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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GUIDED

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Astrology, 393:the Bull which with ever increasing radiance has guided the struggling soul must give placeAstrology, 542:Pisces - is preparing the race. The evil men who guided the destiny of Germany talked of worldAutobiography, 231:disciples who, in their turn, are directed and guided by a few world disciples whose work is onAutobiography, 234:earth of the New Group of World Servers, led and guided by disciples and spiritual aspirants whoAutobiography, 238:two greatest world teachers and saviors. One has guided the Orient and the other has guided theAutobiography, 238:One has guided the Orient and the other has guided the Occident nearer to God. It is this themeBethlehem, 240:prophet or of the simple person rightly guided on the path of everyday duty. These are mainly four:Bethlehem, 246:be trained and taught; His followers must be guided and helped; the kingdom of God must beDestiny, 25:land and this without exception, or it is being guided in right directions (and this again withoutDestiny, 79:largely victims and should be just as easily guided into right ways as they have been, at present,Destiny, 79:into right ways as they have been, at present, guided into their present activities. They did,Discipleship1, 8:ever handicaps and limits. You will also be guided in your work by health and circumstance, and youDiscipleship1, 281:to group service. When the personality is guided by the intuition and by clear thinking and theDiscipleship1, 369:"The one who sought the needed knowledge, who guided those who laid the ground for later building,Discipleship1, 516:a persistence which is undaunted and which has guided you from your early days until now. ThisDiscipleship1, 540:occult sciences. But this mental body must be guided into being an instrument of illumination andDiscipleship1, 711:as a [711] spiritual being. The Master is guided by what he knows of you in your quiet moments ofDiscipleship1, 719:chela is, therefore, at this stage guarded and guided by someone who is still subject to glamor,Discipleship2, 127:we plunge. Together we come. Together we move, guided and led by the soul we serve and by thee, theDiscipleship2, 137:by the work done in the Ashrams of the Masters, guided by the Ashrams of the Chohans, weldedDiscipleship2, 221:of the accurate, esoteric approach. Their guided, mystical orientation will be one of the mostDiscipleship2, 255:now happen: the imparted theories which have guided the disciple's thinking hitherto must becomeDiscipleship2, 392:Plan to mankind and seek to make it workable, guided by spiritual compromise - the compromiseDiscipleship2, 572:say and what they might think, or are you still guided by the massed self-interest of that group ofDiscipleship2, 718:This will be hard for you, for it involves being guided by your heart, unprompted by your versatileExternalisation, 29:and the medium whereby the race has been guided has been a human-divine consciousness; the mediumExternalisation, 108:time. I would remind you that the Hierarchy is guided in its conclusions by the mass light and byExternalisation, 121:were the disciples and initiates; they guided and guarded infant humanity, much as modern parentsExternalisation, 167:behind such a call may be mixed and the leaders guided as much by expediency and selfish, nationalExternalisation, 260:refer also to the constructive forces which have guided mankind into the increasing light ofExternalisation, 430:and the selfish. When their thinking has been guided into right lines through a process of rightExternalisation, 485:are also to be found everywhere, ready to be guided into constructive activity, and to be theExternalisation, 597:securely concealed (though not hidden), He has guided the affairs of the spiritual Hierarchy, ofExternalisation, 607:the quiet mountain retreat where He has waited, guided and watched over humanity, and where He hasExternalisation, 689:the astral plane, and is impressed directly and guided in detail from the cosmic astral plane. FromFire, 91:aura. 39 S. D., I, 232-238. The whole cosmos is guided, controlled and animated by an almostFire, 454:it is now understood, as it will be the guarded, guided, scientific utilization of sound and colorFire, 472:in their myriads, work unconsciously, being guided and directed by words and sound. In this wayFire, 869:First circle Organized in the Hall of Ignorance. Guided by the force and energy of the Mahachohan.Fire, 869:Second circle Organized in the Hall of Learning. Guided by the force of the Bodhisattva. The secondFire, 869:- Third circle Organized in the Hall of Wisdom. Guided by the force and energy of the Manu. TheFire, 1273:the five. * * * Thus are the planets built; thus