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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HABITS

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Astrology, 170:battleground of the old established order and habits and the new and higher inclinations andAstrology, 229:ever to draw him back to the old ways, the old habits and the old desires. Astrology, 235:babies of today. The teaching of wrong sexual habits, the example of widespread prostitution (I useAutobiography, 122:have such silly faces; they have such stupid habits; they are completely devoid of intelligence;Autobiography, 266:by their means the neophyte establishes habits of purity and builds the type of body, required byBethlehem, 198:ancient system of sacrifices, and the ancient habits of thought were too strong for the new ideaBethlehem, 202:boundary which ancient custom, ordained right habits, and the social order have imposed upon theDestiny, 25:of ancient codes and the curse of ancient habits of thought and living. It is what is happeningDestiny, 109:and mode into characteristics and established habits. It is the new ways of working and the newDiscipleship1or he might indicate some need for changed habits of thought. Then the disciple went away -Discipleship1, 56:body into organized activity, based on ancient habits. For the disciple and for the success of hisDiscipleship1, 62:them so that they develop eventually into stable habits and so give you no trouble and furtherDiscipleship1, 129:do not suffice to offset the tendencies and habits of a lifetime or maybe of several life cycles.Discipleship1, 168:you grow older and tendencies crystallize into habits. The only way to do this is to deepen andDiscipleship1, 175:leading, as I have said, to right automatic habits of response, should be regarded as a liberation,Discipleship1, 208:out in the present life of the established habits, qualities and tendencies brought into expressionDiscipleship1, 262:That which hinders you now is mostly old habits of thought and speech and these too must go. TheyDiscipleship1, 306:of full and loving service - I speak of inner habits of thought and not of any externalDiscipleship1, 314:man to the world of souls. It is here that right habits and attitudes in life to the world ofDiscipleship1, 315:personality in a previous life leaves definite habits of thought and of activity; it has built intoDiscipleship1, 341:entirely govern your attitudes, though ancient habits still persist. Twenty years ago you wereDiscipleship1, 347:new way, but has often to offset the established habits of thought and the impatience of a tooDiscipleship1, 349:and become a life tendency or permanent habits, then meditation can be shifted into anotherDiscipleship1, 445:of the Observer bring changes in my life, my habits, and my attitudes? Through which body do I mostDiscipleship1, 473:see you breaking - past recovery - old thought habits and ancient forms. Be not discouraged becauseDiscipleship1, 474:thoughts which are the result of wrong thought habits. Endeavor, therefore, to be of a vitalDiscipleship1, 508:problematical. It is not so now. The ancient habits of thought and the quick submerging by the oldDiscipleship1, 510:with occasional brief relapses through old habits of thought not yet completely transcended? YourDiscipleship1, 511:through those states of mind and those habits of thought which are so familiar that theirDiscipleship1, 522:past years and though old rhythms and thought habits often draw you back outside your garden ofDiscipleship1, 569:Fourth month...The elimination of those habits which tend to cloud the mind and render the manDiscipleship1, 683:a purificatory nature and the cultivated right habits of thought which are the major undertaking ofDiscipleship1, 715:present, then what might be called "spiritual habits" begin to form and are steadily established.Discipleship1, 736:by those others and presented also by one's own habits of thought. This is all a form ofDiscipleship1, 747:discipleship and have not yet cast off ancient habits of thought. These questions have eventuallyDiscipleship2, 12:attention to the multiplicity of inherited habits and a more concentrated attention to a main, orDiscipleship2, 81:all of us, and the development of certain mental habits, which I will proceed to discuss with youDiscipleship2, 205:a definite measure of decentralization; to this, habits of meditation rapidly contribute. As theDiscipleship2, 271:when such right relations are the firmly fixed habits of all "points of [272] divine expression."Discipleship2, 447:in your environment and in your established habits have offset much reaction. This is, perhaps,Discipleship2, 456:time, and why they should be so interested in habits of thought and action and speech which theDiscipleship2, 556:a steadfast adherence to established spiritual habits. Enough emphasis is seldom put on theDiscipleship2, 556:disciples have to learn to turn their spiritual habits into instinctual spiritual responsiveness;Discipleship2, 602:the brain as in your case, but brain-responsive habits are apt to remain powerful for a long timeDiscipleship2, 628:the threads are picked up, the old spiritual habits are reinstated, and the disciple again proceedsExternalisation, 82:situation. It is so easy to drift into the same habits of speech and thought which we find aroundExternalisation, 115:human beings by their wrong thinking, foolish habits of physical living and undesirable emotionalExternalisation, 129:untrammeled by territorial barriers and national habits of thought; it involves the right and theExternalisation, 135:are the fault of humanity as a whole, and of the habits of thought which have made