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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HAND

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Astrology, 103:man preparing? Is there an imminent crisis at hand which indicates a birth into some new state ofAstrology, 190:Archer has to acquire and hold a steady eye, hand and stance prior to firing the arrow which, whenAstrology, 216:the psychic senses and the appearance on every hand of the subtler and more esoteric powers ofAstrology, 322:that which lies above, below, and upon every hand," as the Old Commentary expresses it. It is alsoAstrology, 474:to take his spiritual unfoldment consciously in hand. The cycle of initiation from the preparatoryAstrology, 508:himself to be imprisoned by them. On the other hand, they offer opportunity if he is orientedAstrology, 541:commit suicide (if I may speak symbolically) and hand over their immediate future to the forces ofAstrology, 559:long in coming. [559] Now that the "time was at hand," the Son fulfiled the law in cooperation withAtom, 6:problems, though no panacea lies ready to our hand whereby we can remedy the world's ills, yet theAtom, 14:our little human life in the hollow of His hand, and "sweetly ordering" all things according toAtom, 40:would become noxious. So, on the other hand, body-cells may educate themselves to vibrate inAtom, 55:Latin words, meaning "to touch or handle by the hand" (manus, the hand, and fendere, to touch), andAtom, 55:"to touch or handle by the hand" (manus, the hand, and fendere, to touch), and the idea thenAtom, 111:one-pointedly centered upon the matter he has on hand, and who keeps his attention fixed upon theAtom, 134:You will have him definitely taking himself in hand, endeavoring to live the life of the spirit,Atom, 135:force or entity can use his brain, his hand, or his body. It is quite a common phenomenon.Atom, 139:is that we should consciously take ourselves in hand, seek to come ever more and more under controlAtom, 152:attraction for our solar system. On the other hand, you will find this flatly contradicted. WeAutobiography, 13:great houses; yet I have worked as a factory hand to support the children. It was a sardine canneryAutobiography, 26:and well brushed hair were the order and then, hand in hand, we had to go to the drawing room whereAutobiography, 26:brushed hair were the order and then, hand in hand, we had to go to the drawing room where theAutobiography, 34:was nothing but sorrow and trouble on every hand. I had not asked to come into the world but here IAutobiography, 63:home. They would keep out of sight but dose at hand and the spectacle would then be seen of me andAutobiography, 65:got up and leaned across the table, held out his hand and said, "Shake. If you will stick to us, weAutobiography, 73:an extent that they got quite seriously out of hand. The lady in charge, I fancy, got a littleAutobiography, 78:to help, at least the dying man could hold my hand. I learnt one important thing as I sat withAutobiography, 83:Suddenly old Bugaloo came up to me and put his hand on my arm (a thing no Indian servant ever does)Autobiography, 93:dropped three dozen plates one by one out of his hand - I honestly believe because I sat thereAutobiography, 94:porter stood impatiently outside the door to hand me the hymn sheets." I stopped crying for a fewAutobiography, 101:capacity to meet human need, and to be "a strong hand in the dark" to other fellow pilgrims. I haveAutobiography, 103:we got to the station, he got down and took my hand and said, "Miss Alice, I don't like him and IAutobiography, 126:[126] starve I decided to become a factory hand and. work in a sardine cannery. I remember the timeAutobiography, 130:I went around the corner with him. He stuck his hand down into his jeans and hauled out half aAutobiography, 133:difficult time in which I worked as a factory hand that I contacted Theosophy. I do not like theAutobiography, 135:of these two women. They took me immediately in hand and gave me books to read and I was in and outAutobiography, 138:from it. Then these two old ladies took me in hand. Day after day, for weeks, they taught me. IAutobiography, 150:He hoped to find his door easily by passing his hand along the wall as his door was next to mine.Autobiography, 162:all the time) or straight fraud; or on the other hand, those writings which are a result of aAutobiography, 185:Britain in the summer of 1946 I got direct first-hand information from the nationals in manyAutobiography, 205:and clamming they needed. I'm really a great hand at clam chowder. Thanks to the kindness of aAutobiography, 211:often wore. He looked at me, smiled, waved his hand and disappeared. I went to Foster and told himAutobiography, 228:the esoteric section in the T.S. I'm not a good hand at joining organizations but I wrote to theAutobiography, 228:man came up to me with a small suit case in his hand and said, "I have been ordered by the SuddhaAutobiography, 238:seek out God and consciously to take himself in hand for discipline and endurance, he finds himselfAutobiography, 276:of the higher forces, direct and first-hand knowledge of the spiritual Hierarchy which governs theBethlehem, ix:upper room Where that sad cup was passed from hand to hand In token of my love for all mankindBethlehem, ix:room Where that sad cup was passed from hand to hand In token of my love for all mankind Within theBethlehem, 38:with its constituent externality on the one hand or with the life of the absolute on the other. OurBethlehem, 38:and reshaping itself. It is, on the other hand, a thread or fiber of the absolute life, ...a streamBethlehem, 42:me Thou shalt love and be loved by, for ever: A Hand like this hand Shall throw open the gates ofBethlehem, 42:love