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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GUIDE

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Hercules, 169:Hercules stood face to face with him who was his guide, the latter spoke: "A thousand dangers youHercules, 169:Hercules stood, as before, at the side of his guide. "The shackled one whom you have seen is calledInitiation, 2:hold small place. That alone is a safe guide which holds its warranty from inner recognition andInitiation, 220:of the great Hierarchies of spiritual beings who guide the solar system. They took control of theIntellect, 56:can enter into the purposes and the plans which guide the Mind of God Himself. In fact, he arrivesIntellect, 140:manner towards the instincts and habits which guide our physical plane life and appetites. ThroughIntellect, 166:lead man on another step into the New Age, or guide his feet, as he mounts the stair towards theIntellect, 199:Michael de Molinos, The Spiritual Guide Up to this point our discussion has been academic andIntellect, 206:who is thinking (not feeling), and we steadily guide our thoughts at all times along certain chosenIntellect, 223:measure of soul contact, so that the soul could guide the energies evoked by the breath for theIntellect, 240:Thus shall we find the thread of gold which will guide us out of the maze of our present chaoticIntellect, 242:it can be constructive and liberating, and guide the man by right [243] and sane methods along theIntellect, 262:control all aspects of the lower nature, and guide the daily life in the ways of God. Magic, 48:its point of usefulness; the vital life that can guide and motivate the machine is likewiseMagic, 82:student can approximate the trend of affairs and guide himself thereby. When the point in evolutionMagic, 283:and the racial types. These three factors guide the Manu of the race as He builds a new race andMagic, 283:the outer Builders with His ideas. They also guide a Master of the Wisdom as He builds His physicalMagic, 302:earth bound souls, the average Indian chief and guide. There is nothing to be learned from them andMagic, 349:that which is given. Those of us who watch and guide on the inner side of life realize more thanMagic, 354:by bands of lesser devas or angels who suggest, guide and control. Others more advanced work inMagic, 354:either Christian or Oriental. The higher devas guide them, the blue and yellow devas, as the formerMagic, 371:asks what is to be the outcome. We who watch and guide on the inner side, watch with loving careMagic, 394:purpose and desire. Power to influence, sway, guide and hold others within the range of individualMagic, 398:those who stand behind the world evolution and guide the destinies of the little ones. Their gradesMagic, 400:oligarchy of elect souls who will govern and guide the world. They are being gathered out of everyMagic, 459:These latter, in their turn, seek to impress and guide the lesser workers and aspirants, who,Magic, 472:little children they will be found to be a safe guide into truth [473] and will eventually makeMagic, 515:soul in contemplation and can control and wisely guide their work in the world of men. This is theMagic, 542:and it has interested those of us who teach and guide to note how much emphasis is laid uponMagic, 553:if I might so express it, of the Thinkers Who guide our racial and planetary evolution. ThisMagic, 558:they could see their motives as we see them who guide on the subjective side of experience. MixedMagic, 584:Nothing is left to him but to become his own guide and find his own way home alone. In theMagic, 608:is the next step which planetary evolution will guide the race to take during the next two hundredMagic, 615:It is this maya itself which [615] serves to guide him into truth and knowledge; it is on the planeMagic, 621:of the technicalities of the plan. Those who guide the human race are not particularly concerned asMagic, 633:the voice of the group of world Masters serve to guide them unerringly forward. I have sought toMeditationwill appear at different times, as those who guide the race see a need which must be met. ManyMeditation, 14:I but indicate the underlying principles that guide the teacher in the choice of method suitableMeditation, 20:and from the knowledge gained thereby, he will guide his choice for the next. Prior to incarnationMeditation, 21:all, the work proceeds as desired by the inner guide, and only the life succeeding will demonstrateMeditation, 30:strong to form a basis for existence, and to guide it by means of instinct, and when the germ ofMeditation, 43:second ray monads, being the synthetic type, guide and rule through love. I think I have todayMeditation, 43:intuition is the rest left and what that inner guide reveals is of more value to the individualMeditation, 44:that seeks solely the commendation of the inner Guide and Teacher, and the egoic response to goodMeditation, 284:of the race, as he constitutes himself their guide and servant. See you therefore the synthesis ofMeditation, 298:a mass of information that may serve as a guide to Their future efforts for the race. EspeciallyMeditation, 321:the