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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GUARDED

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Astrology, 82:is a stationary Cross, fixed in the Heavens, and guarded by the Angel. Behind the Cross, anotherAstrology, 156:strife and the horn of plenty subjected to and guarded by the horn of life." Again, an ancientAstrology, 627:care of that which must be nourished and guarded. Its highest aspect is the incarnated, manifestedAutobiography, 69:and fools are not responsible, and must be guarded. The first place, therefore, to which I went wasAutobiography, 275:mind. The belief in the Masters was a closely guarded secret; now They are discussed from publicAutobiography, 275:of meditation and its techniques were closely guarded subjects and the public was taught that suchBethlehem, 237:sarcophagus of stone, and there left, carefully guarded. Meanwhile the man himself was treadingDiscipleship1, 232:one or other of the bodies and that this must be guarded against and definitely offset. You have aDiscipleship1, 344:also a drift towards fanaticism. This must be guarded against; for disciples in training,Discipleship1, 409:to grasp it also? I cannot do more than be very guarded in what I give to you of stimulation and ofDiscipleship1, 438:close today. Unknown perhaps to you, I have guarded and shielded you from many unhappy worldDiscipleship1, 594:on your work. Your physical vehicle must be guarded and any intensity must be avoided. That is aDiscipleship1, 719:aspirant. The chela is, therefore, at this stage guarded and guided by someone who is still subjectDiscipleship1, 742:powers, but I do ask you to hold yourselves in guarded readiness to see and hear on all levels ofDiscipleship2, 223:cycles is one of the mysteries which is strictly guarded in the Council Chamber of the Lord of theDiscipleship2, 399:of the initiations is always most scrupulously guarded. The moment "wherein the initiate, standingDiscipleship2, 427:penetration which takes place "within the area guarded by the Spirits of the seven Rays." ThisDiscipleship2, 717:no deed that hurts another. This means I use a guarded brain against myself - the little personalExternalisation, 84:know, on that which is tangible and objective, guarded, defended or gained and procured byExternalisation, 121:the disciples and initiates; they guided and guarded infant humanity, much as modern parents guideExternalisation, 334:quality of the power aspect which must be guarded against, not in the sense that it must not beExternalisation, 653:reappearance of the Christ must be most closely guarded and controlled; wishful thinking and theExternalisation, 673:emerged from the silence in which They have guarded Themselves for so many thousands of years. TheFire, 259:Initiation, and even to them in a carefully guarded manner. Third, the revelation of the closeFire, 451:human Hierarchy, and which are very carefully guarded from the knowledge of man himself. WordsFire, 454:as it is now understood, as it will be the guarded, guided, scientific utilization of sound andFire, 475:the secret of the systemic formula is advisedly guarded from all searchers, and is only graduallyFire, 516:time; the true facts of the case are one of the guarded secrets of initiation, but the distinctionFire, 909:rising generation will be properly taught and guarded, and indiscriminate, hasty marriage will notFire, 996:book of magic, hidden in the caves of learning, guarded by the Masters, are the followingFire, 1006:attended to - desire adjusted and the identity guarded - both the solar Angel and the worker inFire, 1131:disciples, but these are secrets scrupulously guarded and not frequently used. The usual method, aGlamour, 222:to convey his meaning clearly by speech. He has guarded himself for many lives by deviousHercules, 28:to your fellowmen. Go forth into the country guarded by the second Gate and find and take theHercules, 41:lessons learnt. Rise soon and seek the country, guarded by Gate the third, and find the goldenHercules, 55:I say. Remember that the sacred tree is [55] guarded well. Three maidens fair cherish the tree,Hercules, 61:grew the golden apples; that the tree was guarded by the hundred-headed serpent; that, when heHercules, 92:mass; he is no longer one of the sheep, safely guarded in the sheepfold; he is no longer one of theHercules, 96:Upon the nearer side of the great Gate which guarded firm the country of Nemea, he dropped theHercules, 171:"I seek to free Prometheus." [171] "The path is guarded by the monster Cerberus, a dog with threeHercules, 196:pasture land where the red-hued cattle grazed. Guarded were they by the shepherd Eurytion and theHercules, 197:three men united. He had a herd of red cattle, guarded by a shepherd and a two-headed dog. HerculesHercules, 198:outstanding characteristic of humanity. They are guarded by a shepherd, which is the mind, theMagicby each student for himself. You have wisely guarded the teaching from the taint of superimposedMagic, 4:into heaven by some short cut. You have wisely guarded your books from the reaction accorded toMagic, 67:think. Thought has, therefore, to be carefully guarded. Those who are contacting the higher truthsMagic, 76:in black, rose and green. Thus are the secrets guarded with care. I felt it might be of interest toMagic, 518:Why are the secrets of the breath so carefully guarded? Because the efficacy of black magic isMeditation, 91:and enumerate certain dangers that must be guarded against by the man who progresses in meditation.Meditation, 95:to the mental body are very real and must be guarded against. They are paramountly two, and mightMeditation, 99:and disaster results. Another danger to be guarded against is that of [100] obsession, but in pureMeditation, 104:indications of trouble. All these dangers can be guarded against by the use of common sense, and byMeditation, 164:why it is that these forms are so carefully guarded and the words and keys concealed. TheirMeditation, 179:to pain and consequent reaction and must be guarded against with as much care as its opposite, lossMeditation, 179:as much care as its opposite, loss of vitality - guarded against, not in the sense of shuttingMeditation, 188:Mantrams calling the fire devas are equally well guarded, not only because of the dangers involvedMeditation, 319:initiates and does the work, superintended and guarded by the teachers, and his progress and theProblems, 82:constructive channels and if it remains safely guarded by the right men, the capitalistic system isPsychology2, 282:inspiration of the Christ, and it is "occultly guarded" by the Avatar of the physical plane. In allPsychology2, 420:visitor; and in the other it is left duly guarded and positively attentive to the call and the noteRays, 155:way into the innermost Center is most securely guarded; no one can pass onward and take those moreRays, 224:be factual. The secrets of initiation are thus guarded with care. One simple rule towardsRays, 368:of creativity is affected, and I had almost said guarded, by the "center which we call the race ofRays, 370:within itself, for the entire ashramic life is guarded by a ring-pass-not, created by itsRays, 379:ashramic life in its differentiated groups is guarded by a ring-pass-not. This ring-pass-not isRays, 409:In what I have to say, the teaching is carefully guarded. Two things should, however, be pointedRays, 717:objective remains still an obscure mystery - guarded rigidly in the Council Chamber of SanatRays, 766:Key Key the first lies hid under the Threshold, guarded by the Watcher. He who breaks in must stoopTelepathy, 39:an individual or a group) must be strenuously guarded as to motive and method; any group endeavorTelepathy, 40:of the subject should incite you to a guarded purity of life (astral and physical), to aTelepathy, 74:phrase, since its significance is most carefully guarded. Symbolically speaking and in order to
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