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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HALVES

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Bethlehem, 82:right attitude which will make it possible. The halves of our essential duality - soul and body,Bethlehem, 204:latent in the relationship between the two [204] halves of man's nature - the spiritual and theBethlehem, 231:Dixon [231] This initiation is divided into two halves, and of neither of them do we know veryDiscipleship1, 385:the far horizon - is a golden gate, with the two halves of its door closed. Then picture yourselfDiscipleship1, 385:you as you advance, dividing the field into two halves, and leading straight to the golden gates.Discipleship1, 385:As you advance along this path, imagine the two halves of the gate slowly opening as you go forwardExternalisation, 591:will be revealed and emphasized. The two halves of a perfect Whole will then be recognized byFire, 1183:the entire ring-pass-not, bisecting it into two halves. With this stream enters that group ofHealing, 48:chiropractors and of the osteopaths forms two halves of one whole, little as their practitionersHealing, 264:gets most interesting. They divided into two halves: the Israelites with headquarters at Samaria,Magic, 104:previous one, for Rules II and III are the two halves of a whole, I would like to remind you that,Meditation, 325:to: 1. The school year will be divided into two halves, one half wherein the pupils are strenuouslyPsychology1, 277:of the separation of a unity into two aspects or halves. These we can call spirit and matter, malePsychology1, 278:cycle will have been run and the two separated halves will again be merged in their essentialPsychology1, 286:physical but is a union of the two separated halves on all three planes, - physical, emotional and
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