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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROWING

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Education, 11:does the higher mind manifest, if at all, in the growing years?" It is not possible in the shortEducation, 25:important initial decision - hence again, the growing responsibility of the [26] educator. AEducation, 34:may share it with the public which is steadily growing in intelligence, but greatly needs theEducation, 56:age to the unfoldment of the race has been the growing recognition that spirituality is not to beEducation, 57:to read and write - and the number of these is growing every day - whilst the means of transmissionEducation, 90:the smooth functioning of the One Humanity. This growing idealism is fighting its way into theEducation, 100:therefrom. The Angle of Citizenship There is a growing feeling amongst the citizens of most nationsEducation, 104:good. His sense of world awareness is definitely growing, his power to regard himself as part of aEducation, 105:willingness to shoulder responsibility and its growing sense of the real values of the standards ofEducation, 106:for the betterment of humanity everywhere. The growing interest of the mass of the people in theEducation, 106:with the divine plan and undoubtedly good. The growing recognition by those in authority that theEducation, 121:optimism; nothing can stop the effect - growing, stabilizing and final - of the new, incomingEducation, 123:which is indicative of two things: The steadily growing power of the man in the street to think inEducation, 123:training in the spirit of inclusiveness. This growing trend towards idealism and inclusiveness is,Education, 123:the realization that the spirit of idealism is growing in the world and is not, as in the past,Education, 134:you can imagine. Again, we have evidence of a growing realization of the race along this particularExternalisation, 62:the new age are, at this time, in the dark and growing stage and in the process of expansion,Externalisation, 80:of an intelligent preoccupation with life and a growing sense of responsibility. This sense ofExternalisation, 97:now going on, with the tension induced thereby growing momentarily; this will increase with growingExternalisation, 97:growing momentarily; this will increase with growing speed and tension until 1942 when either theExternalisation, 118:stage of human history, and thirdly, to the growing tendency towards synthesis which the inflow ofExternalisation, 131:bought, this is today mellowed by justice and a growing understanding of human need. This, in itsExternalisation, 136:an expansion of consciousness which leads to a growing recognition of the inner realities. It isExternalisation, 176:and the political implications are emerging with growing clarity in every land and - make noExternalisation, 184:and their field of expression increased. The growing means of communication brought this about;Externalisation, 237:of humanity. I will give you another contrast, growing out of the above. This is the emphasis uponExternalisation, 258:have sought to arouse all of you. This spirit is growing among the allied forces, though theExternalisation, 277:what many men think. This is a cycle of steadily growing activity, with the aim in view ofExternalisation, 281:to right action without encroaching upon man's growing expression of free will. So the outcome isExternalisation, 295:expectant of relief. In every land there is a growing recognition that when mankind reaches theExternalisation, 295:to intervene will appear; there is a growing belief that human effort towards righteous action willExternalisation, 356:to conquer the three Axis Powers, by their growing ability to conceive ideas in terms of the whole,Externalisation, 367:factors are: The will-to-victory is steadily growing. Appeasement, pacifism and uncertainty are asExternalisation, 370:demand for humanity as a whole. 4. The dangers growing out of hate, revenge and pain. These dangersExternalisation, 378:is everywhere recognized. The will-to-good is growing. One of the interesting things which it isExternalisation, 385:appropriate action. 8. Above everything else and growing out of all the above suggestions, planExternalisation, 409:increased power of the human mind and the growing sensitivity of the human soul to the spiritualExternalisation, 410:person of the Christ. Today, we have a rapidly growing emphasis on God Immanent in every humanExternalisation, 430:faced. The strength of the Forces of Light is growing; the power of the Forces of Darkness may beExternalisation, 436:His third activity is the effort to offset the growing hate in the world, to strengthen the trendExternalisation, 436:people everywhere the danger of separateness. A growing and (from the worldly point of view)Externalisation, 443:Nothing is here gained by reiteration except the growing burden of a responsibility which you canExternalisation, 453:exist in fair numbers already, and are rapidly growing in strength through the impact of humanExternalisation, 487:and directing the mass consciousness, plus a growing realization that humanity is not alone, thatExternalisation, 495:held the forces of evil together, and a growing inability of the evil group at the head of the AxisExternalisation, 533:But he wrote for initiates to whom love was a growing, vital concern, and to whom love and itsExternalisation, 581:which the new generation of young people (now growing up) will shortly inaugurate. Upon thisExternalisation, 584:as a whole, with a long range vision. It is this growing spirit of humanitarianism which will