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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROW

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Hercules, 212:[212] self and in the waning of that self I grow and glow". Cancer, the Crab Element: Water signInitiation, 6:of knowledge to the surrounding need must grow the capacity for discreet reservation, and the useInitiation, 77:that out of present anxieties and worries may grow confidence and peace, and out of violent actionInitiation, 93:effect before cause. Goodness and altruism grow out of realization and service, and holiness ofInitiation, 97:of man, are not as yet self-conscious. They grow and develop through feeling and not through theInitiation, 152:by the atoms composing that form. These sounds grow out of the other group and affect inferiorIntellect, 107:is after all an attitude of mind and will grow out of an attitude of concentration. The objective,Intellect, 217:noise, for the world is full of sounds and as we grow in sensitiveness we are apt to find it fullerMagic, 35:form into being, which enables it to develop and grow so as to house more adequately the indwellingMagic, 69:solve his problems. Through this method he will grow, for the roots of intuitive knowledge are laidMagic, 120:is based on a true foundation and does not grow out of an inferiority complex, the consideration ofMagic, 140:groups controlling the work of the New Age will grow out of the discipline of the individual, andMagic, 169:use for self assertion. The aspirant has to grow in all parts of his nature, but until he canMagic, 180:the errors himself and his understanding will grow. Later two new methods will be employed whichMagic, 240:refuses to permit time for illusory fears to grow. Fear is the main obstacle frequently to a veryMagic, 314:this group of mystics must therefore inevitably grow, for the "heart of the solar Logos" beats nowMagic, 327:to die out, the other to strengthen and grow until it, in its turn, gives birth to that (for us)Magic, 334:and students everywhere. A second discovery will grow out of the present investigations as to lightMagic, 335:realm of what the occultists call magic. It will grow out of the study of sound and the effect ofMagic, 346:- which aspirants contact more and more as they grow in strength and usefulness in service - isMagic, 426:these latter do not organize the groups; they grow as a man in this place and another in that placeMagic, 426:a critical spirit. This non-criticism will not grow out of an inability to see error, or failure toMagic, 429:world. But the time is not yet. The group must grow in strength and knowledge and in intuitiveMagic, 439:done, and the "geometry of the individual" will grow out of this, for it will be found that eachMagic, 440:my other self and in the waning of that self I grow and glow. Cancer - I build a lighted house andMagic, 484:him or constitute his mental aura, and will grow in strength as he pays it attention until it is soMagic, 532:into the form of that which is built. They grow through appreciation [533] of and joy in the formsMeditation, 31:and feeding the fire. Causing the causal body to grow and expand from being a colorless ovoid,Meditation, 141:as the vehicle whereby the indwelling life may grow, expand, experience and find itself. This isMeditation, 209:and the exquisite quality of the different hues grow with each transition. When the ultimate andMeditation, 301:further impetus, and will gradually expand and grow till it becomes a power in the world. Then willPatanjali, 128:worlds do these seeds propagate and flourish and grow up to obstruct and hinder the real man. ThesePatanjali, 255:of the psychic nature. The injunction to grow as the flower grows, carries with it a tremendousPatanjali, 270:just values as to the present point in time will grow. A recognition also of the relation of allPatanjali, 398:condition can cause them to germinate, unfold, grow and flower forth into the clear light of day.Patanjali, 407:form, a solar system and its maintenance, will grow as man comprehends his own thought forms andProblems, 39:relations, a world in which children can indeed grow into the likeness of the One Father and inProblems, 66:future civilized living. Two major problems will grow out of this discovery - one immediate inProblems, 132:have recently emerged and may continue to grow. The question arises whether Christ would be at homeProblems, 181:the will to establish right human relations will grow gradually out of the work accomplished andPsychology1, 111:receiving special and new information. You will grow, and your soul will take increasing hold uponPsychology1, 112:aspects of the science of the soul. Disciples grow these days by finding out the reservoir of theirPsychology1, 126:- an emphasis which will increase and not grow less as the years slip by. The force of invocationsPsychology1, 132:vision, the etheric planetary body will grow in vivid radiation and glory as that radiationPsychology1, 133:of forms, so that the manifestation of Deity may grow in power and beauty. Thus the Lord of PowerPsychology1, 232:whereby the mental bodies of the students can grow, and wherein they can find sustenance and thePsychology1, 282:shed abroad in the earth, and its influence will grow stronger during the coming centuries, untilPsychology1, 301:life is harmless. Then no evil to the group can grow out of his thoughts, his actions or his words.Psychology2, 61:principle which will show itself in the power to grow, to reproduce, to preserve identity of somePsychology2, 107:ever in work the attitude of mind which must grow out of the two rules above, faithfully followed.Psychology2, 121:feels should be done. Or again, service can grow out of a fanatical desire to tread in thePsychology2, 168:the darkened chamber where the Weaver sits; they grow in volume and in power. A window breaks and,Psychology2, 310:our tests and disciplines are self-imposed and grow out of our limitations and opportunities. ThePsychology2, 482:incarnation at this time to permit the danger to grow out of all bounds, and there are too manyPsychology2, 532:tendencies - now so prevalent - would never grow into habits and thought states as they now do. Psychology2, 611:or seed of thought from which future study can grow and the future investigation arise. They mightPsychology2, 621:will constitute a major difficulty as the groups grow in strength and power. Just in so far as theyPsychology2, 661:increasingly to the presented new ideas and will grow in strength, optimism, inner relation andPsychology2, 694:four hours preceding the full moon, there can grow the real germ of the new age group, and of theRays, 7:by year the strength of the higher contact will grow, gradually the downpour of divine love andRays, 9:things will take place: The form itself will grow by accretion and will become ever more potent,Rays, 207:your power to think and reflect abstractly may grow, is my hope and wish for you. [208] Rays, 473:the above information. Disciples and aspirants grow through the means of a presented vision -Rays, 571:- a soul-infused personality. His task is now to grow into the likeness of what he essentially is.Rays, 628:mind and the mass consciousness, France cannot grow; there is no basic religious or spiritual senseReappearance, 181:and a field of experience for those who hope to grow in spiritual stature and to fit themselves toSoul, 13:they constitute the one Reality. These desires grow out of the present position of psychologicalSoul, 64:apprehend clearly when young children, but as we grow up we infer the Ether, too, or some of us do.Soul, 153:fast supplant Their proper joys and griefs; they grow too great For narrow creeds of right and
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