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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUPS

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Psychology2, 42:a tendency to make trouble with others and with groups, The power to see no point except one's own,Psychology2, 50:the other is the result of the activity of the groups of atoms which are vibrating in response toPsychology2, 63:soul or a spiritual entity, and shows that both groups are dealing with facts, and that both mustPsychology2, 68:We have, therefore, in the case of man, two groups of major energies dominating, as a result of aPsychology2, 74:make for immediate progress. Disciples in the groups of some of the Masters (not of all) arePsychology2, 80:the magnetic attractive center, of all esoteric groups, conferring on them, by His power, thePsychology2, 110:and the interpenetration between the seven groups of souls on the higher levels of the mental planePsychology2, 110:intelligently from the angle of the seven ray groups, as they compose the spiritual aspect of thePsychology2, 111:of the soul of a group to the soul of other groups. It governs the interplay, vital but unrealizedPsychology2, 113:embodies the opportunity immediately before all groups of aspirants and allied men of good will inPsychology2, 113:together, through the medium of all the aspiring groups, the over-shadowing beneficent Forces.Psychology2, 113:Forces. Through the concentrated effort of these groups in the world today (who constitutePsychology2, 123:identification with the feeling aspect of all groups is the quality which leads to service - aPsychology2, 124:Servers will work. Give some idea of how certain groups of the Masters of the Wisdom serve upon ourPsychology2, 130:in a group, the handling of anti-social groups in our big cities, the correct technique to bePsychology2, 135:will go to work in silent unison with the groups of all true servers. He will submerge hisPsychology2, 138:be seen today among the leaders of various groups. Psychology2, 138:employed by these clearly isolated Ray types and groups. These differing ways of service, all ofPsychology2, 141:way. Some of the Masters of the Wisdom and Their groups of disciples are actively engaged at thisPsychology2, 152:eighteen degrees. These can be divided into four groups of degrees: Entered Apprentice, FellowPsychology2, 164:esoteric relationships existing between these groups of teaching and see if they can, forPsychology2, 176:body and the mind. The vibration of the groups or the group with which he must work upon the outerPsychology2, 178:of Soul or Group Life a. The Link of the World Groups It would be possible to go on listing thePsychology2, 178:will bring into activity the work of the world groups. In the past, groups have been formed forPsychology2, 178:the work of the world groups. In the past, groups have been formed for mutual benefit, for mutualPsychology2, 179:though their motives may have been, yet these groups have been basically and primarily selfish,Psychology2, 179:to which I have earlier referred. Such groups have ever been battlegrounds wherein the least ablePsychology2, 179:is not to the glory of God. Today the new groups are slowly and gradually coming into being andPsychology2, 179:therefore, strike a different note and produce groups which are welded together by a unitedPsychology2, 180:here to give you some thoughts anent the new groups which come into functioning activity under thePsychology2, 180:remembered, as one considers these coming new groups, that they are primarily an experiment inPsychology2, 180:are rightly to be understood. In these groups the members supplement and fortify each other, and,Psychology2, 180:and capacities, they should eventually provide groups capable of useful spiritual expression, andPsychology2, 180:service of the individual members of the new groups remain as their destiny and inner urgePsychology2, 181:a joint and united service. Each person in such groups has to learn to work in a close mental andPsychology2, 182:loving, living service. Group Meditation. These groups will eventually be grounded in the kingdomPsychology2, 182:to some specific form of service. When the groups are properly established (and the time isPsychology2, 183:cultivation of these qualities. Through these groups it may be possible to restore some of thePsychology2, 183:some of the ancient Mysteries, and some of the groups mentioned previously in Letters on OccultPsychology2, 183:will be found among the emerging New Age groups. Psychology2, 183:or Group Life b. The Characteristics of the New Groups This brief summary will serve to give somePsychology2, 183:to indicate the major reasons why such groups are being formed. We can now perhaps widen our visionPsychology2, 183:vision a little and at the same time look at the groups in greater detail. One of thePsychology2, 183:One of the characteristics distinguishing the groups of world servers and knowers, is that thePsychology2, 183:to a particular vibration, and so must these groups be attuned. There will be thus collectedPsychology2, 186:Ray - The Seven Laws of Soul or Group Life These groups, therefore, which have hitherto workedPsychology2, 186:and will be duplicated externally, and the new groups will come into being largely as anPsychology2, 186:externalization - experimental as yet - of the groups which have functioned behind the scenes,Psychology2, 186:One practical point should be made clear. These groups will for some time be what might be calledPsychology2, 186:for some time be what might be called "pattern-groups" and, therefore, must be formed very slowlyPsychology2, 