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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROWTH

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Healing, 665:is no distinction shown. [665] The factor of the growth of knowledge anent the Hierarchy and, aboveHealing, 683:excessive; nevertheless, each life sees a steady growth in sensitivity, and also the storing-up ofHercules, 5:be the result of slow and steady evolutionary growth, carried forward under nature's laws, cycleHercules, 12:the plan, the focusing of the energies and the growth of the tendency towards divinity. Now, atHercules, 20:the fact that he had achieved his full growth in all departments of his fourfold personality, Man,Hercules, 20:the developed personality. Having achieved his growth and having been trained in all that the worldHercules, 65:power of the personal self. The story of man's growth to maturity and the history of the soul'sHercules, 110:that this gland coordinates the others, controls growth and is essential to life. It is interestingHercules, 116:these two signs are "connected with the [116] growth of Christ consciousness. They mark criticalHercules, 123:what? The burden of the necessity for change and growth ... The Virgo's typical preoccupation withHercules, 130:the experience may be, is a necessity for the growth of the soul. Without such tragedies, theHercules, 136:potentialities inherent in this seed. "Natural growth of inherent potentialities, ease and logic ofHercules, 136:to imagine a more refreshing concept of growth, a growth which unfolds from within as a flowerHercules, 136:imagine a more refreshing concept of growth, a growth which unfolds from within as a flower opens,Hercules, 192:about by public opinion, and this is of slow growth and largely emotional; that is the trouble. InHercules, 202:of material values, the suffering and the mental growth of humanity had produced an effect which weHercules, 213:Opposite: Taurus. An earth sign (desire, and growth of soul light). Rulers: Exoteric and Esoteric,Hercules, 223:and symbolizes the incarnation period of growth and development through the medium of form and itsInitiation, 7:study of this law of analogy will come a gradual growth of knowledge, and in the slow accumulationInitiation, 7:to another. It is a succession of expansions, a growth of that faculty of awareness thatInitiation, 15:effects an hourly, weekly, [15] yearly growth and expansion. This process of gradual expansion -Initiation, 65:tending to the disciplining of the life, the growth of character, the development of the microcosmInitiation, 101:finally becomes aware increasingly of the growth of that inner recollection, or "occult memory,"Initiation, 101:finds all these manifestations of increased growth and conscious realization in himself, then theIntellect, 4:surely lie in the direction of synthesis. The growth of human knowledge must be brought about byIntellect, 11:falls to pieces and, where there is arrested growth, abnormalities will occur and retrogression beIntellect, 21:to its present point of development has been the growth and perfecting of its educational methodsIntellect, 22:of training. We are smugly satisfied with our growth in knowledge, our accumulation of information,Intellect, 27:must be steadily expanded. Expansion and growth is the law of life and while the mass of men mustIntellect, 30:requires a proper perception of individual growth and status, and a right understanding of what theIntellect, 38:of all communicate the type and then provide for growth beyond that type. Education is intended toIntellect, 45:says: "It is everywhere noticed that the growth of the empire of man over himself does not keepIntellect, 45:of man over himself does not keep step with the growth of the empire of man over nature." -Intellect, 127:this time, and the sequence of the evolutionary growth, already established, is apparentlyIntellect, 141:contemplation is more interior than the means of growth previously described." It is interesting toIntellect, 159:effected. Leaving the subject of Union and the growth of transcendental powers for laterIntellect, 172:mental light assist all humanity in its mental growth and expansion... and the lamp is thereforeIntellect, 180:the evolving human consciousness, and a steady growth of awareness of nature, of the world in whichIntellect, 234:helpfulness. We have found it wise to gauge the growth of a student in the meditation work by theIntellect, 257:always, and a trained mind should accompany growth in the spiritual life. There is a third categoryMagic, 13:"psychic" is used. Later we will deal with the growth and development of the lower psychic natureMagic, 26:and seek to understand, through steady expansive growth, the nature and purpose of that which isMagic, 62:others are vibrant, full of experience and of growth. This should be remembered by all of you whoMagic, 90:product of the labors of the four, waxeth and growth. The myriads gather round its glowing warmthMagic, 101:of a conscious aptitude for service, in the growth of a conscious understanding of the individualMagic, 121:nor earth lamp fed with oil. Ever the radiance growth till the path ends within a blaze of glory,Magic, 169:sensitiveness. This is both an indication of growth and at the same time a test. He is apt to beMagic, 193:to reason logically and sanely may parallel the growth of the intuition and of spiritualMagic, 205:is wrong motive, such as desire for personal growth and for spiritual powers, for it