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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROWN

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Autobiography, 24:discipline, then applied, continued until I was grown up and looking back now I can realize howAutobiography, 136:Around 1930, when they were all practically grown up, I told them that I was there as consultantBethlehem, 26:is the stage which is called that of a full-grown man in Christ, indicating an increased experienceBethlehem, 35:Step by step, their sense of divinity has grown, and their awareness of the divine Life, immanentBethlehem, 105:The babe in Christ, the little child, the full-grown man, the perfected man! Through the BethlehemBethlehem, 105:demonstrates at the Transfiguration as the full-grown man, and, on the Cross, he stands forth theDiscipleship1, 386:you in the past six months, and thereby you have grown in understanding. For you, the intent ofDiscipleship1, 393:year of strain and of much anxiety. But you have grown much thereby and there is a greater measureDiscipleship1, 601:as a group; though the individuals may have grown, the group has not moved forward but has beenDiscipleship1, 716:has been stabilized and the man is full grown and mature in his consciousness and is ready toDiscipleship2, 703:responded well. You have helped many and have grown in wisdom. You have shouldered responsibilityExternalisation, 126:of their leaders. The lines of cleavage have grown steadily until now they can be expressed inFire, 229:vibrating to a uniform measure, will He be "full grown" and perfected. Not until His radiation andFire, 230:Christ must measure up to the stature "of a full grown man," as it is expressed in the ChristianFire, 472:closer dependence upon the devas is as if a full grown man returned to the care of his mother,Glamour, 186:impulse and, as the illusion has deepened and grown in time, the original simplicity (as it wasGlamour, 189:man's mind and his responsiveness to truth has grown greatly since that time. Again, theHealing, 56:on anatomy or on the various sciences which have grown up from a study of the mechanism of theHealing, 278:very ancient origin. Over the centuries it has grown and developed until modern skill, modernHealing, 522:she thus left the seed which, [522] when full grown, will indicate the requirements for those who -Hercules, 157:standard, of the goal of this race when it is grown up, for it is within this race that there willInitiation, 193:a pleasing sentiment. It is something that has grown in the trials and tests of life, so that theIntellect, 202:as to what constitutes spirituality has steadily grown. Through the use of desire, feeling and theIntellect, 210:meditation, but the race has progressed and grown in mental power and strength within the pastMagic, 230:a steady progression. We are told that power is grown or developed in silence, and only he who canMagic, 395:for it is not sufficiently comprehensive. It has grown out of the impress set upon human thoughtMagic, 409:group activity started by the Masters. Men have grown thereby and have learnt how to think, andMagic, 481:attachments which during the ages have [481] grown and strengthened, and from which he has to beMagic, 536:planetary boundaries; little by little, he has grown from the stage of cave man to that of aMagic, 536:prehistoric man, little more than an animal, has grown into the genius, what unfoldment is notMagic, 549:the equipment of the white magician has steadily grown. I could enlarge on many other quaternaries,Magic, 626:the achievements of civilized comfort have all grown out of this basic fear. All has tended to theMagic, 627:progressed, the selfishness of the race has thus grown; its sense of acquisitiveness has developedMeditation, 185:the spark of mind has so developed and grown, that now the fire of intellect is to be seen burningMeditation, 261:which to erect the Temple of Solomon. He has grown beyond that Temple itself and has come toPatanjali, 266:the jewel will be seen. When the lotus plant has grown to maturity, the flower comes to fruitionProblems, 60:the developing child which will enable him, when grown up, to live with other men in harmony andPsychology1upward for advice, Grows into, and again is grown into By the next soul, which, seated in thePsychology1upward in its turn, Grows into, and again is grown into By the last soul, that uses both the first,Psychology1, 92:in God and Heaven and in an immortal future have grown out of the ancient awe and ignorant terrorPsychology1, 271:and the sadistic cruelties which have grown out of man's misuse of the natural processes and of hisPsychology1, 277:all the distress, sin and wickedness which have grown up around the sex relation? Which of themPsychology2, 14:third initiation to manifest forth as "a full-grown man in Christ", and present at that time theRays, 92:as a child, and again in the Garden as a full grown man at the close of His earthly career. HisRays, 313:started and that the attainment of "the full-grown man in Christ" cannot be arrested. The center ofRays, 570:third initiation, when there emerges the "full-grown man in Christ." The initiate is then ready, atRays, 621:quite lately, the Principle of Conflict has grown increasingly in power, yet as a result of thisSoul, 91:upward for advice, Grows into, and again is grown into By the next soul, which, seated in theSoul, 91:upward in its turn, Grows into, and again is grown into By the last soul, that uses both the first,
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