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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUPS

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Psychology2, 211:II - Chapter I - The Egoic Ray - The Five Groups of Souls The three major types are, as is wellPsychology2, 252:separate phenomenal types and differentiated groups of forms. The phenomena of the vegetablePsychology2, 263:It is with these personalities in their three groups that we are primarily to deal in this divisionPsychology2, 265:subconsciously aware. These people fall into two groups: Those with no soul contact of any kind.Psychology2, 270:We can therefore divide humanity into three groups and relate humanity to the three majorPsychology2, 315:the problems of psychology fall into two major groups: A group of difficulties wherein thePsychology2, 326:our own lives. We can divide people into three groups: Those who are unconsciously gainingPsychology2, 334:will be given in the thoughts of these four groups of human helpers, for a man's past and hisPsychology2, 339:plexus energy into that center, thus producing groups and the entrance of a new and fuller sense ofPsychology2, 367:into the activities and relationships of groups, you will find much of interest and of informativePsychology2, 381:phrases, truths which will be apparent to two groups of aspirants: Accepted disciples, who willPsychology2, 383:the demands of soul knowledge) into three major groups, or rather distinguished by three majorPsychology2, 390:and later still into the power to create groups or organizations which will express some idea orPsychology2, 397:of Deity might be divided into three main groups: Expressing Attributes - those which are steadilyPsychology2, 423:the case, we become responsible for anti-social groups. I have mentioned only three of manyPsychology2, 441:progress upon the path of evolution that two groups of men are thus powerfully affected: The groupPsychology2, 442:gap between the personality and the soul. These groups include a very large number of people atPsychology2, 454:for the sake of clarity, be divided into three groups or categories: Those problems which arise outPsychology2, 454:with the Plan. Soul contact. The last three groups of problems under sensitivity are most definitePsychology2, 460:of Psychology These people fall into three groups and it would be wise for students of psychologyPsychology2, 480:various religiously or psychologically motivated groups, to the trend of certain schools, dedicatedPsychology2, 483:such as Mental Science schools, New Thought groups, Christian Science and other similar bodies arePsychology2, 484:the psychological difficulties found in esoteric groups can be traced to this attitude and to thePsychology2, 486:schools found in the world today, there are groups of people as well as solitary individuals whoPsychology2, 486:obeying impulses which they claim come from God. Groups everywhere are occupied with the task ofPsychology2, 486:with it in some way or another. Some of these groups are working intelligently and are sometimesPsychology2, 489:by glamor, and many well-meaning leaders of groups and organizations get their inspiration fromPsychology2, 499:are using the lowest type of aid for all groups and states of consciousness. This does not seemPsychology2, 504:involving other people, to the teaching of groups rather than individuals, etc. These differences,Psychology2, 567:making contact with the higher. There are three groups of people who use the lower psychic powers,Psychology2, 574:quiescent. In the undeveloped human being or in groups of men who are low down in the racial scale,Psychology2, 580:we can today classify the races into three groups: The many remnants of the Atlantean or fourthPsychology2, 607:can also divide the problem of light into two groups of difficulties if one so desires - onePsychology2, 615:these two. The leader or leaders of the new groups are usually of as pure a type of the new age orPsychology2, 617:to some and should cause many in the New Age groups to arrest their [618] thoughts and so releasePsychology2, 620:and the group. That was the major mistake of the groups in the Piscean age. Always they remainedPsychology2, 620:be the group problems and difficulties, however. Groups in the New Age will be held together by aPsychology2, 620:the clue to the successful working of the new groups. It is from group life and group atmospherePsychology2, 621:It will constitute a major difficulty as the groups grow in strength and power. Just in so far asPsychology2, 621:the emphasis that is being laid in many esoteric groups upon breathing exercises, upon the soundingPsychology2, 621:the Aum, for instance, by the unprepared or by groups who are intrigued by the activity but whoPsychology2, 622:More than this I [622] can not say for the new groups are in their infancy and group difficultiesPsychology2, 622:occult and pronounced mystical nature of these groups) of so defined a nature that they can evokePsychology2, 624:This was unavoidable and inevitable. The new age groups are, as yet, seldom found, though many newPsychology2, 624:of group emerge. Tentative beginnings of such groups are to be found today but their success orPsychology2, 625:during the past two thousand years - such groups are predominantly idealistic. This brings us toPsychology2, 632:peoples of the world today are divided into four groups, from the angle of Those Who are seeking toPsychology2, 633:[633] generalization and there are many bridging groups between the four major divisions. Psychology2, 634:fighters for a cause, and are formed into great groups, either for or against this, that, or thePsychology2, 635:new rhythms upon the peoples, - the political