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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HAIR

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Autobiography, 19:years old. I do remember her beautiful golden hair and her gentleness, but that is all. I alsoAutobiography, 24:peculiar name, Miss Millichap. She had lovely hair, a plain face, wore dresses of great prudery,Autobiography, 26:colored sashes, silk stockings and well brushed hair were the order and then, hand in hand, we hadAutobiography, 53:they wore cheap and badly cut clothes and their hair seemed to need brushing; they were too good toAutobiography, 53:not do that kind of thing. The clothes, diction, hair style and jewelry would not appeal to theAutobiography, 55:nearly blew myself across the room and singed my hair and could not take the meeting that night.Autobiography, 55:to come to a dead stop, red to the roots of my hair and feeling shaky. Then a voice came from theAutobiography, 77:conference with the managers, and to tearing my hair over the accounts, for I never had theAutobiography, 156:summed up in the words: "All I saw was a hank of hair and a bony female!" I have always had lots ofAutobiography, 156:and a bony female!" I have always had lots of hair. It is a family inheritance and my three girlsAutobiography, 156:and my three girls have masses of lovely hair. I shall never forget a remark of my eldest daughter,Autobiography, 157:with a double meaning). I had washed [157] my hair one day in England and was sitting out in theAutobiography, 157:back to people and they saw only your lovely hair, they would never guess how old you are!" Fire, 319:quoted. "There, where the dividing of the hair turns, extending upward to the crown of the head";Hercules, 170:flitted by. When Hercules perceived Medusa, her hair entwined with hissing snakes, he seized hisHercules, 200:Coma Berenices in Virgo who sacrificed her hair to be of service, representing the soul onlyInitiation, 54:is a man of tall and commanding presence, dark hair and beard and dark eyes, and might beInitiation, 55:M. He is of fair complexion, with goldenbrown hair and beard, and eyes of a wonderful deep blue,Initiation, 56:and spare with rather a long thin face, black hair, pale complexion and piercing blue eyes. HisInitiation, 58:man, with pointed black beard, and smooth black hair, and does not take as many pupils as do thePsychology1, 58:states of sentiency as are registered by the hair, by the internal organisms in the body, by theSoul, 31:its relation to the growth of the body, to the hair, heart, blood and organs of generation. AllSoul, 102:an extreme: Split a hundred times the tip of a hair, And take a hundredth part thereof; That I
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