guided, ruled and known. [1274] Glamour, 196:atomic substance of his body and is, therefore, guided by the light of matter. Later, he discoversHercules, 14:proficient; I am well taught, well trained, well guided and well known. All books I know, all artsHercules, 51:The bull is not slaughtered, it is ridden and guided, and under the mastery of the man. Initiation, 143:the ceremonial chart by which the Initiator is guided, is it possible to perform the ceremony. ThisInitiation, 177:to find his own center of consciousness, to be guided and led by the inner ruler or Ego entirely,Intellect, 76:Self. But it takes a mental apprehension and a guided intuition to do this. Did Sir James JeansIntellect, 93:in his well known Aphorisms, which have [93] guided the enterprise of hundreds of Knowers, saysIntellect, 127:in The Idea of the Holy says that man "must be guided and led on by consideration and discussion ofIntellect, 163:Intuition, page 130. Here we have the mechanism guided and directed in its physical relations andIntellect, 165:of the world messages down the ages, which have guided the thoughts and destiny of men and broughtIntellect, 194:of the soul, transcending his angelic mode and guided by the intellect, pierces to the sourceMagic, 7:and ideals, the laws and the truths which have guided so many out of darkness into the light ofMagic, 139:whom the Masters can successfully use. They are guided in their choice of workers by a man'sMagic, 198:and his opportunity and do the best he can, guided by the age-old rules of Raja Yoga, and the lightMagic, 206:will lead to the consequent and subsequent [206] guided activity of the five other centers. TheMagic, 206:"seated on the throne between the eyebrows" and guided by the Light in the head will be awake toMagic, 279:the word of the creator were the outer builders guided. Through the ear of the creator the volumeMagic, 354:blue and yellow devas, as the former group are guided by the blue and rose. Back of them stand theMagic, 394:life so that the entire man functions and is guided by purpose (expressing the energy of will), byMagic, 396:their way into esoteric schools and have to be guided in such a manner that the soul natureMagic, 410:lesser degrees; they have all been subjectively guided step by step by their own souls, which have,Magic, 503:The Elder Brothers of the race who have guided humanity through long centuries, are now busyMagic, 604:aspirants and chelas all over the world may be guided in their knowledge as to where they standMeditation, 36:Until now the Teachers have only watched and guided without definitely dealing with the manMeditation, 175:of chaos. The lower kingdoms of the devas work, guided by the great Building Devas, and all moveMeditation, 345:measure of the problem to be solved, and is not guided by the well meant though often ill-judgedPatanjali, 294:the "awakened inner light." In this he is guided by the love, insight and wisdom which is hisProblems, 26:rights, nevertheless they allow themselves to be guided frequently by the inept, the partisanProblems, 26:but the lesser nations of the world will be guided and conditioned [27] by the result of thisPsychology1, 20:ancient times the basic propositions which have guided the human mentality down the ages. ThesePsychology1, 294:and his relation to the other sex will be guided not only by love and desire, but by an orderedPsychology1, 396:"The law went forth from the inner group which guided the destinies of men: Detach yourselves.Psychology2, 119:spontaneous [119] service, rendered in love and guided by wisdom, cannot be given. What is found upPsychology2, 484:and reduce the student to a condition of being guided, often of being directed, by illusionaryPsychology2, 488:man or woman upon the physical plane to whom the guided person is, usually unconsciously, lookingPsychology2, 696:Thus humanity can be more [696] definitely guided, for there will emerge some consciousRays, 87:of God - a purpose which is motivated by love, guided by a balanced judgment as to form, and whichRays, 237:the aura and the field of activity of Aquarius, guided by those who are responsive to theRays, 599:therefore the man upon the physical plane is guided, directed and controlled by group purpose andReappearance, 43:securely concealed (though not hidden). He has guided the affairs of the Spiritual Hierarchy, ofReappearance, 54:the quiet mountain retreat where He has waited, guided and watched over humanity and where [55] HeReappearance, 95:are also to be found everywhere, ready to be guided into constructive activity and to be theReappearance, 103:here to give the relatively few truths which guided the development of humanity in old Atlantis;Soul, 148:"inspired" writings of the world, and has guided the mental processes of the great inventors and
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