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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUPS

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Magic, 376:thought (such as the Vedanta and other mystical groups of thinkers) which emphasize the life aspectMagic, 377:and controlling) lies now in the hands of three groups of lives, if it may be so expressed: In theMagic, 377:working in three main divisions, and in seven groups as outlined in many Theosophical books andMagic, 388:from: Coordinated man. Dominant human beings. Groups: such as The Hierarchy of Adepts. TheMagic, 389:we call the devas, in their greater and lesser groups, and that therefore we are all the timeMagic, 389:scale of the evolutionary ladder, are other groups of lives, wrongly entitled devas, which work inMagic, 394:swaying others, coordinating human units into groups, and organisms. He becomes the head ofMagic, 397:have a message. Hence the myriads of small groups all over the world, working in every known fieldMagic, 399:effort. They will supersede all churches, all groups, and all organizations and will [400]Magic, 401:sects, Protestantism with its myriads of warring groups, or the many schools of philosophy in theMagic, 405:units, and brought about the emergence of those groups of workers and thinkers who, through theirMagic, 406:some aspect of the knowledge of reality. These groups fall generally into four major divisions;Magic, 406:and scientific. In more modern times three other groups have definitely emerged; they are theMagic, 406:the psychological, and the financial groups. Philosophers have, of course, always been with us, butMagic, 406:are no outstanding figures as in the past, but groups who represent certain ideas. It is ofMagic, 406:profound importance that the work of these seven groups of thinkers be recognized as part of theMagic, 406:as they cycled in and out of activity, little groups of men emerged, played their part in groupMagic, 406:I have not the time to take this procession of groups, each custodian of a special contribution,Magic, 407:consciously or unconsciously, into two basic groups: first, those who stand for the old order ofMagic, 408:musicians of Germany and of the Victorian era. Groups of artists are likewise to be found, givingMagic, 408:which are the glory of Europe. Two famous groups, one cultural and the other political, also playedMagic, 409:of every country into warring political groups, though sporadic always, have become universalMagic, 409:again in its earlier perfection. The religious groups have likewise been many, - so many that theirMagic, 409:that their enumeration is hopeless. We have the groups of Catholic mystics who are the glory of theMagic, 410:and the personal right to know. These latter groups have acted largely under the influence of theMagic, 410:nations. Under the fifth and third ray impulses, groups of scientific investigators have arisen,Magic, 410:cannot be said of the religious and political groups. In relation to the many nations and theMagic, 410:and the myriads of men on earth, these molding groups under the various divisions are few inMagic, 411:Ten - The New Group of World Servers The three groups to which I earlier referred require a word ofMagic, 411:work is curiously different to that of the other groups and their ranks are recruited from all theMagic, 411:and their ranks are recruited from all the ray groups, though the members of the third group (thatMagic, 411:In the order of their emergence, they are the groups of philosophers, psychologists and businessMagic, 411:and the means of knowledge. The two most modern groups are the psychologists [412] who work underMagic, 412:man can live upon the physical plane. These two groups necessarily, and in spite of apparentMagic, 412:in the sixteenth century, these external groups have played their part and performed most notableMagic, 412:trends of thought power which the work of the groups since the year 1500 has produced. They haveMagic, 413:to gather out of the inchoate masses of men, groups of workers along various lines, and set themMagic, 413:now it was felt wise to gather out of the many groups, a group which should contain (as does theMagic, 415:sum up the situation, it must be noted that the groups in the past have stood for certain aspectsMagic, 415:rays. The majority of the workers in the many groups have carried forward certain details of theMagic, 415:as Meister Eckhart. They have been primarily groups of personalities, with that added touch ofMagic, 415:soul impulses. The members of the many groups were all somewhat [416] one-sided, and their talentsMagic, 417:are organizing these forward looking souls into groups which are destined to bring in the new eraMagic, 418:yourselves with the work of the leaders of groups in the various countries of the world - such asMagic, 418:before your eyes is that of a vast network of groups, working along the many possible lines, butMagic, 425:with such a method of work. Remember that such groups are still greatly needed and are useful. ItMagic, 426:attend ye to the roots of growth." Little groups will spring up here and there whose membersMagic, 426:disciples. But these latter do not organize the groups; they grow as a man in this place andMagic, 426:in the work and bring in the new era. These groups will demonstrate no sense of separateness; theyMagic, 426:Group of World Servers Little by little these groups will