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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUPS

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Meditation, 208:of colors: On the bodies of the pupil. On groups and on group work. On the environment. TheMeditation, 212:in stated cycles, and grouping themselves in groups of threes or fives, yet ever moving onwards.Meditation, 232:of color: On the bodies of the student. On the groups with which he is affiliated. On hisMeditation, 234:and are seen by the clairvoyant as color. Groups, therefore, of units who converge throughMeditation, 236:the color aspect of the coordinated auras of the groups is of a certain tone, they will return, andMeditation, 245:as transmitted via the etheric. In forming groups for healing under ideal conditions you would haveMeditation, 247:students of the world, working in organized groups under expert supervision. You ask, just what isMeditation, 247:You ask, just what is the point at which these groups may now begin to work with color? The thingMeditation, 247:up with greater detail the work of these healing groups, when gathered for meditation. Here I wouldMeditation, 263:He may belong. He understands the laws governing groups and group souls. He governs a group soulMeditation, 263:and conducts His relationship with other groups in the same Body under certain definite laws. TheMeditation, 266:second subplane of the mental plane you have the groups belonging to the Masters, if so I mayMeditation, 266:to the Masters, if so I may express it. These groups are animated and vitalized from the atomicMeditation, Since:call the plane of adi, or the first plane. These groups are formed around a Master, are enclosedMeditation, 273:initiation he will enclose within his aura these groups and those on egoic levels who are his own.Meditation, 292:are powers of the body egoic, and as all egoic groups are - as aforesaid - controlled by some oneMeditation, 294:impossible now) it forms a perfect protection. Groups will be formed according to egoic formationMeditation, 294:the higher or lower octave. This applies to groups consecrated to inner spiritual development, andMeditation, 294:pupils or disciples or probationers. Other groups, formed of units diverse and under different raysMeditation, 352:bad, or indifferent. Devas are divided into many groups, and are called not only angels andMeditation, 352:but lesser and greater builders. Egoic Groups On the third subplane of the fifth plane, the mental,Meditation, 352:self-consciousness, are gathered together into groups according to the ray or quality of thePatanjali, 20:These fancied images fall primarily into three groups, which the student would do well to consider.Patanjali, 23:has been known. This memory concerns several groups of realizations, either active or latent; itPatanjali, 38:meditation and right perception. In the previous groups of yogins dealt with, perception wasPatanjali, 44:and use the will are divided into three main groups. These can correspondingly be divided intoPatanjali, 45:books there are detailed accounts of these three groups of aspirants and they are portrayed underPatanjali, 45:under the sign Cancer. In these three groups are to be found various subdivisions and it isPatanjali, 45:the Lords of Karma, the majority of these three groups pass into the sign of Libra (or thePatanjali, 62:will be great and they fall into four groups: The rendering of the body immune to the attacks ofPatanjali, 64:Christian Science, New Thought and other groups which lay the emphasis upon the mental states willPatanjali, 89:Forms, The constituents of form, Forces, Groups, Energy. Man must understand the nature of his bodyPatanjali, 89:force demonstration, and this knowledge concerns groups. Consequently he finds his place and knowsPatanjali, 90:all forces and is the motive power of all groups. This knowledge concerns energy; it has to do withPatanjali, 120:finding their place in one of these three groups: Raja Yoga - the yoga of the mind or will, BhaktiPatanjali, 125:to separate the many forms into certain specific groups standing for certain basic ideas. He has toPatanjali, 126:unfertile. These seeds are found in three groups, each producing a large crop of hindrances orPatanjali, 162:be noted that the presented ideas fall into five groups of thought forms: The tangible objectivePatanjali, 276:historical record pertaining to races, nations, groups and families in their two great divisions onPatanjali, 277:of the planetary forces. These are in two great groups. Those forms or pictures in the akashaPatanjali, 299:notes that the mind world is peopled by six groups of Gods (the six groups of egos and their sixPatanjali, 299:world is peopled by six groups of Gods (the six groups of egos and their six rays, the six subraysPatanjali, 300:Trinity and of these existences in their various groups, the following comments by Vyasa arePatanjali, 350:of five. They divide the five senses into two groups, those which we call the organs of sense, suchPatanjali, 378:[378] The powers gained fall into two main groups called: Lower psychic powers, the lower siddhis.Patanjali, 398:four factors can be well divided into [398] two groups or pairs of opposites, the cause and theProblems, 7:its attitudes. Goodwill really practiced among groups in any nation, by political and religiousProblems, 9:of the problem) or by spiritually minded groups and individuals. The work to be done is so acutelyProblems, 9:already striving towards individual betterment; groups in every nation are similarly