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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROWTH

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Astrology, 142:the action and reaction which are necessary for growth and comprehension. The law of such actionAstrology, 216:had a successful control, and hence again the growth in the world today of the psychic senses andAstrology, 235:in connection with men as well as women), the growth of homosexuality (not in its rareAstrology, 237:relations and the spread of self-control and the growth of unselfishness (and these surely are theAstrology, 318:a brief and symbolic [318] history of man's growth and true personality development. It is aAstrology, 329:which will indicate [329] (for each sign ) this "growth of light in light," as it is esotericallyAstrology, 330:story of the irradiation of matter, of the growth of the light body within the macrocosm and theAstrology, 351:of duality, leading to experience and growth in all separate intelligent forms; in Aquarius, youAstrology, 352:the rise and fall of civilizations and the growth and unfoldment of all cyclic manifestations areAstrology, 436:mind which interprets experience, fosters the growth of the intuition and relates the innerAstrology, 472:earlier, the later and the final stages of his growth. These it should be borne in mind areAstrology, 480:The Science of Triangles, as the result of the growth of the initiate understanding. The risingAstrology, 480:and Scorpio are two signs connected with the growth of the [481] Christ consciousness; they markAstrology, 490:disciple. Ray V - Leo: This sign produces the growth of individualism and of self-consciousness, soAstrology, 492:impetus of this sign. Psychic development - The growth of the response apparatus and the synthesisAstrology, 495:these three are basically responsible for the growth of the human understanding and the unfoldmentAstrology, 632:opinion (which is the focused expression of the growth of mass consciousness) will emerge the massAstrology, 642:(S.D. Vol. I, 628) 7. "The planets have their growth, changes, development and gradual evolution."Astrology, 669:planet." (S.D. Vol. II, 26) "The sun...has its growth, changes, development and gradual evolution."Astrology, 679:case the method was that of a slow evolutionary growth till the consciousness suddenly blazed forthAtom, 20:that that purpose has taken, and the gradual growth of the plan, will have to be demonstrated, andAtom, 85:The evolution of substance is a thing of gradual growth; it is in time supplemented by the slowAtom, 102:as the [102] consummation of the evolutionary growth of consciousness in the three lower kingdoms.Autobiography, 48:and understanding. It is a process of living growth. Knowledge should lead from one unfoldment toAutobiography, 102:the rebellion of the lower classes promotes the growth of a people, whilst the tradition, cultureAutobiography, 204:of adjustments, of difficulties, of joys and of growth. There is little to relate. They were justAutobiography, 250:years and is now entering into a new cycle of growth and usefulness - along with the whole ofAutobiography, 258:praise of Their contemporaries but only for the growth of the light within the world and theAutobiography, 262:Esoteric schools are occupied with promoting the growth of understanding. Certain elementary rules,Autobiography, 280:As you face this new life of training and of growth into a new and spiritual livingness, there areBethlehem, 5:of all form-manifestation, or appearance, then growth and development, and finally (when the cycleBethlehem, 34:presented for his education and his cultural growth. Today we stand at the very verge of the birthBethlehem, 49:evidences of this unfolding Plan in the steady growth of several ideas that are now dominant in theBethlehem, 49:into lengthy expositions of the subject, the growth of the Plan and of the racial response can beBethlehem, 49:is being evolved, and steadily we can trace the growth of this new force, the intuition, in modernBethlehem, 50:No matter by what line we trace the growth of the Plan, we come from a distant, dark and ignorantBethlehem, 105:the baptism of Purification. It is a process of growth in the characteristics of the kingdom, andBethlehem, 167:thinker, their recognition by the few, their growth [168] in popularity, and their eventualBethlehem, 178:and who is sufficiently interested to trace the growth of the doctrine of world Saviors in worldBethlehem, 196:and consequently limiting and untrue. 2. The growth of the consciousness of sin in the race, due toBethlehem, 236:the nations and defraud the tomb. Swift be Thy growth, Thy triumphs unconfined Make kingdomsDestiny, 42:and white), the seventh ray. Hence the rapid growth of the sense of omnipresence and theDestiny, 43:means of communication and through the steady growth of telepathic interplay; hence also the spreadDestiny, 46:and has achieved its curiously phenomenal growth only because it started upon the AmericanDestiny, 48:everywhere and it accounts for the tremendous growth of the spiritualistic movement and for theDestiny, 56:upon the American consciousness, and the growth (rightly or wrongly) of the ideal of Pan-America.Destiny, 57:of an ideal. The formulation of a theory. The growth of public opinion. The imposition of the newDestiny, 77:particularly if the lessons of greater spiritual growth have been learnt. The United States mustDestiny, 138:and in relation to the Plan and the steady growth of widespread creative activity, both in theDiscipleship1, 9:learn to subordinate his own ideas of personal growth to the group requirements, for - in order toDiscipleship1, 9:of each disciple, and desire for personal