groups, the religious idealists and fanatics, and thePsychology2, 637:employed on all sides and by all parties and groups (fighting, violent partisanship of a leader orPsychology2, 638:the men and women of good will belong to all the groups outlined above, and that herein lies theirPsychology2, 639:contemplated. Therefore we mention no specific groups, nations or parties, nor do we refer to anyPsychology2, 642:and to [642] attack organizations, groups, parties, religions and national experiments. This hasPsychology2, 642:but do not know what to do, as all the various groups dealing with the problem are occupied withPsychology2, 646:nations. The betterment of human conditions by groups, churches and organizations, working alongPsychology2, 646:new lines, without hatred, eliminating attack on groups or persons and the expressing of a partisanPsychology2, 649:- intermediate between the partisans and the groups pro and con in world affairs - come to fruitionPsychology2, 650:political, social and religious. These four groups are named in the order of their importance inPsychology2, 651:and women of good will. Connected with these two groups, there is a steadily growing public whichPsychology2, 651:form on earth. The diverse needs of all these groups must be met and this is the definite problemPsychology2, 653:a growing awareness of the two above mentioned groups, the masses, as a whole, will be definitelyPsychology2, 662:temporary happenings to individuals and smaller groups. In the work of the New Group of WorldPsychology2, 663:relationships. That the service rendered by the groups who have promulgated these ideas isPsychology2, 668:objectives of the new [668] group. Meditation groups should be formed, dedicated to the work ofPsychology2, 668:war. Where there is an appearance of a group or groups, expressing ideas which potently emphasizePsychology2, 668:present point in the history of the race, the groups which foster the spirit of cleavage and whichPsychology2, 668:under the law, there must appear the group or groups which embody those ideas which lead toPsychology2, 672:here. Militarists and pacifists in their many groups, Communists and conservatives, socialists andPsychology2, 672:hatreds be ended? How can the many religious groups pursue their work of leading men to anPsychology2, 673:group must shoulder its responsibility to other groups; and the responsibility of nation to nationPsychology2, 674:world of men today can be divided into two major groups. They are those who are fighting for somePsychology2, 681:over the world, and of those organizations and groups and parties who are working along the linesPsychology2, 682:and investigate the work and the ideals of all groups which purport to have an internationalPsychology2, 682:of their techniques and modes of work. When such groups are found to be colored with aims that arePsychology2, 682:of good will, cooperation will be offered. Such groups now exist. No secrecy must ever be permittedPsychology2, 685:Three Masters from each of the seven ray groups of Masters are in Their turn attempting a closerPsychology2, 688:to the Hierarchy. The Hierarchy works through groups of souls, and the potency of this group workPsychology2, 688:of this group work is to be tested out. These groups in their turn contact and feed the waitingPsychology2, 690:and can be effective between the following three groups: The waiting and (at this time) anxiousPsychology2, 691:and religious unity. [691] When these three groups of thinkers and servers are brought en rapportPsychology2, 691:en rapport with each other, and when the three groups can be aligned, even momentarily, much can bePsychology2, 692:may make due preparation, working in their own groups as they see fit. The call to participate ofPsychology2, 696:of the soul of a group to the soul of other groups. It governs the interplay, vital but unrealizedPsychology2, 697:embodies the opportunity immediately before all groups of aspirants and allied men of good will inPsychology2, 698:Forces. Through the concentrated effort of these groups in the world today (who constitutePsychology2, 710:they unify and blend and gather around them groups of people. This group of advanced people isPsychology2, 716:disciples who are definitely working in the groups of those Masters Who are pledged to the presentPsychology2, 723:astral plane and primarily through the agency of groups. These groups - being composed of ignorant,Psychology2, 723:primarily through the agency of groups. These groups - being composed of ignorant, unstable,Psychology2, 725:- working out through the separated outer groups. The Hierarchy held its Council during the week ofPsychology2, 726:unit. Though not all of the Masters and Their groups are occupied - as was earlier said - with thePsychology2, 726:are really no divided interests, no separate groups and no difference of opinion - no matter whatPsychology2, 727:entail the willingness to cooperate with all groups within a given radius of contact and thePsychology2, 728:or organized activity, to reach the leaders of groups everywhere. It would be well to discuss thePsychology2, 728:must be preserved, but the cooperation of the groups must be invoked in the task of spreading thePsychology2, 729:unification of the efforts of the more advanced groups in the world will demand sacrifice andPsychology2, 729:on both sides, ours and the leaders of such groups, but where there is sincerity of purpose (andPsychology2, 729:during the next few years through three groups of Masters who are on the first, second and thirdPsychology2, 731:the agency of the educational institutions and groups, through the religious bodies and through all
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