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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROWTH

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Externalisation, 435:and manner - into a more religious channel. The growth of spiritual desire and aspiration isExternalisation, 509:be developed and demonstrated. By the growth of intuitional telepathy and the increasingExternalisation, 510:spread of the deepened religious ideals and the growth of the new religious organisms. In theExternalisation, 511:the wielding of the forces connected with the growth and life of the kingdoms of nature and theExternalisation, 517:of germination of the seed sown, a period of growth and developing influences. This brings us toExternalisation, 518:the form lies hid the secret of all evolutionary growth. This is not a truism. You can see it inExternalisation, 540:demand for workers; problems connected with the growth and training of the Members of the HierarchyExternalisation, 548:thus give time for teaching on peace and on the growth of goodwill to take effect. The atomic bombExternalisation, 549:to sacrifice time or money, block the growth of the movement. It is the task of the Hierarchy toExternalisation, 577:of education (second ray energy), through the growth of the concept of synthesis (first rayExternalisation, 587:has a completely open mind as regards the growth of true psychic powers. He deplores and repressesExternalisation, 587:them in his environment, but he encourages the growth of all forms of higher sensory perceptionExternalisation, 587:significance. I am not here touching upon the growth of a disciple as a disciple, or on hisExternalisation, 589:the central fact of human evolution - the steady growth of divinity and the revelation through manExternalisation, 596:blocked, frustrated, and of no avail - for the growth of the churches during the centuries is noExternalisation, 596:theological interpretations and the numerical growth of the world religions (including ChristianityExternalisation, 628:establishing of right human relations and the growth and spread of goodwill. Externalisation, 630:human relations and goodwill, and not for the growth of any particular organization. TheExternalisation, 654:infringe the natural processes of evolutionary growth or the normally slow development of theExternalisation, 689:Black Lodge. Owing, however, to the spiritual growth of mankind and to the steady, even if slow,Externalisation, 692:and soul within it on a new cycle of spiritual growth. [693] I have worded all this in such aExternalisation, 700:the system of initiation. This will involve the growth and comprehension of symbolism. The exotericFire, 6:great cycles: Birth - Life - Death. Appearance - growth - disappearance. [7] Involution - evolutionFire, 13:within the peopling third impelled to further growth. The builders of the lowest forms,Fire, 50:will return plus the results of evolutionary growth, and through assimilation they will haveFire, 53:of phenomena. Latent fire causes the active growth of that in which it is embedded and causes thatFire, 53:of nature. Radiatory fire causes the continued growth of that which has progressed, under theFire, 57:This blending, which is now a natural and usual growth in every human being, was one of the signsFire, 58:manifested essence may be the basic soil of the growth, preservation and destruction of our worlds,Fire, 78:as producing conditions that further the growth of cellular matter, and concern its adjustment toFire, 84:of abundant [84] luxuriance, and of phenomenal growth, vegetable, animal and human would naturallyFire, 136:fires of matter is the result of evolutionary growth, when left to the normal, slow developmentFire, 244:Men likewise achieve; when They reach Their full growth and knowledge, [245] and are self-consciousFire, 245:of resemblance, but in development the stages of growth may not appear the same in detailedFire, 247:two stimulations, producing consequent internal growth and development. An atom therefore isFire, 249:of these two stimulations, inducing steady growth and development. A man is distinguished thereforeFire, 250:to contact, involving therefore the growth of awareness. Fire, 315:interaction and is the source of all vital growth; at the achievement of the desired goal, atFire, 333:the method of manifestation, which is a gradual growth from a dim and distant dawn through an everFire, 347:case the method was that of a slow evolutionary growth till the consciousness suddenly blazed forthFire, 427:of that manifestation, as a sense of fatigue, a growth of inertness, a need for rest by winding upFire, 436:group activity; it is the warmth that causes all growth, and that fosters not only theFire, 455:of old magicians and occultists, and the rapid growth therefore of recognized psychic powers amongFire, 455:and unless this is paralleled by the growth of spiritual realization, and by the steady grip of theFire, 456:manasic effort of the fifth root-race of mental growth, and will cause results of stupendousFire, 462:normally and as the result of due evolutionary growth. An electrical stimulation of the nature ofFire, 464:greater and lesser lives are with each other. Growth and development in one part of the [465] bodyFire, 467:the magnetic force of this seventh Ray, the growth of masonry is inevitably sure. This Ray ofFire, 539:through physical relationships, and the gradual growth of love from love of self to love of others.Fire, 611:life, and