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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUPS

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Healing, 58:Down the ages, men have suffered from these groups of infections; they have died and been buriedHealing, 67:force of the soul. Subsidiary to the five major groups of diseases to which I earlier referred, andHealing, 69:so much, and men live so much in massed groups - large or small - that it is inevitable that theyHealing, 82:they come also from associated and contacted groups, from the planetary life, [83] and eventually,Healing, 86:or to lack of development. These interlocking groups are: That of the etheric body, which worksHealing, 86:primarily through the seven major glandular groups, but also through many other less importantHealing, 94:of these facts that has brought so many groups to believe in the cure of disease by thought powerHealing, 97:important agent. It is on this point that many groups and healers go astray. The mind can directHealing, 102:now tabulate the rules under which all healing groups must work. I would like to interpolate hereHealing, 113:differing fields of expression. The three major groups of diseases for the first two classes are:Healing, 120:out that the disciples are found in two major groups: Those who live above the diaphragm and whoHealing, 122:the center. Necessarily, these fall into seven groups, affecting seven major areas of the body. ForHealing, 125:The problem of workers with individuals and with groups is basically connected with the energy ofHealing, 131:note of the soul, is considered in the last two groups. [132] Healing, 185:the ignorant esotericist in the various occult groups, the kundalini fire is something which mustHealing, 188:Path of Initiation - centers in the head. These groups and triplicities are all related in time andHealing, 197:upon the physical plane what he is. These three groups are themselves conditioned (via the sevenHealing, 235:in nature. This cannot be helped. These two groups of diseases are of such exceedingly ancientHealing, 237:feeling and helpful intention by individuals and groups to other individuals and groups, and inHealing, 237:individuals and groups to other individuals and groups, and in this way crime and the tendency toHealing, 253:At the present stage, these agencies and groups largely are in the hands of fanatics and devoted,Healing, 253:ideal. Later, the truths for which these groups stand will be added to the work of the psychologistHealing, 254:knowledge, plus the wisdom of the other healing groups, to produce health among people, to emptyHealing, 254:and integrated work done in unison by the four groups: Physicians and surgeons - orthodox andHealing, 254:who work with the souls of men. When these four groups can be brought into close relation, and canHealing, 255:[255] It is the inability of these groups to recognize the good in the other groups striving forHealing, 255:these groups to recognize the good in the other groups striving for the physical well-being ofHealing, 263:in whom we live, humanity as a whole, mankind in groups as nations, and individual man - hasHealing, 264:by the Sadducees or the Pharisees, and these two groups were in constant conflict. Christ came as aHealing, 265:see themselves in the Jewish people, and if both groups would emphasize the fact of human stock andHealing, 269:enmity between Jew and Gentile, and the two groups have now the opportunity to originate a newerHealing, 271:science, nor am I [271] on the side of those groups of people who run down and refuse to admit theHealing, 272:doctors and priests can be divided into various groups - some adhering to old proved techniques,Healing, 279:for this reason that the world today is full of groups in revolt against orthodox medicine -Healing, 280:will be developed. The value of all the many groups - good and indifferent - lies in the fact thatHealing, 280:yet scientifically proved. They are pioneering groups, and have a real contribution to make, butHealing, 283:has been largely negated. Healers and healing groups work as yet at a great disadvantage; but theyHealing, 286:The work of the healer and of the healing groups will therefore be supplementary to the orthodoxHealing, 323:I would remind you that there are three groups of diseases which are not peculiar to man, but whichHealing, 323:the kingdoms in nature. These three families or groups of diseases are: The great cancer group ofHealing, 346:working relation which exists between the groups of disciples working under Them. Through a studyHealing, 360:in Palestine two thousand years ago, through groups. There He worked through the three belovedHealing, 360:Now He works through His Masters and Their groups, and thereby greatly intensifies His efforts. HeHealing, 360:His efforts. He can and will work through all groups just in so far as they fit themselves forHealing, 360:alignment with the greater potency of the inner groups. [361] You will find (fairly soon perhaps)Healing, 361:You will find (fairly soon perhaps) that healing groups will employ mantrams of a definite kind,Healing, 365:might divide intelligent human beings into three groups, at the same time eliminating in ourHealing, 365:appeals to the life of the senses. The three groups are: Those personalities, integrated andHealing, 374:there will come the forming of subsidiary groups to be taught and developed by the members of theHealing, 374:developed by the members of the pioneer healing groups, under soul