motivated; theProblems, 11:All nations, as all families, have also in them groups or individuals who are recognized sources ofProblems, 12:and the "hands off" policy of certain groups in the United States, the demand for a white AustraliaProblems, 15:but has led to the exploitation of the weaker groups by the stronger and the wrecking of theProblems, 15:life of the masses by a mere handful of powerful groups. Ancient habits of mass thinking and ofProblems, 16:country, plus the demands of certain radical groups. Because they have been so long established,Problems, 26:the on-rushing tide from other lands. The racial groups within the States still bear the marks ofProblems, 28:today is divided within itself by warring groups - idealists and realists, political parties andProblems, 28:parties and farsighted statesmanship, religious groups, fanatically occupied with their own ideas,Problems, 28:people violently against certain groups or nations and others working on behalf of them. The onlyProblems, 32:adolescents, under sixteen years old. These two groups are the most hopeful element in a worldProblems, 38:the earth - largely for the benefit of certain groups of ambitious and wealthy men. Problems, 42:the slow but steady formation of international groups, banded together to preserve world security,Problems, 46:In other countries, some people and some groups - through hereditary position or financial assets -Problems, 50:attention concentrated upon a few privileged groups, giving them a carefully planned culturalProblems, 50:in the Italian School, the Dutch and the Spanish groups. Finally, in the newer countries of theProblems, 57:about and right relations between individuals, groups, parties, nations and throughout the entireProblems, 60:Steps towards this are already being taken and groups of educators are getting together andProblems, 63:Much, very much, has been done by enlightened groups everywhere and this they have done whilstProblems, 65:should be the hallmark of the cultured and wiser groups, plus effort on their part to relate theProblems, 68:elements; there are progressive and reactionary groups. There are cruel and ambitious men in RussiaProblems, 70:capital and labor and between both of these groups and humanity as a whole must be worked out. TheProblems, 70:in the Middle Ages through the powerful business groups of the Victorian era to the handful ofProblems, 71:at the door of certain major interrelated groups of business men, bankers, executives ofProblems, 72:humanitarian lines. These men fall into two main groups: First, those who are real humanitarians,Problems, 73:determines their attitudes. In between these two groups are those who belong to neither the one norProblems, 74:and their leaders, face each other today. Both groups are national and international in scope. ItProblems, 74:promote the finest type of craftsmanship. These groups grew in power as the centuries slipped byProblems, 76:which forced labor to take action. [76] Groups of enlightened men in Europe, Great Britain and theProblems, 77:also between capital and labor (composed as both groups are of [78] human beings) and between theProblems, 79:Do we face another type of war between these two groups? In what way can the Law of Supply andProblems, 82:and are not the secret possession of certain groups of powerful men or of any one nation. AtomicProblems, 93:on settled boundaries and outrage powerful groups even in most distant lands. Problems, 94:clamoring for attention and adherents; religious groups are spreading dissension and seeking toProblems, 94:to gain in membership at the expense of other groups; the rich are organizing so as to control theProblems, 94:and who realize that those who form the various groups - political, religious, educational andProblems, 96:adherence to those of their own race. Other groups have done this but to a much lesser degree andProblems, 101:so helpless but organized by certain political groups for international and selfish ends. In theProblems, 104:the same sad problem), and men and women in both groups have constantly and increasingly proved theProblems, 109:a long cycle of wars between the different Negro groups which people that continent? Or will theProblems, 110:its place (through its many possible national groups) in the great family of nations and bring intoProblems, 116:lines of demarcation between races, nations and groups, and the cleavages that are to be foundProblems, 118:human relation and as a mode of contact between groups, between nations and their minorities,Problems, 120:to work. It must not be exploited, however, by groups working for their own ends, no matter howProblems, 120:men of goodwill stand midway between opposing groups where such exist, in order to create aProblems, 124:to wisdom. If the great organized religious groups of churches in every land and composing allProblems, 133:in the East and in the West and in all spiritual groups, dedicated ostensibly to spiritual purpose.Problems, 134:are rampant everywhere; families and social groups have been disrupted; death has taken its toll ofProblems, 134:time. The leadership provided is coming from groups of well-meaning people and a few statesmen whoProblems, 156:World Religion is being raised by the dissenting groups within the institutional churches, by theProblems, 156:the institutional churches, by the many world groups who present the concept of God immanent, evenProblems, 156:into expression through the work of the esoteric groups throughout the world because of their
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