a final [184]Glamour, 197:dissipated by the use of the illumined minds of groups, working in unison for just that purpose.Glamour, 197:is the possibility of a definite world service. Groups will eventually be formed of those who areGlamour, 199:Who take disciples. The work done by these two groups will be finally revealed (and at a much laterGlamour, 200:created." These forms fall into two major groups: Those forms which are of very ancient origin andGlamour, 201:It will be apparent to you, therefore, that groups working consciously at the service ofGlamour, 211:the use of the individual and the other which groups can use as they contribute their united effortGlamour, 213:of that work by organizing a group or groups which will work upon the problem of glamor. You canGlamour, 214:way towards externalizing) the realization that groups can successfully clear away the glamorsGlamour, 214:Their effort, combined with that of similar groups, will so weaken the power of these ancientGlamour, 222:prove themselves unable to teach. Both these groups must, therefore, learn to use this formula andGlamour, 224:are essential for the personnel of such groups. First of all there must be an ability to workGlamour, 225:as it involves an interesting situation. The groups who will do this work of piercing the glamorsGlamour, 225:dissipating them will be the first non-initiate groups to work this way upon the physical plane andGlamour, 227:to any of the paraphernalia which so many occult groups deem of importance. The set physicalGlamour, 235:as an act of service to humanity. That all the groups may learn to function in the light and thatGlamour, 253:and taught about the science of the breath. Many groups give a great deal of dangerous instructionGlamour, 253:themselves, and dangerous because many groups simply exploit the unready, [254] usually forGlamour, 254:in these cases, no danger exists. Many occult groups exploit the subject in order to build upGlamour, 260:I may employ so inappropriate a word) and the groups which are in process of collaborating with theHealing, 32:many schools of medicine and surgery, and allied groups. Through the use of psychology. Through theHealing, 44:I.4. I pointed out earlier that the three major groups of diseases for the masses are Tuberculosis.Healing, 44:syphilis. Cancer. To these we must add two other groups of disease which predominantly affect thoseHealing, 44:diseases so prevalent at this time. These five groups of disease, and their various subdivisionsHealing, 55:mentioned, that: [55] There are five major groups of diseases, with their allied complaints and
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