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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GUARANTEE

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Problems, 30:present this formula of progress. They cannot guarantee its enactment, for humanity is left free toProblems, 32:fallen to pieces before our eyes. They are the guarantee that our world can be rebuilt and - if weProblems, 39:such men are few and far between, but they guarantee to the rest of humanity a genuine possibility.Problems, 40:as it affects the youth of the world and thus guarantee a new and better world? What basic plansProblems, 60:the formation of a better system which will guarantee that the children of the different nationsProblems, 64:of it, desire it and plan for it is surely the guarantee that it is not impossible. Humanity hasProblems, 68:their application to the life of humanity will guarantee a happier and more peaceful world. Problems, 69:based upon cultural ideals and will be formed to guarantee right human relations; they will notProblems, 99:women are, as a group, the hope of humanity, the guarantee of the new and better world for which weProblems, 137:was needed and that their disappearance is the guarantee that a new and fuller unlimited spiritualProblems, 145:Masters, ever confers. Christ in every man, the guarantee of our eventual spiritual attainment;Problems, 149:Saviors and Teachers are the symbol and the guarantee. At certain great moments down the ages, GodProblems, 176:race certain lines of action seem right and to guarantee constructive attitudes. The UnitedPsychology1, 46:and of providing the media of contact which will guarantee a progressive satisfaction. In the humanPsychology1, 91:rejoiced upon our planet, what is left today to guarantee to us their existence in the past, not toPsychology1, 156:of man, small though it may appear to be, is a guarantee of his divinity. Stage by stage we slowlyPsychology1, 278:there, we find the true homosexual emerging as a guarantee of a distant racial and evolutionaryPsychology1, 285:symbol, and the historical Christ is the guarantee of its truth and reality. Christ guarantees forPsychology1, 288:same great Law, and the Christ was born, - the guarantee of the divinity of humanity and thePsychology1, 313:of God who have, in past ages, incarnated as the guarantee of the future possibilities. ThePsychology1, 343:may count and infallibly depend. They are the guarantee of attainment, but also of turmoil andPsychology1, 354:rays. The flower of any race, and those who guarantee its achievement, are to be seen in thePsychology1, 383:glory of the empire which was France is but the guarantee of a glory of divine revelation whichPsychology1, 389:and though it is as yet only indicated, the guarantee of the future is contained therein. The sixthPsychology2, 86:through which the soul has yet to work - are a guarantee of the innate divinity of man, with allPsychology2, 115:to work along the indicated lines. They have no guarantee as to the accuracy of claims madePsychology2, 234:of his sense of immortality, and which is his guarantee of union with the opposite pole to thePsychology2, 241:universal capacity to work and plan which is the guarantee that there exists in man the capacity toPsychology2, 700:along the indicated lines. As yet they have no guarantee as to the accuracy of the claims regardingRays, 120:manifestation of the divine will possible; they guarantee its intelligent application and itsRays, 121:the will of God and humanity everywhere is the guarantee of the inevitability of their expressionRays, 146:presented with clarity to the minds of men. The guarantee of the success of the experiment startedRays, 312:move and have our being; it is also [312] the guarantee of our ultimate and inevitable attainment,Rays, 355:experience, and thereby representing to us a guarantee of achievement. Students would do well toRays, 369:to achieve divinity - we have, therefore, the guarantee and the assurance of humanity's ultimateRays, 563:complete, but enough soul energy is present to guarantee that minimum of soul control which willRays, 619:divine love nature. You have, therefore, as a guarantee of the return of Christ into publicRays, 637:on; the emergence of the many ideologies are the guarantee that the true idealism will eventuallyRays, 650:the success of the individual initiate is the guarantee of the final success of the world disciple.Rays, 675:The success of the individual initiate is the guarantee of the racial destiny. The complications,Reappearance, 42:of the churches during the centuries is no guarantee of the spiritual success at which He aimed. ItReappearance, 49:by the Hierarchy under His direction, are the guarantee that He will come and that when He does,Reappearance, 75:God - be balanced by an expressed goodwill. The guarantee of the appearance of that goodwill is theReappearance, 84:and culture. Past attainment is ever the guarantee of future possibility. As Dispenser of the WaterReappearance, 163:before He was unrecognized, and is there any guarantee that this time it would be different? YouSoul, 73:upon which to make the passage that alone could guarantee that the representations in the head wereTelepathy, 55:already achieved in the three worlds lies the guarantee of achievement in the more subjectiveTelepathy, 59:and can be defined in its initial stages as the guarantee to the one who responds to it of a newTelepathy, 133:logoic thesis. An involutionary alignment (the guarantee of future successful alignments)
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