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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROWTH

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Discipleship1, 600:yet have done for any length of time. You report growth in abstract consciousness. You need notDiscipleship1, 600:in abstract consciousness. You need not that growth. You need growth in clear cut thinking and inDiscipleship1, 600:You need not that growth. You need growth in clear cut thinking and in clear cut action. You areDiscipleship1, 602:for which I am working, and not your individual growth and stimulation. I speak thus with apparentDiscipleship1, 620:say - its own dangers but bringing also a steady growth towards beauty, goodness and wisdom; someDiscipleship1, 620:ages of hierarchical struggle and the slow, slow growth which the Masters have been forced to watchDiscipleship1, 678:waters wash away the mud and slime of nature's growth. The fires burn the hindering forms whichDiscipleship1, 703:resort. Disciples can, therefore, grasp their growth towards fusion as an Ashram (in process ofDiscipleship1, 710:differences. I shall be dealing with the growth of what is called "ashramic intimacy," with theDiscipleship1, 710:to the Hierarchy. I shall be concerned with his growth in sensitivity and his subsequent andDiscipleship1, 710:in sensitivity and his subsequent and consequent growth in creativity - not the creativity of formDiscipleship1, 710:would ask you to reflect upon this thought. This growth in sensitivity is difficult to understand.Discipleship1, 733:will steadily increase and are indicative of growth and of expansion. Undirected, unexplained andDiscipleship1, 736:preoccupation of the neophyte with his own growth. The cry of the neophyte is: "Tell me. Tell me.Discipleship1, 742:working and the Master. This correlation and the growth of this triangular relationship is alwaysDiscipleship1, 751:because he is becoming decentralized and his own growth and development are of less and lessDiscipleship1, 782:years and is now entering into a new cycle of growth and usefulness - along with the whole ofDiscipleship1, 790:praise of their contemporaries but only for the growth of the light within the world and theDiscipleship2, 4:disappearing from among you. That is good. The growth of impersonality must be steady and sure. TheDiscipleship2, 38:not deal with certain points connected with the growth of the human family and its stabilizationDiscipleship2, 81:in it great potentialities for expansion and growth and for the progress of all movements,Discipleship2, 85:but all outworn forms must go. The success and growth of the work will depend upon the smoothDiscipleship2, 97:a new cycle of spiritual usefulness and of fresh growth and development. These questions shouldDiscipleship2, 128:the antahkarana in your own lives so will be the growth of your understanding of the formula. AsDiscipleship2, 265:the direction of the spiritual will and to the growth of sensitive response, and in both his brainDiscipleship2, 266:with all three, both sequentially through growth and simultaneously through initiation. I have hereDiscipleship2, 269:this as the insistent demand for unity and the growth of internationalism will demonstrate. TheDiscipleship2, 272:formulas and then await the time when your inner growth warrants a fresh approach to theirDiscipleship2, 306:awakening, expansion, enlightenment, evolution, growth - these words are but a few of those appliedDiscipleship2, 316:now being inaugurated in the world is that of "Growth through Sharing," and that advanced humanityDiscipleship2, 350:here note my phrasing. Evidence, however, of the growth of the human intellect along the neededDiscipleship2, 352:energizing, development and evolutionary growth. A fusion or establishing of relationship withinDiscipleship2, 450:brought periods of a definite recognition of growth wherein you registered expansion and arrived atDiscipleship2, 456:makes himself aware of the general progress, the growth of the general structure of service whichDiscipleship2, 480:with that karma he may not interfere, because growth and development eventuate as the discipleDiscipleship2, 572:proves an obstruction often to true spiritual growth. It is a problem and takes years to learn theDiscipleship2, 580:You should now find it easier to promote the growth of the networks than to educate people in theDiscipleship2, 580:the latter is far easier than the former. The growth of a network (through organized enterprise) isDiscipleship2, 582:should be most effective service and the steady growth of any work you may undertake for me and forDiscipleship2, 593:of the world of men, the technique of their growth and the processes of their development -Discipleship2, 593:more subjective work, emphasizing the spiritual growth of humanity along the lines of the newDiscipleship2, 611:for indications of this moving, forward in the growth of increased understanding, in a sense atDiscipleship2, 632:are related to status more than to soul growth and control, though this growth is one of theDiscipleship2, 632:than to soul growth and control, though this growth is one of the determining factors as regardsDiscipleship2, 657:this must not be forgotten) a deepening inner growth and a subjective spiritual reorganizationDiscipleship2, 669:the buddhic plane will be the focus or place of growth, and those who train disciples will workDiscipleship2, 705:any morbid sense, but so that the principle of growth and of pushing forward and onward may beDiscipleship2, 706:angles or the need for special developments and growth, for no trained disciple, such as she is,Discipleship2, 713:you face fresh opportunity for service and for growth. My problem is how to help you to capitalizeDiscipleship2, 734:called at times, has a real relationship