lieExternalisation, 592:of Christ in us, the hope of Glory. There is a growing and developing belief that Christ is in us,Externalisation, 615:apathy of the masses, and in particular, the growing suspicion and distrust between the UnitedExternalisation, 615:its organized political plans - plans which are growing notably in the United States. To these, theExternalisation, 650:goals and values. There is fortunately a growing body of those of all faiths, or of no religiousExternalisation, 650:The number of these semi-enlightened people is growing fast; desperation is hastening theirExternalisation, 661:it is not a case of His taking infant form and growing into His work with advancing years; it isExternalisation, 684:of the world is enormously enlarged and is growing from year to year; no locality is isolated orFire, 24:and the flame within reveals itself with ever growing light. The Lord of Blue, Who gathereth allFire, 423:the future of manas is therefore involved in the growing influence of these four Rays: [424]Fire, 424:paralleled in the sixth round by the gradually growing power of the second Ray of Aspect, - the twoFire, 436:back of all evolution. It produces light in ever-growing brilliancy; it builds and moulds the formFire, 476:slow and all enveloping; then heat with ever-growing warmth and fierce intensity; then force thatFire, 542:the center can be seen a central blaze of glory growing in intensity as the three inner petalsFire, 606:be dealt with and not the effect, and hence the growing appreciation by the human family of theFire, 990:work of the Ego. A fourth type of evil growing out of the above finds [991] its main expression inFire, 1159:bridged by the energetic action of the rapidly growing vibration of the force unit. Between theGlamour, 16:to discuss and study this important matter growing out of the need of the present time and theGlamour, 32:have been brought into activity by the steadily growing creative power of mankind, and have beenGlamour, 47:wisps of fog and by a glamor which is gradually growing up around him as he becomes a "prisoner ofGlamour, 65:of ideas because the general illusion (growing out of the six types of illusion to which I haveGlamour, 95:the man can be at home and oblivious of a growing sense of dualism which, day by day, gets steadilyGlamour, 108:most familiar plane today, the astral plane. A growing sense of self-identity which was theGlamour, 109:do so. The sense of duality shifted then into a growing recognition of the conflict in the realm ofGlamour, 110:been resolved into a unity. Then there comes a growing recognition of a fresh realm of choice,Glamour, 110:of themselves as mental beings. There is then a growing demand for that mind nature to be developedGlamour, 110:or the consciousness that "I am," is steadily growing, and the initiate of the day faces the effortGlamour, 112:numbers relatively speaking. Illusion is rapidly growing as the mental power of the race develops,Glamour, 154:The Dweller then controls. The stage of a growing cleavage in the consciousness [155] of theGlamour, 156:when the soul ray begins steadily to produce a growing effect. This personality ray is, as youGlamour, 159:standpoint functions today through the steadily growing band of world servers, world aspirants andGlamour, 163:to conquer the three Axis Powers, by their growing ability to conceive ideas in terms of the whole,Glamour, 252:illumined. Second: As the personality (under the growing influence of the soul) works through theGlamour, 264:levels, involving the illumined mind and a growing soul contact: He will be able then to "see"Healingscience of psychology is his response to this growing interest. Processes of adjustment, ofHealing, 10:to these limitations, and to the imperfections growing out of these unconquered areas ofHealing, 19:in the results of group disease, etc. The ills growing out of malnutrition and the wrong feeding ofHealing, 97:will, however, steadily increase with the growing sensitivity of the physical man and theHealing, 160:head is beginning to unfold as a result of the growing activity of the heart center up the spine.Healing, 161:close service relationship with humanity. His growing sense of responsibility, due to heartHealing, 162:unfolding is due to the following factors: The growing potency of the hierarchical approach. AHealing, 162:plexus, in response to spiritual "pull". The growing understanding by man as to the nature of love.Healing, 249:Much good will be brought about through the growing custom to cremate those forms which theHealing, 268:and from placing barriers to cooperation. The growing anti-Semitic feeling in the world isHealing, 281:conditions. These have kept pace with man's growing capacity to discover and to know. Let meHealing, 303:of the misuse of this energy. The bewilderment growing out of desire leads to a violently demandedHealing, 324:science of sanitation, the use of water, and the growing knowledge of hydrotherapy are theHealing, 363:hundred years hence. To this emerging fact, the growing sensitivity of the race to the subtlerHealing, 367:of those who are the dispensers of the growing body of new knowledge in the world. Such is not theHealing, 368:electrical force of the soul, which is steadily growing in potency. A few of the scientists amongHealing, 368:may negate his hypothesis. Then they would be growing [369] and using the analytical mind as aHealing, 372:Things do not move so rapidly. There has to be a growing synthesis of the techniques of suchHealing, 377:will be required. There are many such growing up among the children of today, and the next
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