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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROWS

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Astrology, 19:statement which I would like to make, and which grows normally out of the above, is that theAstrology, 170:the Moon, which is the symbol and ruler of form, grows less and less, and the man upon the reversedAstrology, 229:therefore, the activity wherein the personality grows and develops, and yet at the same time itAstrology, 302:him an individual. Later, as responsiveness grows and the world of small affairs is converted intoAstrology, 353:and wanes whilst that of the soul waxes and grows. There is much to be learned from the study ofAstrology, 361:is closely related to the "brother whose light grows stronger cycle by cycle" and thus to the soulAtom, 25:of the race. Out of this selfish atomic period grows another stage, that of group coherency. ThisAtom, 26:substance or the human atom); the second stage grows to perfection by the sacrifice of the unit toAtom, 47:internal activity. The second way the human atom grows is through its interaction with all otherAtom, 63:and can be utilized. Then, as the life within grows and expands, it is paralleled by theAtom, 84:the human being is the logical sequence that grows out of all these earlier developments. First,Atom, 132:air, and as the intuition in man develops and grows, so will his control of the air be developedAutobiography, 271:the center of a vital, radiating group which grows and achieves its end because of the life at theAutobiography, 283:away, your grasp of the way into the Hierarchy grows steadily and your entire life will be takingAutobiography, 286:their numbers increase naturally as the school grows, and it is growing very fast. TheseAutobiography, 289:that the "Souls of Men are One" This truth grows normally out of any consideration of the Plan ofBethlehem, 28:concerns man's conscious unfoldment. As mankind grows in wisdom and knowledge, and as theBethlehem, 52:into a renewed spiritual activity. As the race grows in sensitivity, as the aspirants of the worldBethlehem, 103:Conway of Allington, p. 8. This illumination grows more constant as time goes on. The ancient HinduBethlehem, 105:experience the babe is born. The little child grows to maturity and manifests in his purity andBethlehem, Italic:The sense of responsibility for one's actions grows as one progresses from stage to stage upon theDestiny, 60:ideal but it is in truth something which grows out of and eventually supersedes democracy - theDiscipleship1, 21:to such rules is ever expected. The disciple grows through intelligently adapting his life to theseDiscipleship1, 57:of soul and personality. This inner realization grows with the development of power in meditationDiscipleship1, 60:a group, are as follows: Group integrity. This grows out of right integration and refers to theDiscipleship1, 104:them for years and need a respite. Nature grows and progresses through cyclic activity and cyclicDiscipleship1, 142:have much to do as your work expands [142] and grows and his moments of crisis will be real, forDiscipleship1, 158:the souls within the forms. Thus understanding grows. There is a vice of detachment as well as aDiscipleship1, 208:There is another form of adjustment which grows out of conditions which are self-initiated andDiscipleship1, 218:know that time is of no moment and that the soul grows and expands its flower of life as it reachesDiscipleship1, 235:the brevity of this communication. Understanding grows apace in you. One hint, however, I willDiscipleship1, 292:capacity, and by constant use it also grows. You are thereby led forward, and the groupDiscipleship1, 310:lot of all who achieve the great Initiations, grows out of a steadily expanding consciousness, aDiscipleship1, 360:far outstrips your outer usefulness. It grows out of your intelligent awareness that the innerDiscipleship1, 399:it dominated my day? Joy is the quality which grows out of self-realization. Am I able to forgetDiscipleship1, 419:lot. Would you have it otherwise? Loneliness grows as the aspirant detaches himself from the worldDiscipleship1, 444:in the spiritual sense is a faculty which grows out of Self-realization. Am I able to forget theDiscipleship1, 491:1940 MY BROTHER: What I have to say to you grows out of your earlier instructions. I wonder howDiscipleship1, 559:group continues with its work of integration and grows in love and understanding. Continue with theDiscipleship1, 600:and in the other, the point of separateness grows in strength. What your teacher in the past,Discipleship1, 678:and the appearance of a little fire. The fire grows, and heat is then active within the tiny sphereDiscipleship1, 678:stage are lost within a light illusory. "Fierce grows the heat; next comes the loss of power toDiscipleship1, 684:formulation of these ideas. By its purity. This grows naturally out of a growing capacity forDiscipleship1, 762:As the violence of the personality life grows, the soul which has been increasingly the recipientDiscipleship2, 4:upon them and the urgency of humanity's cry grows stronger in their ears. I have given you muchDiscipleship2, 29:tension increases and will increase; anxiety grows and there is no sign of its immediate lessening;Discipleship2, 47:to Disciples - Group Instruction The third point grows out of the above. You are all pledgedDiscipleship2, 168:ineffectual. Also, as the work of the Triangles grows and the network spreads all over the Earth,Discipleship2, 269:reminding you that the candidate for initiation grows by the recognition and the interpretation