186:much care. Each person forming part of the new groups will be tested and tried and subjected toPsychology2, 186:to much pressure. This will be necessary if the groups are to stand through this transition periodPsychology2, 187:not be easy for disciples to form [187] these groups. The methods and techniques will be soPsychology2, 187:have to tread (and in the early stages these groups will consist primarily of those on thePsychology2, 187:the channels of communication are between the groups on the outer plane and the Inner Group, andPsychology2, 188:only possible because the work of the Masters' groups has been so effective? Much may depend uponPsychology2, 188:or Group Life c. The Experimental Nature of the Groups I have said that these groups constitute anPsychology2, 188:Nature of the Groups I have said that these groups constitute an experiment. This experiment isPsychology2, 188:three words is summed up the whole story. These groups are intended to facilitate interrelation orPsychology2, 189:in of illumination or of light. When enough groups have been started that have this for theirPsychology2, 189:illusory nature of its life. 3. Through other groups another type of energy must flow, producingPsychology2, 189:type of interrelation and communication. These groups will bring about the right healing of thePsychology2, 190:Healing must eventually be carried forward by groups which act as the intermediaries between thePsychology2, 190:of living force to the patients. 4. Other groups of communicators will act as transmitters of twoPsychology2, 190:of men. 5. Political work will occupy other groups more specifically than does any other branch ofPsychology2, 190:than does any other branch of work. These groups communicate the "quality of imposition" and anPsychology2, 191:thing to be channels of the Will of God. 6. Some groups will be, in a pronounced sense, channelsPsychology2, 191:energy of the second ray must pour through such groups of students and believers and allied groupsPsychology2, 191:such groups of students and believers and allied groups of thinkers and workers, and there will bePsychology2, 191:fact is to be noted. There will be many such groups. The platform of the new world religion will bePsychology2, 191:world religion will be built by them. 7. A few groups will have an interesting function, but onePsychology2, 191:with the development of etheric vision. These groups will act as channels of communication orPsychology2, 191:under the Law of Rebirth. Therefore, when these groups are organized, it will be with that subjectPsychology2, 191:- The Seven Laws of Soul or Group Life 8. Some groups of energy communicators and transmitters willPsychology2, 191:and transmitters will carry illumination between groups of thinkers. They are illuminators of groupPsychology2, 192:themselves along these lines of activity. 9. Groups working in another category will have for theirPsychology2, 192:indicative of the future. 10. Members of other groups will be communicators between the thirdPsychology2, 193:condition. [193] It must be realized that these Groups are not a cause but an effect. That they mayPsychology2, 193:as a group, in close rapport with the inner groups, which form nevertheless, one large, activePsychology2, 193:central group force will then pour through the groups in so far as the group members, as a groupPsychology2, 193:The outer result is only partial. These inner groups, forming one group, are each of themPsychology2, 194:thinker or group of thinkers. [194] These inner groups, embodying differing types of force, andPsychology2, 194:the Aquarian Age will see consummated. The outer groups are a tentative and experimental effort toPsychology2, 194:and more definitely directed energies. When the groups are functioning adequately and havePsychology2, 194:group unity, but also harmony between the groups themselves, then some peculiar and esoteric workPsychology2, 194:of Soul or Group Life d. Astrology and the New Groups This Law or Group Progress embodies one ofPsychology2, 195:is not of a physical connotation nor have these groups a physical plane basis. They are based on aPsychology2, 195:have made some measure of soul contact. These groups are functioning entirely through a subjectivePsychology2, 196:- during the coming Aquarian zodiacal cycle - groups on earth can avail themselves of the tide ofPsychology2, 196:- The Seven Laws of Soul or Group Life These new groups are appearing everywhere all over thePsychology2, 196:are appearing everywhere all over the world. The groups upon the outer plane, with their diversityPsychology2, 196:which is sponsoring or "projecting" the new groups, except in so far as they have a definite, evenPsychology2, 197:heart centers of at least eight other people. Groups of nine awakened aspirants can then bePsychology2, 198:Unity - The Initiates. 5. Group Progress New Groups New Group of World Servers Love of SynthesisPsychology2, 201:II - Chapter I - The Egoic Ray - The Five Groups of Souls III. The Five Groups of Souls We nowPsychology2, 201:Ray - The Five Groups of Souls III. The Five Groups of Souls We now begin our study of the fivePsychology2, 201:of Souls We now begin our study of the five groups of souls. For purposes of classification andPsychology2, 201:divide our earth humanity into the following groups: Lemurian Egos - our true Earth Humanity. EgosPsychology2, 203:II - Chapter I - The Egoic Ray - The Five Groups of Souls The souls who live but whosePsychology2, 207:II - Chapter I - The Egoic Ray - The Five Groups of Souls Higher than this we need not go, except
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