mankind selfishExternalisation, 135:ancient errors of judgment, wrong attitudes and habits of thought, worldwide selfish purpose andExternalisation, 137:my brothers) is humanity itself with its ancient habits of thought, its selfishness and greed.Externalisation, 181:to the lower have been deeply rooted human habits for ages. Of these ancient habits of thought andExternalisation, 181:rooted human habits for ages. Of these ancient habits of thought and behavior all peoples and allExternalisation, 253:within their own home limits, in their life habits and in their private circumstances. When I hereExternalisation, 279:as well as all beloved tendencies, cultivated habits of thought and every determined effort to makeExternalisation, 293:limitations and the sumtotal of the selfish habits and desires which are characteristic of theExternalisation, 293:indicates the past with its limitations and evil habits. So [294] do those Avatars Who from time toExternalisation, 309:service on the physical plane. It is old habits of [310] thought and the determined effort toExternalisation, 416:to divinity. This will grow out of the ancient habits of prayer as used by the masses, and theExternalisation, 696:what might be called Their personality lives and habits, I have naught to say. I know well theGlamour, 27:overcome the ancient rhythms and deep seated habits and thus steadily purify the aura. But this hasGlamour, 213:stages are established as related activities, habits and automatic reactions, and when theGlamour, 215:ancient evil and with firmly established [215] habits of glamor. They are closely connected withGlamour, 267:of self-will, all lower potencies and ancient habits of any of the three bodies (both bad andHealing, 19:of dangerous appetite, which lead to undesirable habits, a letting down of the morale, and areHealing, 19:He succumbs to them and pays the price of such habits, which is disease and death. These four typesHealing, 62:great numbers, in incarnation, and the ancient habits are too strong for them. They are now farHealing, 63:the victim of these ancient evil predisposing habits. It might be pointed out here thatHealing, 63:kinds: That which is the result of ancient evil habits. This is the major cause today andHealing, 63:use so paradoxical a term) and so developed evil habits in sexual intercourse from which they mightHealing, 65:the past presupposes long and well-established habits. Such habits are inevitably the result of oneHealing, 65:long and well-established habits. Such habits are inevitably the result of one of two factors:Healing, 78:people. This is partly due to the agelong habits of suppression and of inhibition which the race,Healing, 89:the individual and so establish rhythmic life habits - one of the major predisposing incentives toHealing, 90:the natural processes and the establishing, as habits, the correct cycles of physical functioning,Healing, 229:be taught today to refrain from certain physical habits. Humanity then knew well what was evil,Healing, 251:homes, undernourishment, wrong food, evil habits of life and various occupational diseases - allHealing, 269:them, and to refuse to recognize as barriers old habits of thought and ancient bad relations. MenHealing, 269:for the situation is of so ancient a date that habits of thought, customary attitudes and separateHealing, 399:confidence and subjective realization are old habits of thought, the developed materialisticHealing, 481:man, those conditions will be negated and those habits avoided which today lead inevitably to illHealing, 562:tendency. To the development of homosexual habits or to those perversions which warp the life ofHercules, 42:thought-impelled response of God to form; the habits instituted by the timeless interplay betweenHercules, 118:small hearts, that cause wrong attitudes and habits; the body being but an automatic responseInitiation, 197:when effecting changes in the diet and in the habits of a lifetime. Everything in nature progressesIntellect, 75:about our mental reactions, and our instinctual habits. Now man must possess himself consciously ofIntellect, 140:a subconscious manner towards the instincts and habits which guide our physical plane life andIntellect, 203:that all initial steps are hard, for the habits and rhythms of many years have to be offset. ButIntellect, 212:aspects of the mind (growing out of racial habits and inherited instincts, and, hence, calling forMagic, 183:the aspirant's attention. Curiosity as to the habits and methods of specific Masters and Their waysMagic, 183:be displayed than patient application to right habits and ways of work in the life of the would-beMagic, 232:be held down by the chains of his own past habits and his karma. He has gained the vital power andMagic, 259:that the establishing and stabilizing of right habits is, for the aspirant to discipleship, a primeMagic, 302:capacities: a. Instinctual psychological thought habits, which have their roots deep in the animalMagic, 490:will not be permitted; certain old thought habits will be offset by the institution of constructiveMagic, 491:hourly watchfulness, but only until ancient habits have been overcome and the new rhythmMagic, 625:[625] and their individual life tendencies and habits. These eventually assert themselves and therePatanjali, 26:rhythm upon the old, and to efface deep seated habits and modifications by the institution of soulPatanjali, 140:hindrances themselves are the result of wrong habits of thought and the misuse of the thinkingPatanjali, 140:be exterminated in the latent stages by right habits of thought resulting in the setting up of the
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