to the growth of glamors) and [735] in the elimination ofDiscipleship2, 750:view of the general pattern of your spiritual growth and advancement. Go forward with a sense ofDiscipleship2, 756:which reveal too much of individual soul growth. This is one of the first lessons in the silenceEducation, 8:the growing years and based on the phases of the growth process in the individual, that make forEducation, 11:of mental development. A study of its racial growth will reveal much, for every child is an epitomeEducation, 11:of the whole. A study, for instance, of the growth of the God-idea in the human consciousness wouldEducation, 11:phenomena of thought development. A sequence of growth might most inadequately and briefly beEducation, 30:in the following manner as to the stages of growth and consequent ability to become the agent ofEducation, 44:in many factors. They lie in the past, in the growth through evolution of certain basic tendenciesEducation, 69:This will be made possible in three ways: The growth and the development of the Science ofEducation, 70:of the soul will emerge from this synthesis. The growth and the development of the Science of theEducation, 83:in terms of constructive world citizenship. Growth and still more growth will be emphasized. TheEducation, 83:world citizenship. Growth and still more growth will be emphasized. The educator of the future willEducation, 85:items of information. The history of the growth of man's perceptive faculties under differingEducation, 93:be given to him from the angle of the racial growth in consciousness and not so much from the angleEducation, 106:masse, and hence the following indications: The growth of societies, organizations and massEducation, 108:of man is concerned. The fact that all growth is through experiment, struggle and persistence -Education, 119:Ponder on this point, get a wider picture of the growth of the human consciousness, and graspEducation, 122:his personality to the good of the whole. The growth of organized brotherhoods and fraternities, ofEducation, 125:are of general recognition, we shall find the growth of psychological understanding, and theExternalisation, 5:are much concerned at this time about the growth of crime on every hand, by the display of theExternalisation, 6:which can be stated as follows. The cause of the growth of the lower psychism and of the increasingExternalisation, 9:period, and thus the psychic and spiritual growth of man be fostered and nurtured. Two questionsExternalisation, 13:after. I appeal to all who are interested in the growth of psychic knowledge to study, and think,Externalisation, 16:It is this attitude which is hindering the true growth of spiritual life and understanding amongExternalisation, 28:mind would sense the divine idea, needed for the growth of the racial consciousness, and then wouldExternalisation, 28:the few would recognize it and thus foster its growth; the many would eventually desire it and itExternalisation, 69:in many factors. They lie in the past; in the growth, through evolution, of certain [70] basicExternalisation, 86:It is this that makes possible or hinders the growth of what is called spirituality in individualsExternalisation, 90:problems, to precipitate and further the growth of the Kingdom of God in such a manner that thisExternalisation, 106:This inflow resulted in the immediate and rapid growth of all movements towards peace, worldExternalisation, 106:principle of relationship and this led to the growth and the perfecting of all sources ofExternalisation, 108:nevertheless, been offset to some extent by the growth of the sense of relationship everywhere andExternalisation, 114:incarnation with its inception, its progress and growth, its useful maturity and its ensuingExternalisation, 124:Testament is built around the development and growth of this nucleus. Symbolically speaking, theExternalisation, 134:from the standpoint of evolution and the growth of the world consciousness. The physical planeExternalisation, 155:emanator of energies which nourish and aid the growth of the Christ consciousness; Aquarius is theExternalisation, 213:A fresh cycle of civilization, culture and growth will have been inaugurated which will be coloredExternalisation, 288:religions. They are essential to the spiritual growth and the progressive realizations of divinityExternalisation, 300:a great impetus and extension to the work and growth of the Hierarchy, as there was in a lesserExternalisation, 314:cooperation and understanding, is to foster the growth of the will to love and work. This effort onExternalisation, 323:spiritual way of living. They aim to foster the growth of right human relations through goodwill,Externalisation, 324:to the use of the power of invocation and to the growth of understanding throughout the world canExternalisation, 334:of love between all of you, and a growth of real understanding. Forget not, at [335] the same time,Externalisation, 338:and one of the most significant has been the growth - the phenomenal growth - of [339] spiritualExternalisation, 338:significant has been the growth - the phenomenal growth - of [339] spiritual perception. This showsExternalisation, 366:the men of goodwill are working, but for the growth of the spirit of understanding and cooperation;Externalisation, 366:important upon which emphasis was laid was the growth of world goodwill, for goodwill is the activeExternalisation, 374:broad unselfish international politics and the growth of the spirit of cooperation. They believeExternalisation, 381:and warps the judgment, and simply feeds the growth of fear and horror. But the love demanded of usExternalisation, 408:some scientific discovery of importance to the growth of the human spirit. Thus do religions,
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