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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HABITS

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Patanjali, 142:result of long continued emotional and mental habits. Instinctively, from ancient practice andPatanjali, 422:Unless the utmost vigilance is exerted, the old habits of mind will very easily reassertProblems, 11:not based solely upon appearance, intonation or habits but primarily upon the expressed mentalProblems, 15:by a mere handful of powerful groups. Ancient habits of mass thinking and of mass reaction areProblems, 18:propaganda, the German people can develop right habits of thought as easily as they have been ledProblems, 97:wanderings he has inevitably developed certain habits of living and thinking which, again, theProblems, 98:found themselves fostered this tendency; thus habits of were formed which stillProblems, 103:he has built up a wall of taboos, of habits and of religious observances which separate him offPsychology1, 160:A man's physical reactions, his emotional habits, and his mental processes - normal and abnormal -Psychology2, 20:from our inherited teaching and thought habits, and from the standpoint of modern knowledge andPsychology2, 232:but protecting and governing most of the habits and life of the organism. Much of the emotionalPsychology2, 237:upon the form life (with its own psychical habits) will test the powers of any disciple. To this wePsychology2, 243:to condition the lower man so that his life, his habits, his [244] desires and his thoughts arePsychology2, 252:He has the physical attributes, functions, habits [253] and mechanism of the fourth kingdom inPsychology2, 465:the stronger, owing to the well established habits and the ancient rhythms of the personalityPsychology2, 474:He is recovering - through stimulation - ancient habits of psychic awareness which should liePsychology2, 477:misapplied stimulation and experiment - old habits of contact, such as clairvoyance andPsychology2, 478:a problem and a difficulty. The ancient habits must be dropped, but because of their antiquity theyPsychology2, 481:and the present methods become established habits, the race would forfeit its most divinePsychology2, 495:for it includes not only the past astral habits of the race, ready - when given certainPsychology2, 532:- now so prevalent - would never grow into habits and thought states as they now do. Psychology2, 546:always caused by wrong eating and wrong physical habits. It is brought about in many cases by thePsychology2, 547:are the result of injudicious action or unwise habits in this life and definitely condition hisPsychology2, 630:analysis, only the entrenched ancient ideals and habits of thought which have served their purposePsychology2, 666:[666] their minds, their reactions and their habits of speech. They sometimes resent the fact thatPsychology2, 677:no longer a victim of his wrong tendencies and habits, but begins to dominate them by imposing hisRays, 66:out and endeavor to build up the right spiritual habits. In this way the Master wastes no time onRays, 126:he does them automatically and his spiritual habits offset all the lower physical tendencies;Rays, 126:tendencies; automatically these developed habits enable him to surmount the appeal of those desiresRays, 214:lines of thought are refused admission; certain habits of thinking are eradicated and certainRays, 549:brings about what the Master Morya has called "habits of residence which imperil the resident." ItRays, 614:be stabilized; this capacity and these habits, these unselfish activities and these spiritualRays, 620:the future in terms of lessons learnt and new habits of a better nature established (written inRays, 626:its national emphases, and its developed habits of thought or - as the case may be - of feeling. Rays, 629:aspirant - the conflict of ingrained personality habits and thoughts and faults, with a steadilyReappearance, 115:happiness correctly, to overcome the ancient habits of misery, and thus to know the meaning of trueTelepathy, 40:into activity the latent seeds of action and of habits (good or bad), thus producing revelation,
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