and be loved by, for ever: A Hand like this hand Shall throw open the gates of new life toBethlehem, 111:back upon itself and there is no one to help, no hand to aid and no voice to strengthen, that thoseBethlehem, 122:want. They are doing so at this time on every hand. But the things which truly matter must at theBethlehem, 124:stands in the glamor of doubt. Doubt is on every hand. It is an emotional matter. The clear, cool,Bethlehem, 149:golden-gleaming am I, of form divine. Without hand and foot, rich in unthinkable might, SightBethlehem, 222:to hold it open Himself, so that it might be His hand and His aid which should lift us over theBethlehem, 224:used by Christ, the psalmist says, "Into thine hand I commit my spirit, for thou hast redeemed me."Bethlehem, 240:be to the Eternal Goodness what his own right hand is to a man.' Absolute devotion or surrender ofBethlehem, 255:gods, psychologically incompatible. On the one hand, the peace of the hermit, the silence of theBethlehem, 255:contemplation, the vision of God. On the other hand, the variety and stress of life, the zest ofBethlehem, 263:the age are now appreciating this, and on every hand the call is going out for a deepening of life,Bethlehem, 273:wide tolerance which will see divinity on every hand and recognize the Christ in every human being.Destiny, 24:and travesties of reality abound on every hand; on all sides the dead level of the people (theDestiny, 36:is equally difficult for the Lords of the Left Hand Way as it is for the Great White Lodge. This isDestiny, 45:of government, of religion on the one hand and of the newer emerging ideas on the other. These newDiscipleship1, XII:they picture for us the man who, having "put his hand to the plow," turns not back but pressesDiscipleship1, 25:When the Plan is truly intuited and at first hand, then constructive effort becomes inevitable andDiscipleship1, 25:Plan and its interpretation at second or third hand by the ignorant which is responsible for theDiscipleship1, 66:We have to use the material which lies to hand and are greatly handicapped at all times. After youDiscipleship1, 92:the door of light where the Master takes his hand and the Angel of the Presence becomes potent andDiscipleship1, 100:agony, anxiety and distress - seeing it on every hand and attempting to stand steady in the midstDiscipleship1, 151:kept its place and darkness was around on every hand. Each star within its tiny orbit kept itsDiscipleship1, 151:stars are suns and shed their light on every hand. Seek out a sun and feed its life. Shed forthDiscipleship1, 159:reactions are subordinated to the work in hand and the lower man presents no impediments to thatDiscipleship1, 165:give freely of your time and help. Hold out the hand of fellowship. Where there is life and theDiscipleship1, 167:co-disciples - throughout the world or close at hand. Brace yourself, therefore, and with the otherDiscipleship1, 176:Presence of my soul, reveals the God on every hand, in every man. I see divinity on every hand inDiscipleship1, 176:hand, in every man. I see divinity on every hand in every form. I think, my brother, that if youDiscipleship1, 228:your service possible. The moment a man sets his hand to the plow and starts upon his plugging,Discipleship1, 259:way." See these mountains, standing on either hand, one in the shade and the other in the light.Discipleship1, 259:the Way, I pass, I leave these twain on either hand. 4th month - The Middle Way leads to a bridgeDiscipleship1, 265:I seek, I cry to serve your need. Give me your hand and tread the Path with me." Your usefulness toDiscipleship1, 313:door, for each must turn the key with his own hand, and each must enter through that door alone."Discipleship1, 368:and realignment among all of you so that, hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder and with eyes fixedDiscipleship1, 368:realignment among all of you so that, hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder and with eyes fixed uponDiscipleship1, 393:detaching process. Begin with those you have at hand and those who know and love you and togetherDiscipleship1, 394:and steadfast stand, seeing the truth on every hand? 6th month - How can I guide my brothers on theDiscipleship1, 407:for fear that you touch them with too powerful a hand. You are too occupied with the mentalDiscipleship1, 414:plus all your life interests, with too heavy a hand. There are two things which every disciple mustDiscipleship1, 457:the solar plexus and somewhat under the left hand ribs.) Send the other stream of force, by an actDiscipleship1, 473:Why then employ a different tool when the one to hand is effective and clean? I will, however, makeDiscipleship1, 528:backing on the wall, and with a latticed hand-rail on the side towards the stream. The gate to thisDiscipleship1, 537:and love the many. 5th month - Stretch out a hand to all, and aid the stumbling on the way. 6thDiscipleship1, 544:certainly can be ascertained by you at first hand. Use, therefore, discrimination, my brother. ThatDiscipleship1, 584:the Road, must have the open ear, the giving hand, the silent tongue, the chastened heart, theDiscipleship1, 640:in its issue) which can make you a strong hand in the dark to others. Forget this not, but battleDiscipleship1, 653:nation, your opportunity to fire other lives, to hand the torch of living love to others, and toDiscipleship1, 674:form. Another voice, coming from close at hand utters another phrase. The life continues on itsDiscipleship1, 680:as present in all whom the Masters take in hand and weld into their groups for service. They are:Discipleship1, 723:therein. A chela with a light leads him by the hand from light into a greater Light. "This is a
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