produces,Magic, 205:in the vale of illusion and brings to full growth the serpent of pride, lurking in the valley ofMagic, 243:betrayal into darkness, characterize the growth of all forms, distinguish the development of racesMagic, 243:kingdoms in nature and through the evolutionary growth of humanity, through experience in races,Magic, 320:these three rules after he had made some real growth in the manifestation of harmlessness. Rule I.Magic, 327:of doctrine, the origin of ideas and the growth of the God idea are being subjected to research andMagic, 328:they are blinded by their own devotion and their growth is limited by their fanaticism. They belongMagic, 331:souls. With that knowledge will come the steady growth of the Building Mystics, for when a man hasMagic, 359:waters wash away the mud and slime of nature's growth. The fires burn the hindering forms whichMagic, 394:or controlled. This involves the steady growth of the power to use thought. Capacity to live aMagic, 395:sequential development is paralleled by an inner growth of soul awareness, though the mode ofMagic, 395:though the mode of expression of that inner growth is largely dependent upon the ray upon which theMagic, 395:The usual connotation of the words "spiritual growth" is largely that of religious growth inMagic, 395:"spiritual growth" is largely that of religious growth in understanding. A man is deemed spiritualMagic, 395:The true significance of the words "spiritual growth" is far wider and more inclusive than theirMagic, 407:A widespread philanthropic enterprise, and the growth of the sense of responsibility for one'sMagic, 410:Their personnel, their contribution to the growth of human expression, and their place in the planMagic, 420:realized that there is greater hindrance to the growth of the man in spiritual being through aMagic, 425:work and no precipitate action of any kind. The growth of the group and of its ideas will be slowMagic, 425:these objective results are produced by an inner growth and not by an outer activity. An ancientMagic, 426:day and generation attend ye to the roots of growth." Little groups will spring up here and thereMagic, 426:whose members respond to the new note and whose growth into the world group will be watched over byMagic, 427:in laying the emphasis upon their own personal growth. They will be well aware that response toMagic, 427:life of focused meditation will promote their growth. Their eyes are not upon themselves, uponMagic, 428:World unity, brotherhood in its true sense, the growth of telepathic interplay, the elimination ofMagic, 458:enough to draw to itself the essentials for growth and form, yet who shall say whether it willMagic, 481:way towards materiality. A gradual and steady growth in group consciousness and responsibility, aMagic, 491:These two points will vary according to the growth and status of the aspirant. Each has, forMagic, 513:and in achieving the meditative poise. As growth takes place, the periods of withdrawal fromMagic, 528:to deal. The history of the human structural growth, the entire field of the unfolding humanMagic, 534:field of awareness a [534] gradual and slow growth towards self-expression, self-appreciation, andMagic, 536:few thousand years have seen such a stupendous growth, what shall we see in the next five thousandMagic, 593:remembered that, where there is true spiritual growth, pain and danger are in this connectionMagic, 597:as the petals increase in number, it is simply a growth of these double circles, superimposed atMagic, 605:thread leads us to an understanding of the growth of consciousness, and indicates emergence fromMagic, 606:seasons can make rapid progress in intuitional growth if they persevere in their meditation, trainMagic, 607:upon their shoulders; they will nurture the growth of telepathic interplay in the world and thusMagic, 613:little to dissipate the illusion by the steady growth of the radiant light of the soul. May I pauseMagic, 616:avoid so doing for much time. The mark of growth for him is the steady withdrawal of hisMagic, 621:That is most definitely assured, and the growth of human realization and of the spiritualMagic, 622:than the more subtle and [622] successful growth of divine awareness. Every time there is aMagic, 625:separation to creep in, then there will be the growth of a group of true servers, and the gatheringMagic, 629:they produce awareness and are the source of growth and that which conveys to the dormant soul - inMagic, 635:safeguard for the future. Thus it leads to rapid growth. An honest disciple may be momentarilyMagic, 638:and Training Where, however, there is steady growth, an application to occult principles so thatMeditation, 70:eye. Enumeration and discussion of the centers. Growth and development of the centers. The effectMeditation, 77:The Use of the Sacred Word in Meditation 2. The Growth and Development of the Centers June 25, 1920Meditation, 78:in their awakening as aforesaid, and in their growth and development, comes the final vivification,Meditation, 82:and to impose another and still higher rhythm. Growth is one long period of building in order toMeditation, 83:responds to the same law that governs all cyclic growth in the macrocosm: First comes the clashingMeditation, 92:purely with matter to the hindrance of spiritual growth, - the black magicians, the dark brothers,Meditation, 115:his equipping for service to humanity. His own growth and development are necessarily incidental
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