growth and for spiritual satisfaction is relegated to aDiscipleship1, 14:category. Its brilliance should be noted, its growth and dimming; the hearing of the Voice of theDiscipleship1, 20:their love for all beings deepens and that the growth of their love comes through their tapping theDiscipleship1, 33:the inner and the outer groups and fostering the growth of the Kingdom of God on earth. This willDiscipleship1, 95:interludes of silent and almost unapparent [95] growth. You are in no way unique or far ahead ofDiscipleship1, 108:a step backward on the path of progress. All growth is cyclic and one progresses from step to stepDiscipleship1, 109:of the results, any phenomenal effects and any growth in consciousness which you feel can beDiscipleship1, 109:your being that there is a measure of arrested growth. The mental tension for thirty years has beenDiscipleship1, 110:longings and aspirations but as regards your growth in sensitivity. Attempt to tune in moreDiscipleship1, 114:June 1935 a full quota of meditation work. Your growth in understanding has been real, though theDiscipleship1, 121:from which I personally gauge the capacity and growth of the group and from that angle I am pleasedDiscipleship1, 148:sorrow (and that sorrow indicates the world growth in responsiveness) is rapidly being broughtDiscipleship1, 193:in a year's time. Simplicity is the way of soul growth. Be simple. Each month, write a simpleDiscipleship1, 229:upon your ability to achieve a constant inner growth and progressive realization and your [230]Discipleship1, 239:is given in order to bring about personal growth. Let me emphasize this again, my brother. I am notDiscipleship1, 256:to master the Law of Cycles and of rhythmic growth, for their predisposition to fanatical andDiscipleship1, 265:to face which have inevitably promoted growth and developed your intuition. This latter faculty isDiscipleship1, 276:by the moves we make; we hasten or delay our growth by our enacted decisions. The true disciple,Discipleship1, 281:aspect, there will be no danger of the growth of any mental control over your group brothers.Discipleship1, 281:in all relations, my brother, is a needed growth, and discipline or ordered habit is of realDiscipleship1, 294:life during the next [294] six months. With the growth of that detachment, a deeper love and aDiscipleship1, 298:but they have nevertheless been times of real growth, even if you yourself sense it not. Yet,Discipleship1, 302:those periods of quiet and of controlled inner growth which from time to time is part of theDiscipleship1, 317:in your own life you can foster their growth in others. In a letter written to you a year or soDiscipleship1, 323:be succeeded by periods of quiet unemotional growth and assimilation. During these months, the highDiscipleship1, 337:doing, you will be able to gauge any measure of growth to which you may have attained (if you studyDiscipleship1, 367:condition into one of increased sensitivity and growth. Having in the past pointed out to you yourDiscipleship1, 368:reproof, it fills me with joy to register in you growth and an increasing ability to move forward.Discipleship1, 411:of your own development and, above all, in your growth and service both to the world and to yourDiscipleship1, 413:for it is at such critical moments that the real growth appears and true decisions are made, butDiscipleship1, 416:first lessons every chela has to learn is the growth of that [417] inner detachment which willDiscipleship1, 430:body. This year, my brother, should see much growth, for you have learnt and mastered much already.Discipleship1, 491:All we are concerned with is to ascertain the growth of the inner light and the quality of hisDiscipleship1, 506:there must be restoration of the garden and its growth in beauty. Let your imagination guide youDiscipleship1, 509:You will discover also that there has been real growth on your part. Your problem is not this orDiscipleship1, 518:responsibility shifts from stage to stage with growth. One's physical care for one's loved ones mayDiscipleship1, 534:recognition, by an older disciple, of definite growth in a younger, constitutes a responsibility toDiscipleship1, 534:your widening in the life of service. Vertical growth and horizontal growth must parallel eachDiscipleship1, 534:life of service. Vertical growth and horizontal growth must parallel each other. Two things I seekDiscipleship1, 551:Now a new note is sounding forth - the note of growth through the service of the race, and throughDiscipleship1, 552:of the disciple, the time element counts not. Growth, deep rooted and established, is the goal, andDiscipleship1, 552:deep rooted and established, is the goal, and growth, if sound and good, is slow. In connectionDiscipleship1, 573:Energy follows thought. There is much time for growth both here and in other states of being. . .Discipleship1, 574:keynotes of your life; this will aid your soul growth, and lead to perseverance unto the end. Discipleship1, 595:can hinder as well as help. The intuition is a growth, primarily, in sensitivity and in an innerDiscipleship1, 597:prior to the age of fifty-six, then subsequent growth and unfoldment on the Path of Discipleship isDiscipleship1, 598:and might be, described as a series of steady growth cycles, accentuated at intervals by definiteDiscipleship1, 599:by any function of the mist itself, but by the growth in power of the rays of the rising sun.Discipleship1, 599:sun. Therefore, for you there must be the steady growth of the light of your own soul, fostered byDiscipleship1, 599:is not necessarily a sign of spiritual growth. It is often the first result of a soul contact and
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