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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GUARANTEE

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Astrology, 260:Pisces and Aquarius, and this is surely the guarantee [261] that the birth of the new age, of theAstrology, 271:and in this fact lies both prophecy and guarantee. That which this sign veils and hides isAstrology, 331:of the incarnating individual and in order to guarantee the ultimate salvation of substance itself.Astrology, 455:center and the soul on its own plane) is the guarantee. The following relations must consequentlyAstrology, 514:the accuracy of astrological deduction and the guarantee of the truth of what I tell you. Astrology, 623:as the flower or fruition of the past and as the guarantee of man's innate capacity. Christ, whilstAstrology, 630:is not only the cause of manifestation and the guarantee of achievement, but is also the proof ofAtom, 12:earlier [12] considered lands of darkness, is a guarantee of success in the future. We know so muchAutobiography, 11:upon evil karma and how to avoid it. Yet I would guarantee that, taking it by and large, there isAutobiography, 49:that They, in Themselves, are the answer and the guarantee of man's ultimate achievement and thatAutobiography, 140:of brothers, as St. Paul has told us, and a guarantee to us of our own divinity. The third teachingAutobiography, 180:but she felt she was very good for them and I'll guarantee she was. She was always very good forAutobiography, 199:appointment and she had a waiting list. I'll guarantee that she never gave as useful advice as IAutobiography, 291:that the existence of claim-making is a guarantee of imposture. No true initiate or Master everAutobiography, 300:achieved group consciousness is our greatest guarantee of successful operation in the days to come.Bethlehem, 21:Christ existed and walked on earth is the guarantee to us of our own divinity and our ultimateBethlehem, 46:a hope and a refusal to be defeated and are the guarantee of eventual success. The voice of all theBethlehem, 55:white light. But the manhood is there also, a guarantee to us of our opportunity and of ourBethlehem, 68:subtle implication there surely comes to us a guarantee that as He came before to the House ofBethlehem, 140:as a definite fulfilment of the past and as a guarantee of the future, He synthesized in Himself,Bethlehem, 176:on earth. Of this, past [176] progress is the guarantee. The immediacy of this happening is alreadyBethlehem, 224:(with its quality of divinity) which is the guarantee of our final accomplishment and entrance intoBethlehem, 239:Christ, alive today in every human heart, the guarantee of, and the urge towards divinity, whichBethlehem, 260:of God, yet at the same time He gave us the guarantee that we too are the children of God, and canBethlehem, 276:a basis in some natural inheritance which is the guarantee of our origin. This reaching out towardsDestiny, 51:glory of the empire which was France is but the guarantee of a glory of divine revelation whichDestiny, 61:orientation of the people is the eternal guarantee that a true and living religion and culture willDiscipleship1, 95:as he is, to be glad that there are those who guarantee to him the possibility of future [96]Discipleship1, 110:Your diary will interest others and be the guarantee to you of your own development. You have madeDiscipleship1, 256:and the old relations are preserved in order to guarantee continuity and stability. I seek to wordDiscipleship1, 459:must proceed with care. Dreams are sometimes a guarantee of reality. Discipleship1, 489:expression. Herein lies your opportunity, your guarantee, and your responsibility. The service toDiscipleship1, 514:for you - the cultivation of harmlessness is the guarantee of a constructive outcome to your crisisDiscipleship1, 533:power to express love increasingly will be the guarantee of the effectiveness of your alignment andDiscipleship1, 595:things to suggest; your response to these will guarantee your success. First: You are in this groupDiscipleship1, 733:for they are - in reality - the seed or guarantee of future inevitable experiences upon the Way.Discipleship2, 71:if he will. Accepted discipleship is in itself a guarantee of a certain amount of preparednessDiscipleship2, 102:worker for the Hierarchy, L.D.N-C? I would guarantee that they seldom enter your mind. Yet they areDiscipleship2, 209:guidance, and here is also to be found the guarantee of the divine Will-to-Good. [210] 4. TheDiscipleship2, 224:(in relation to humanity) are the symbol, the guarantee and the eternal testimony. In giving youDiscipleship2, 576:that measure of technical knowledge which will guarantee the sanity and freedom from fancifulDiscipleship2, 595:friendship and a working partnership; this will guarantee the success of your work. Your mind andDiscipleship2, 649:present life has been for years so hard is the guarantee that you have worked off much karma, thatDiscipleship2, 669:and a trained response to events which is a guarantee to the watching Master that your stability isDiscipleship2, 683:of that love those sensitivities which will guarantee safe progress. Love is, therefore, guarding,Education, 87:the formation of a better system which will guarantee that the children of the different nationsEducation, 90:of it, desire it and plan for it is surely the guarantee that it is not impossible. Humanity hasExternalisation, 168:of the masses in the present conflict is the guarantee of this and the proof also of the success ofExternalisation, 168:this, Christ's sacrifice was the symbol and the guarantee, impulsed as His life and activities wereExternalisation, 