come to know each other and to meet withMagic, 427:that special group could do in that place. These groups, with the one subjective group of consciousMagic, 427:conferences, there may emerge certain esoteric groups and schools for development in order moreMagic, 430:Hierarchy of Masters and in between these two groups stand also a band of teachers, of whom I amMagic, 434:is infinite and the permutations of these three groups of energies lead to the infiniteMagic, 462:in nature, and right relations between units and groups in the human family. A step in thisMagic, 464:of evolution. It is a form of group activity (groups governed by the vibration of physical andMagic, 465:and national karma and conditions. In these groups, the ordinary feeling, active man is immersed,Magic, 465:give place to intellect. For cycles of lives, groups of souls incarnate through the pull of theMagic, 465:than the one immediately preceding ours. Groups of forms appeared and disappeared, and wereMagic, 466:kingdoms) becoming smaller and smaller groups as the individual units achieve - one by one - theMagic, 466:eventually take the place of the outer material groups in their consciousness. Thus they regainMagic, 482:be said that human beings fall into three main groups: The vast majority, who are neither good norMagic, 482:the initiates who sound the note for the various groups and types, and of the Occult HierarchyMagic, 482:The first group is unthinking; the two other groups are beginning to think and to employ the lawsMagic, 514:learnt during the preceding period of work. Two groups of human beings work with apparently noMagic, 521:prisoners of the planet fall into two major groups, which embody necessarily certain subdivisions.Magic, 529:yet link up with both the interior and exterior groups. Then he is pledged to the magical work, toMagic, 530:These Beings in their turn fall into three main groups. [531] The Being Who is the life of ourMagic, 532:grasp it. The Old Commentary describes these two groups in the following terms: "The Sons of God,Magic, 535:primarily into three divisions of labor. Three groups of prisoners can be [536] released and willMagic, 556:by his vibration; he has to recognize the groups of lives with which he has had relation and withMagic, 589:and the efforts of the many organizations and groups throughout the world which hold before theMagic, 609:who stand between the aforementioned groups (the exoteric groups and the group of spiritual workersMagic, 609:between the aforementioned groups (the exoteric groups and the group of spiritual workers on theMagic, 610:same rules of magical work hold good for both groups, though the motivating impulse differs. ButMagic, 619:impersonalisation wherein the state, group or groups are regarded as of more importance than theMagic, 619:and sensitive inter-communication between units, groups and combinations of groups, both on theMagic, 619:between units, groups and combinations of groups, both on the subjective and objective sides ofMagic, 632:on White Magic - Rule Fifteen - The New Age Groups and Training The New Age Groups and Training ToMagic, 632:- The New Age Groups and Training The New Age Groups and Training To those of us who are working onMagic, 632:side, the workers in the world fall into three groups: Those, few and far between, who are trueMagic, 633:express it in action. Thus we have these three groups doing much needed work and reaching throughMagic, 633:the voices of the leaders of the other two groups, but the voice of the guiding Masters and theMagic, 634:such triple distinctions as exist between the groups are themselves of a separative tincture, andMagic, 634:is again when the many thousands of separative groups can be grouped into three comprehensive onesMagic, 634:on White Magic - Rule Fifteen - The New Age Groups and Training The second great test of theMagic, 636:on White Magic - Rule Fifteen - The New Age Groups and Training It might be pointed out that thereMagic, 638:on White Magic - Rule Fifteen - The New Age Groups and Training Where, however, there is steadyMagic, 638:- even the very least of you. I assure you that groups of students, working in [640] unison andMeditation, 13:of the period and the man's availability. The groups, inner and outer, with which he is affiliated.Meditation, 15:need of the period and his availability. The groups, inner and outer, with which he may beMeditation, 15:the allied souls, and the affiliated groups of pupils under [16] some one Master, until all areMeditation, 29:of monadic essence. On the evolutionary path, groups of causal bodies correspond and are similarlyMeditation, 34:their general evolution, dealing with them in groups. These groups are formed under threeMeditation, 34:evolution, dealing with them in groups. These groups are formed under three conditions: As toMeditation, 34:on His own ray, and with Their own individual groups, who are affiliated with Them through period,Meditation, 37:of stimulation and vivification, working thus in groups and under the guidance of a Master. ByMeditation, 38:of the mental plane egos are separated into groups - individual separation exists not, but groupMeditation, 38:point in evolution. On the second subplane the groups become merged and blend, and from theirMeditation, 38:merged and blend, and from their forty-nine groups are formed (by merging) forty-two. The process
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