ofDiscipleship2, 270:therefore, the next great human unfoldment which grows out of the Christ consciousness and "bringsDiscipleship2, 270:This distinction is very real, for one quality grows out of love, and the other out of theDiscipleship2, 289:and the power to focus upon the mental plane grows, the fact of the soul's existence becomes knownDiscipleship2, 290:take place, the spiritual will steadily grows into the directing agent, using the right eye as theDiscipleship2, 324:and assertive work. What I have to say grows out of certain hints I gave you in the precedingDiscipleship2, 382:a result of this decentralization the aspirant grows increasingly towards a more complete fusionDiscipleship2, 435:cosmic physical plane. A developed wisdom then grows in relation to God Transcendent. The initiateDiscipleship2, 503:deterioration of the physical vehicle as it grows older, is not so easy a task; it requires aDiscipleship2, 511:increasingly into the background as the group grows in function, purpose and usefulness but thisDiscipleship2, 549:into the aura of his Master, and as his vision grows - revealing possibilities of service and theDiscipleship2, 559:in this manner. The link between you and A.A.B. grows closer each year and this you have yourselfDiscipleship2, 559:the kind of help which you can give. Her work grows heavier, her health is seriously impaired, andDiscipleship2, 626:and the consciousness of their use steadily grows. For the evolved human being, the goal is a clearDiscipleship2, 705:would disappear. Another lesson which in reality grows out of the above is the avoidance of theDiscipleship2, 708:is increasingly needed by you as the work grows and develops. Education, 22:devotion is the next to be considered. Devotion grows out of and is the fruit of dissatisfaction,Education, 97:of light substance. 3. The Science of Service grows normally and naturally out of the successfulExternalisation, 255:presenting of the opportunity to change; this grows out of past activities, and these rightly metExternalisation, 334:of you. As the executive side of the group work grows, and the will aspect of humanity is contactedExternalisation, 630:as the desire for the return of the Christ grows. Therefore the third prerequisite is the serviceFire, 545:within and those which affect it from without, grows gradually stronger and stronger, and the lightFire, 574:a ripple on the ocean of space. The Sound grows in volume as time progresses, and when it hasFire, 620:proceeds through desire, and the form grows and evolves, becoming more adequate. Physical Plane -Fire, 765:is called that of the glowing wheel. The flicker grows into a tiny flame and the four wicks burn,Fire, 776:on these figures, and through the mantram (which grows in volume, depth and number of soundsFire, 850:One; they recognize the field wherein knowledge grows as Brahmic dissonance and differentiation.Fire, 962:that man's ability to create in mental matter grows as he treads the Path. He needs to rememberFire, 975:and thence to the eyes. Later, as the aspirant grows in knowledge and purity of motive, theFire, 1000:glowing warmth until its light recedes. Its fire grows dim. Then shall the second sound go forth.Fire, 1017:The fire and waters meet, the form swells and grows. Let the magician set his form upon the properFire, 1049:the heat doth play its part. But when the heat grows fierce, and the fires within the earth andFire, 1166:fire and matter. It has its roots in the mud, it grows up through the water, it in fostered by theFire, 1274:none to hear. The colors fade, and every point grows dim. The ocean passes into quietude. TheHealing, 37:which takes place as a physical plane child grows from an infant to a man. By the time he isHealing, 501:so potent; sensitivity to inner soul realization grows until the time is reached when theHealing, 513:the center at the base of the spine. Self-will grows as do all the qualities. [514] The soul is nowHercules, 18:divine, and the consequent inner warfare which grows out of this realized duality. Hercules was theHercules, 123:are tolerance, compassion and charity; one grows by becoming ever more inclusive. One of the mostHercules, 143:also a son of God. Lop off one head, and another grows in its place. Every time a low desire orHercules, 145:of comfort, luxury and outer possessions still grows apace. The pursuit of money as an end insteadInitiation, 14:on the archetypal plane, a vision that grows from initiation to initiation until it embraces allInitiation, 84:development, although his mental equipment grows steadily. Many lives may intervene between theInitiation, 97:the power of conscious thought. Man, however, grows through expansions of self-consciousInitiation, 176:his mental grip of life and experience gradually grows, but they only become initiations into theIntellect, 80:heaven. Through meditation, spiritual knowledge grows up within the mind, and from the basis ofIntellect, 126:upon him as the important factor. Second: As man grows in knowledge and in intellectual awareness,Intellect, 207:- The Practice of Meditation True concentration grows out of a concentrated, thought-governed life,Magic, 8:- Introductory Remarks II. The second postulate grows out of the first and states that the oneMagic, 59:He is "seeing double". His spiritual perception grows slowly and surely as the brain becomesMagic, 59:the intuition develops, the radius of awareness grows and new fields of knowledge unfold. The firstMagic, 82:of the concrete mind. Our third hindrance grows out of the preceding one. It consists of the
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