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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GUILTY

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Astrology, 446:- inadequate and corrupt as it has been and guilty of over-emphasizing certain forms of symbols -Astrology, 546:Of these, the rulers of Germany were guilty. They did not succeed in quenching the spiritual lifeAutobiography, 264:various esoteric sections have been disastrously guilty. Teachers will later appear who, will haveBethlehem, 198:times supposed to be an historical character) is guilty from his birth of original sin, in additionBethlehem, 200:the death of Christ upon the Cross, the sinner guilty of an unkind word being as much responsibleBethlehem, 215:if productive of wrongdoing, does not make a man guilty and therefore punishable. Sin and ignoranceBethlehem, 236:animate the dead, And draw the thunder on Thy guilty head; Then shalt Thou die, but from the darkDestiny, 127:devoted and holy sons of God who have never been guilty of the above stupidities and separateDiscipleship1, 512:descends upon him. Here again you are not guilty. Others in my group of disciples are more prone toExternalisation, 181:and behavior all peoples and all nations are guilty. Steadily, [182] as the world grew closer, theExternalisation, 431:prides. Of these faults all nations have been guilty. A sense of separateness of which the borderGlamour, 26:of ideas and thought-forms of which they are guilty, and of misinterpretations. Glamor is astral inGlamour, 147:impersonal love, particularly as they are both guilty (if I may use such a term) of the same basicHealing, 14:of accuracy: God, [14] the planetary Deity, is guilty of wrong thinking. But you will not beHealing, 212:harmless (and the majority of these people are guilty of a superior spirit of criticism), if theyMagic, 64:we divorce ourselves from others and become guilty of the sin of separateness - the one real sin.Magic, 523:As they clothe it they limit it and I am guilty of creating new prisoners who must ultimately beProblems, 11:of right human relations. All nations are guilty of these qualities and attitudes, expressedProblems, 14:our own) has clean hands, and that all are guilty of greed and theft, of separativeness, of pridePsychology1, 300:of the form life. All the race is equally guilty, and all must be equally active in the process ofPsychology2, 473:of ideas and thought forms of which they are guilty, and of misinterpretations. Glamor is astral inPsychology2, 647:have all failed to understand, and have all been guilty of lack of love and of tolerance. It isRays, 596:and by one world group in every country, those guilty of financial greed and consequentRays, 742:evil in the world and that which is primarily guilty of swaying the masses at this time is focused
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