produces a shining forth which "growth ever more and more until the perfect day." (Bible.Fire, 611:birth of the Christ within the heart, and the growth of the higher life at the expense of theFire, 700:The earlier and later cycles mark that of growth towards maturity, and the garnering of the fruitsFire, 730:human personality life, and that period of egoic growth which embraces the final two Initiations:Fire, 783:groups attain a certain stage of necessitated growth, and embody the highest evolution of theFire, 806:of the physical permanent atom, and thus the growth and evolution of the two sheaths concerned. TheFire, 809:thus leaving many more persons free for mental growth and work. This expansion of knowledge can beFire, 856:Himself responsible for the stimulation and the growth of any particular series of Egos, and alsoFire, 868:practice, as the first of the means of spiritual growth, that fiery quality of the will whichFire, 875:The work of creating the Son, The evolution and growth of the Son, both materially and inFire, 876:of producing, - Conception, Creation, Conscious growth, as did His Father. Fire, 905:could they but realize that the present rapid growth of wireless communication everywhere is due toFire, 939:so that it may follow accurately the lines of growth of the two subtler bodies. This is carried onFire, 943:his karma, and of what must be done to promote growth during the coming incarnation. He works,Fire, 959:in the following manner as to the stages of growth and consequent ability to become the agent ofFire, 972:the astral plane as well as the mental. Here its growth is rapid. It should be carefully borne inFire, 1015:or kill the flame. It feeds the flame, causing a growth and magnitude of fire which reaches to theFire, 1022:facilitated. This will eventuate in the rapid growth of unconscious psychic phenomena, in theFire, 1044:by the method of spiraling progression, cyclic growth, rotary repetition, and the summation of eachFire, 1069:of nature, it must be remembered that their growth and eventual radiation is dependent upon theFire, 1077:positive life of every plant and vegetable growth. The monad in the animal kingdom or the positiveFire, 1157:It is this fact which accounts for the gradual growth and development of a man. At first it is theFire, 1160:did as man. This becomes possible when the growth of the triangle just above dealt with (base ofFire, 1195:groups of lives, at all stages of unfoldment and growth who will use the forms. 31 The Rays areGlamour, 12:and quality, of sign and meaning is vital to the growth of the disciple and the aspirant. The greatGlamour, 13:it with you. This thought of service and of growth in usefulness must be steadily borne in mind.Glamour, 13:and to penetrate to meaning will further your growth spiritually ? Can you believe that through theGlamour, 15:order to incite you all to more rapid and steady growth and effort. You have been told that one ofGlamour, 18:immanent in the world consciousness today: The growth and understanding of telepathic work. AGlamour, 94:Causes of Glamor 1. The Racial and Individual Growth of Glamor We shall now employ the wordGlamour, 100:of mental instruction, with the consequent [100] growth of knowledge, wisdom and rightGlamour, 132:times and of the present day, and the rapid growth of ideological illusions, which are neverthelessGlamour, 175:interpretation whilst initiation, through the growth of the intuition, brings about (when theGlamour, 176:seed of consciousness through whom, after due growth and response of the personal lower self, willHealing, 62:in a lesser degree to the medical man, is the growth of homosexuality, both female and male.Healing, 139:emotional life, thereby gaining experience of growth, of contact, and eventually of understanding.Healing, 206:that which is needed to cure or prevent the growth of the disease. In this instruction I have givenHealing, 230:the segregation of the family unit and the growth of the sense of responsibility has gone steadilyHealing, 230:about a gradual purifying of the soil. The growth of the practice of cremation will also aid thisHealing, 236:would be shouted aloud from the housetops. The growth of telepathic registration and of the psychicHealing, 247:The stage of inflowing, of vitalization and of growth. The stage of resistance, wherein the formHealing, 250:will all be offset in due time through the growth of understanding, by the intuitive diagnosis ofHealing, 260:liberty and rights of the individual. The growth and development of this basic idea, mental conceptHealing, 285:the sincere investigator or slackened the growth of knowledge; in these days of pioneering [286] inHealing, 299:excess of movement, endless extension, abundant growth and undue haste. He knew not what He wantedHealing, 383:It works out, therefore, in an over-activity and growth of the body cells whose will-to-liveHealing, 384:In these three words you have the key to the growth of man's consciousness. Most men live today inHealing, 412:consciousness. - Page 98-99. [412] a. The growth of etheric vision and the largely increasedHealing, 412:will be seen occupying that body. b. The growth of the number of people who have the power to useHealing, 661:imprisonment of the soul and negated all true growth for the masses of men. From the rich to theHealing, 664:to much higher intellectual levels. To this the growth of education, the discoveries of science and
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