173:Unity of directed thought and purpose is the guarantee of inevitable and future success. The powerExternalisation, 227:focus and the emphasis is not yet adequate to guarantee this extra-planetary response.Externalisation, 234:institute afterwards those conditions which will guarantee peace. There is no peace on the planetExternalisation, 286:Saviors and the Avatars bear witness and are the guarantee. Externalisation, 287:of Deity Itself - is the outer evidence and guarantee of inner divine guidance and revelation inExternalisation, 289:relation (God Transcendent) which is the final guarantee of all progress and of progressiveExternalisation, 322:expression of right human relations. This will guarantee a workable world order and not an imposedExternalisation, 358:order and to lay those foundations which will guarantee a better and more spiritual way of life.Externalisation, 367:and the unity existing among the Allied Nations, guarantee the inevitable defeat of the AxisExternalisation, 367:and people can then see how assuredly they guarantee the triumph of the free peoples of the world.Externalisation, 404:of Deity; by Their lives and words They guarantee to man the possibilities always latent in theExternalisation, 406:Teachers and Saviors were the symbol and the guarantee. At certain great moments, down the ages,Externalisation, 456:It will consequently be foundational, and will guarantee the new civilization and culture. This isExternalisation, 588:constituting a universal objective, and as the guarantee of humanity's future achievement; degreesExternalisation, 596:of the churches during the centuries is no guarantee of the spiritual success at which He aimed. ItExternalisation, 602:by the Hierarchy under His direction, are the guarantee that He will come and that - when He does -Externalisation, 616:before He was unrecognized, and is there any guarantee that this time it would be different? YouExternalisation, 672:for those which have hitherto held sway. The guarantee of this is the developing intelligence ofFire, 461:promise of opportunity for all in time, and the guarantee of their [462] own attainment in the nextFire, 1245:by a dual attribute, which is their guarantee of attainment along this line of spiritual endeavor.Glamour, 67:exactly the same thing. They have had their guarantee that all struggle is warranted and will evokeGlamour, 153:and urgent situation, which is in itself the guarantee of human progress toward its destined goalGlamour, 165:order and to lay those foundations which will guarantee a better and more spiritual way of life.Glamour, 175:has been and today is the main testimony and guarantee of the existence [176] behind the scenes ofGlamour, 180:that of the Presence, of which the Angel is the guarantee and promise. As the light of the Moon isGlamour, 180:and promise. As the light of the Moon is the guarantee that the light of the Sun exists, so theGlamour, 180:the Sun exists, so the light of the Sun is the guarantee, did you but know it, of a still greaterGlamour, 254:to render that application which would be the guarantee of a dubious success; hence, in theseHealing, 109:is masculine or positive, yet that is no guarantee that all that is found in the present system isHealing, 167:simultaneously and in a flash of vision is the guarantee of the future technique of the race. OneHealing, 363:forward on every side, is the physical plane guarantee. This great truth and its guarantee is heldHealing, 363:plane guarantee. This great truth and its guarantee is held steadily before us in the history ofHealing, 395:phenomenon of which modern spiritualism is the guarantee, though the distortion (and a very seriousHealing, 666:changed and the world war was the symbol and the guarantee of that change; in it the Forces ofHercules, 36:man-eating mares, he discovered in himself the guarantee of his ultimate achievement, even thoughHercules, 37:as he faced his twelve labors, hope was all the guarantee that Hercules then had that he wouldHercules, 38:himself." "It is well. The gifts of failure guarantee success, when rightly understood. Let himHercules, 226:and the sanity of his procedure he gives a guarantee of the strength of his purpose. We mightInitiation, 6:and soundly discriminate, we give the surest guarantee to the watching Teachers of the race that weIntellect, 10:about its structure, which fact is the eternal guarantee of the possibility and validity ofIntellect, 12:faculties and tendencies which are the guarantee of a vital and useful manhood, and of eternalIntellect, 13:blind evolutionary urge, but are themselves the guarantee of the ultimate achievement of the whole.Intellect, 142:reality has been registered on the brain and the guarantee of future achievement is recognized." -Magic, 100:world Saviors have been but the symbol and the guarantee. 4. The blending of the deva or angelMagic, 628:ages is the mode of approach and the inevitable guarantee. The sex instinct has worked out andMeditation, 173:can be contacted on the emotional plane is no guarantee that they are on the evolutionary [174]Meditation, 282:recognition of inner results, and will be the guarantee to him that he is on the right path. But IPatanjali, 261:reality has been registered on the brain and the guarantee of future achievement is recognized. Patanjali, 265:which symbolize or embody that reality is the guarantee that at some future date all the symbolsProblems, 10:are functioning internationally; this is the guarantee of the future because only when men canProblems, 14:Is this too idealistic a picture? The guarantee of its possibility lies in the fact that thousands
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