instruction, or under [375] thatHealing, 375:that of some initiated chela. These subsidiary groups will work under group direction for theHealing, 375:yet, and not until the initiating group (or groups) can work with a measure of success and theHealing, 375:let us hope, hundreds and thousands of groups all over the world who will express this new attitudeHealing, 389:to say what is the major task of all healing groups, such as the Hierarchy seeks to see functioningHealing, 389:and most familiar event occurs. Healing groups must prepare to deal with this basic condition ofHealing, 390:to disciples and knowers of the wisdom. Healing groups and individual healers will find itHealing, 390:and must not be avoided or evaded. Healing groups working out from an Ashram lay not the emphasisHealing, 397:survival, established by the psychical research groups, immortality or the permanent existence ofHealing, 398:I class also the various psychical research groups and exempt all sincere scientific work. None ofHealing, 398:all sincere scientific work. None of these groups has as yet proven their case. The mystery and theHealing, 400:not to be susceptible of proof, whilst religious groups and organizations have no confidence in anyHealing, 465:are therefore to be found existing in two groups: Those responsive to the life of dense matter, toHealing, 482:- all which is unique and definitely sure. These groups, particularly the chiropractors, haveHealing, 523:VII - The Fundamental Laws of Healing Three Groups of Laws We have, therefore, three groups of lawsHealing, 523:Three Groups of Laws We have, therefore, three groups of laws which govern the expression of theHealing, 526:Healers will be divided eventually into two groups: [527] Those comprising definitely trainedHealing, 531:and this definitely constitutes a weakness. Both groups, in time, must become collaborators withHealing, 531:recall to your attention the fact that both groups have much to do - the one in penetrating intoHealing, 531:are almost uniformly sincere and good. In both groups charlatans are to be found and also a small -Healing, 531:investigator and lover of humanity in both groups will be found the future hope of medical scienceHealing, 537:fundamentally wrong in the claims made by these groups and organizations anent the man who hasHealing, 548:endocrine system. The blood stream. These four groups of conditioned aspects of the man concernHealing, 632:can also hasten the work of the healer. Both groups need each other. I realize that what I haveHealing, 643:on two capacities of the healer, founded on two groups of related aspects in the healer'sHealing, 643:the basis of this Rule, divide healers into two groups: one group wielding the vital etheric fluidHealing, 665:not been accomplished by the religious church groups throughout the world, but by members of theHercules, 64:Pollux, or the Twins. These personify two major groups of stars, the Seven Pleiades, and the SevenHercules, 64:Pleiades and those of the Great Bear. These two groups of stars represent God, the macrocosm,Hercules, 72:field, in the Rosicrucian field, and in the many groups to which they gravitate, have learned toHercules, 75:after truth, they gather around themselves groups of men and women who innocently and sincerelyHercules, 90:came to be associated with either of these groups of stars, for in the Chaldean, Persian, IndianHercules, 164:of the truth, because it helps me to live. Other groups use other terminologies and only as I canHercules, 186:of official prerogatives. I do not think the new groups will have any officials but will workHercules, 186:interplay between the minds of the units in the groups. We do not know anything about it yet. CanHercules, 187:the dividing of the world stage into great groups, with people who are national, patriotic, andHercules, 188:and Aquarian energies. There are two diverse groups: those who are tied to the past and to theHercules, 191:off being exclusive. Emerging in the world are groups of men and women everywhere who are wrestlingHercules, 192:movements for international peace and other groups in religious, political and economic fields areHercules, 216:Leo tells us also: "...the constellations are groups of fixed stars, the twelve central groupsHercules, 216:are groups of fixed stars, the twelve central groups being called by the same names as the twelveInitiation, 35:of it. On every side in that World War two groups were to be found, those who fought for an idealInitiation, 40:individuals, and through the individuals, the groups. The care and tabulation of the akashicInitiation, 41:with these karmic Lords are the large groups of initiates and devas who occupy themselves with theInitiation, 41:at the correct times and seasons. With all these groups we have little concern, for they areInitiation, 41:is divided into three main and four subsidiary groups, each of these groups, as will be seen byInitiation, 41:main and four subsidiary groups, each of these groups, as will be seen by reference to the appendedInitiation, 43:of setting the race type, of segregating the groups out of which races will develop, ofInitiation, 46:they pour forth mental energy on governing groups, thus bringing about the desired results whereverInitiation, 48:consider the Lodge members as existing in seven groups, each group representing one type of theInitiation, 52:They work most assuredly through such groups of thinkers, and throw much of their force into the
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