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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROWING

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Astrology, 107:the physical plane. Regeneration in which the growing influence of the Fixed Cross, playing uponAstrology, 181:initiate learns to realize the meaning of the growing light which greets his progress as he climbsAstrology, 190:man, of the aspirant and disciple, and this is a growing recognition; when this faculty ofAstrology, 372:intelligence of man. This all indicates a growing responsiveness on man's part to the incomingAstrology, 372:at Shamballa and the human center is a steadily growing fact, registered and noted by the watchingAstrology, 402:seeking incarnation) by the fixed [402] desire, growing steadily stronger, to follow the wheel ofAstrology, 518:But the spiritual intent of mankind is slowly growing and the great Law of Contrasts willAstrology, 569:of life in form. There is now a gradually growing and profound dissatisfaction awakening in theAstrology, 622:and humanity, you will find indication of a growing response between the two centers, Shamballa andAtom, 15:supernatural point of view, and is based on the growing self-consciousness of the individual, andAutobiography, 112:added to the trouble [112] which was steadily growing worse. Members of all the different churches,Autobiography, 155:to learn. During all this time the children were growing and learning and were increasingly aAutobiography, 170:Society by the Esoteric Section was rapidly growing. Autobiography, 181:- which I found the most difficult - with the growing publicity. I have never been a lover ofAutobiography, 205:up the ladder on to my bed. The work was growing apace during these years. My husband had startedAutobiography, 212:These years were very busy years. The girls were growing up and the boys were coming around. TheAutobiography, 212:boys were coming around. The School was steadily growing and inside myself I was gaining a sense ofAutobiography, 212:books throughout the world was steadily growing. I, myself, had written several books which metAutobiography, 212:human being. Through the books and through the growing membership of the School, Foster and I wereAutobiography, 215:it was apparent that the work of the school was growing in Europe and Great Britain. The books thatAutobiography, 216:of Probation. The Arcane School was, therefore, growing quite steadily but was still relativelyAutobiography, 227:the United States the school work was steadily growing. The work done in Ascona for three years hadAutobiography, 256:the Masters and active in world work with a growing influence, requires a mental polarization, aAutobiography, 286:naturally as the school grows, and it is growing very fast. These secretaries are of everyAutobiography, 296:and as aspects or details, implementing or growing out of the more fundamental body of truth. TheyBethlehem, 60:with processions of candles to symbolize the growing light; of (8) Lent, or the arrival of Spring;Bethlehem, 100:we just live and submit to discipline, gradually growing toward maturity. But there comes a time inBethlehem, 104:and the history of man has been a gradually growing illumination, until today radiance isBethlehem, 159:basic reality, purpose or origin. Probably the growing recognition in men's minds that He is bothBethlehem, 193:development there has been, for a long time, a growing sense of sinfulness, of contrition, and ofDestiny, 32:taken today in the phenomena of time indicates a growing awareness of the problem itself and of theDestiny, 95:But the spiritual intent of mankind is slowly growing and the great Law of Contrasts willDestiny, 131:magical work upon the mass consciousness is the growing use of slogans and of "catch phrases" (isDestiny, 133:body. It is for this reason that we find a growing interest in the nature of vitality; the functionDestiny, 138:This initiation will produce in the initiate a growing sense of relationships, of a basic unityDestiny, 145:as a personality to service of the group and a growing expression of the Hierarchy to which heDiscipleship1, X:of service to his fellowmen and of a growing responsiveness to contacts and to individuals of whichDiscipleship1, 32:than any legislation or emphasis upon authority. Growing out of the integration of this new group,Discipleship1, 74:are Seed Groups; they are in the dark or growing stage and in the process of expansion - growingDiscipleship1, 74:growing stage and in the process of expansion - growing silently. This stage is most important for,Discipleship1, 142:in my last communication when I foretold the growing expansion of your work. That has happened andDiscipleship1, 203:helpful as you study them and bring to them a growing inspiration. I would ask you to study them inDiscipleship1, 206:natural to you. Your field of service is growing, which is ever the reward of service rendered. YouDiscipleship1, 261:full of personality unless it is paralleled by a growing sensitivity to the impulses of the soul.Discipleship1, 266:June 1934 MY BROTHER: The door of opportunity - growing out of the intensified effort of the nextDiscipleship1, 283:personality; you can note too, if you will, a growing tendency towards soul control. I sayDiscipleship1, 287:and the task, should inevitably change, though growing all the time in potency. This implies noDiscipleship1, 294:expansion should continue and should evidence a growing sensitivity on your part to world need.Discipleship1, 296:an increasing understanding of individuals and a growing awareness of group problems. Later itDiscipleship1, 297:purification and mental discipline. It is the growing inner momentum of aspiration and devotion andDiscipleship1, 