indications given through their study will guide the Head in his final decision. The pupil mustMeditation, 332:days for tested instruments. When Those Who guide human evolution at this period cast Their eyesMeditation, 347:covered and a life well spent. Those Who guide the human family test out all applicants for serviceMeditation, 349:his inner sense of contact with Those Who guide and lead remains unbroken; he cares not if he seemMeditation, 355:of the great Hierarchies of spiritual beings who guide the solar system. They took control of thePatanjali, 294:in man of the soul, and that this soul should guide the heart issues from the throne or the seatProblems, 68:the coming new world. Hence their opportunity to guide mankind at this time and their innateProblems, 122:Center where divinity rules and to those Who guide and direct that approach, will inevitably go on;Problems, 140:is definitely forming today. A second emerging guide to the spiritual life is the hope ofProblems, 146:that He will over-shadow, inspire and directly guide and personally confer with His advancedProblems, 166:where the Will of God is known Let purpose guide the little wills of men - The purpose which theProblems, 174:and wise statesmen [174] who are endeavoring to guide their people wisely but have as yet too muchPsychology1, 11:group. From the standpoint of Those Who see and guide, therefore, every group is constructingPsychology1, 83:and subjective workers which prompted Those Who guide so to direct the incoming spiritual energiesPsychology1, 107:and [107] each of them is, in his place, able to guide and help some aspirants. The world is fullPsychology1, 350:and the result of its influence will be to guide humanity into increasing knowledge. Its energyPsychology2, 26:to appreciate the world problem, and correctly guide and teach the people. They should realizePsychology2, 87:and controversial. The thread which will guide us out of the bewildering maze of thought into whichPsychology2, 108:rules by which the Teachers on the inner side, guide Their actions and Their thoughts, when workingPsychology2, 109:and more inclusive presents itself is Their guide. The sacrifice of pride and the sacrifice ofPsychology2, 490:Guides of the race at times in order to help and guide humanity. They can also be used byPsychology2, 572:one profound and scientific rule whereby he can guide his reactions. The only rules which I canPsychology2, 632:from the angle of Those Who are seeking to guide humanity into the New Age. This is of course aPsychology2, 638:right it is to watch over human evolution and to guide the destinies of men. This They carryPsychology2, 649:will lead to success. Those Who seek to lead and guide on the inner side will also have reason toPsychology2, 658:with the center of energy which is attempting to guide human affairs; their know something of thePsychology2, 739:the forces of hate and of death. As those who guide and teach upon the inner side of life look outRayshand that thread or clue which will eventually guide him out of the maze of the lower lifeRaysreal man, the directing agency will direct and guide all his members, imposing upon the "lunarRays, 151:The Law demands that right direction should then guide the entering forces. The Law demands thatRays, 165:The Law demands that right direction should then guide the entering forces. The entering forces,Rays, 240:into the world to feed the sheep, to seek, to guide and to become "fishers of men." The relation ofRays, 293:others for those expressions of truth which will guide them on their way. This word, therefore, isRays, 332:little understood) in their rightful place and guide man towards their helpful usage. Rays, 393:full assistance to all those who are seeking to guide humanity along correct lines - a relative fewRays, 695:the supposed source of his existence and his guide and mentor, is no longer needed; his relation,Rays, 759:earth; may Christ return to earth; let purpose guide the little wills of men; let the Plan seal theRays, 764:and knows; the occult sense of oneness must guide unto the gate. What else will lead a man to theReappearance, 31:where the Will of God is known Let purpose guide the little wills of men - The purpose which theReappearance, 48:those new truths which should in the future guide human living; they are building those newReappearance, 57:Jerusalem." (Luke IX, 51.) He will reappear and guide mankind into a civilization and a state ofReappearance, 87:where the will of God is known, let purpose guide the little wills of men." [88] The work ofReappearance, 142:to the day and age, but send out young men to guide humanity who are grounded only in the pastReappearance, 182:into the world to feed the sheep, to seek, to guide and to become "fishers of men." The relation ofSoul, 148:"The creative power of the soul is the only guide in our attempts to decipher the meaning of thisTelepathy, 88:a new type of registration will awaken and guide the disciple's consciousness. This stage, whichTelepathy, 138:where the Will of God is known Let purpose guide the little wills of men - The purpose which the
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