329:to know that I am aware of your effort and your growing success. Definitely, I ask you to study andDiscipleship1, 329:you can. In silence and in confidence and in a growing inner realization must lie your strength andDiscipleship1, 337:at this time, my brother. Your sense of truth is growing fast. See that it continues so to do. Discipleship1, 418:a time of difficulty, my brother. Such times are growing times and serve to train the disciple. TheDiscipleship1, 449:spiritual side between all the group members is growing firm and clear and I am encouraged it isDiscipleship1, 449:problem. It is in some way a result or sequence, growing out of these two aspects of mentalDiscipleship1, 508:do not last so long and your understanding is growing. [509] The fight is not yet over but by May,Discipleship1, 516:you yourself are inwardly recognizing - a slowly growing spirit of criticism. You are deeply lovedDiscipleship1, 518:is due entirely to your own effort and to the growing potency of this group of disciples. You areDiscipleship1, 531:beds to the east and west!) and in the stream is growing mint, near the western exit, and otherDiscipleship1, 570:serve upon the mental plane. You have a growing love and understanding and a devotion that hasDiscipleship1, 624:your entry into my group of disciples there is a growing evidence of the awakening of the heartDiscipleship1, 631:of disciples with whom you are associated is growing and your balanced judgment and clear visionDiscipleship1, 636:is blocked at astral levels. Another difficulty, growing out of this, is the fact that because ofDiscipleship1, 649:look for a fusion and an expansion leading to a growing identification; this will change you from aDiscipleship1, 667:and the consciousness of this fact is steadily growing in your mind. It may be of assistance to youDiscipleship1, 684:By its purity. This grows naturally out of a growing capacity for unlimited, non-separative love,Discipleship1, 684:to the united hierarchical purpose and a growing ability to respond to Shamballa. By his ability toDiscipleship1, 686:obedience which is asked of you is based on your growing recognition of the Plan for humanity, asDiscipleship1, 686:and through definite service, based upon a growing love of your fellowmen. The obedience demandedDiscipleship1, 694:may succeed in evoking (through meditation and growing purity of intention) can contribute anythingDiscipleship1, 695:formed the Ashram. Owing, however, to the growing sensitivity of humanity, it was then decided thatDiscipleship1, 788:the Masters and active in world work (with a growing influence) requires a mental polarization, aDiscipleship2, 75:lines of my enterprises; it will be a hard one, growing out of the Problems, presented by me toDiscipleship2, 136:or underlies the world organization. See it as a growing, vital reality, of such life and potencyDiscipleship2, 136:unity or what you will. This is a growing and factual apprehension and is a general recognitionDiscipleship2, 141:to give you (if you worked with faithfulness) a growing sense of planetary relationship, from theDiscipleship2, 156:consists (along this line) in a sequential and growing capacity to include in his thinking more andDiscipleship2, 190:His motivation is that of goodwill, which is a growing potency as the will-to-good (which heDiscipleship2, 237:and a new terminology, more suited to the growing mental grasp of the scientific and modern mind.Discipleship2, 282:of the initiate's expanding awareness and his growing sensitivity to impression. I am seeking hereDiscipleship2, 352:the relatively new process of group initiation, growing out of the slow method of individualDiscipleship2, 353:to relinquish his own self-directed life - is a growing menace to mankind. It is the right use ofDiscipleship2, 358:blindly and ignorantly at first, but with a growing sense of responsibility, of relation and ofDiscipleship2, 367:process there is essentially nothing but a growing revelation. The two terms, Evolution andDiscipleship2, 382:Heart of the Sun can reach him. He indicates a growing sensitivity to all that is spirituallyDiscipleship2, 413:recognized as being now basically mental, with a growing sensitivity to intuitional understanding.Discipleship2, 453:interludes. These interludes are, for you, the growing times; they are essentially the "epochs forDiscipleship2, 557:It necessitates, when correctly applied, the growing automatic control of the entire lowerDiscipleship2, 558:to act as if you were the soul. This will be a growing, conscious experience. Know too that I, yourDiscipleship2, 624:seen to be one of the effects of the steadily growing mind power of the race. This is the thoughtDiscipleship2, 638:knowing no static point. A preoccupation, growing year by year, with the processes of growing old,Discipleship2, 638:growing year by year, with the processes of growing old, with its liabilities, its physicalDiscipleship2, 648:group meditation, begin to capitalize on this growing consciousness and before doing the work, linkDiscipleship2, 690:need not happen. The great preventive to any growing hardness or rigidity of perception is Love,Discipleship2, 704:your co-workers, and you need to beware of a growing critical spirit. The lessons of leadership areDiscipleship2, 745:ordered work, shouldering responsibility and "growing up" spiritually. The time of spiritualEducationof the Ford Foundation, created to express the growing concern of our times for the spiritual basisEducation, ix:of unification, the reduction of distances, the growing importance of technology, the gradualEducation, 8:definite types of activities, changing with the growing years and based on the phases of the growth
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