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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HAND

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Magic, 229:and pledged chela) is known to him as the left hand path and the other the path of right activity.Magic, 257:be attracted towards the destructive or 'left-hand' path." The reasons for this brevity may beMagic, 258:will always exist the tendency towards the "left-hand path" until soul consciousness is permanentlyMagic, 259:is enunciated. World need and opportunity go hand in hand at this time. The Great Ones, Who standMagic, 259:World need and opportunity go hand in hand at this time. The Great Ones, Who stand as a wallMagic, 259:been attracted toward the destructive or left-hand path, because selfishness has been the motive,Magic, 260:of Light and the hierarchy controlling the left-hand path, or the path of control by form andMagic, 265:else." Well may he then figuratively place his hand in that of his Father in Heaven, and hold theMagic, 267:must be borne in mind if the dangers of the left hand path are to be avoided. Let me here make someMagic, 267:produce a truer understanding of the words "left hand path". We are dealing here primarily withMagic, 267:those thought-forms which man creates: The left hand path concerns the matter aspect and the lifeMagic, 267:but not in line with soul expression. The left hand path, therefore, is the path of progress forMagic, 267:at every stage are either confined to the left hand path or embrace it and yet go beyond it, andMagic, 267:it and yet go beyond it, and follow the right hand way. This sentence provides food for thought andMagic, 267:all forms, whether they follow the right or left hand way are alike up to a certain point; theyMagic, 268:functioning and the sure avoidance of the left hand path. This is a lesson little appreciated byMagic, 268:wrong direction and find its way on to the left hand path and so increase the power of matter andMagic, 269:produces a tendency to the left [269] hand path and a gradual attraction away from the Plan and theMagic, 269:of the stream of life which we call the right hand Path, because it leads humanity out of form intoMagic, 269:between the magic of the right and left hand ways and when they have achieved, these two ways willMagic, 349:look straight on. Turn not to the right hand nor to the left. The path leads upward and on toMagic, 381:the black adepts and the followers of the left hand path. When the Ibezhan adepts (again underMagic, 400:their interpretation of truth that they see the hand of God in all happenings, His imprint upon allMagic, 401:and give to them the sign of recognition and the hand of a brother. They recognize likewise ThoseMagic, 409:those who know and who sense the inner guiding hand of the Hierarchy are aware that the heart ofMagic, 416:to do almost anything to which he sets his hand, but with a basic impulse to work on thought levelsMagic, 432:our being is steadily increasing. On the one hand, you have the devastating expression of the wildMagic, 468:form. Another voice, coming from close at hand utters another phrase. The life continues on itsMagic, 487:construed. You add not to the talk, you do not hand on the information, as far as you are concernedMagic, 525:of all the sons of men. It includes on the one hand the hierarchy of adepts who have deliberatelyMagic, 560:he stands as a rock of strength and as a strong hand in the dark to all whom he contacts. TheMagic, 575:of the Masters has said, "It is but with armed hand and ready either to conquer or perish that theMagic, 575:of disciples these words are found: "The armed hand is an empty hand and this protects itsMagic, 575:words are found: "The armed hand is an empty hand and this protects its possessor from theMagic, 575:from the accusations of his enemies. It is a hand freed from the taint of the four symbolic evils -Magic, 577:centers transmit their energies via the right hand and others via the left. Much knowledge isMagic, 578:hands, uplifted in blessing. Only the "armed hand" can safely be used in the work of salvation;Magic, 580:and will knowingly tread the right or the left hand path. D. The speed of the force used isMagic, 594:are active, then the Master will take the man in hand. In the meantime he may have a vision of theMagic, 618:of service. Thus they become lost, on the one hand, in the vague and misty realms of a beautifulMagic, 618:and of delightful theories; on the other hand, they become engulfed in a dramatization ofMeditation, 66:the higher and the lower is an instrument in the hand of the Logos for the hastening of His plan.Meditation, 100:to beginning the consideration of the matter on hand, I would like to point out to you a certainMeditation, 115:even takes the first step to ward the left-hand path. Unless inner growth finds expression in groupMeditation, 123:arrests the progress of a man towards the left-hand path. In this sense it is a disguised blessing.Meditation, 134:the higher, is in danger of straying on the left-hand path. Many so stray... but come back, andMeditation, 138:of this common sense to the matter in hand. Sleep much and, in sleeping, learn to render the bodyMeditation, 140:great apart from the supervision of a teacher at hand to watch reactions. These forms may later beMeditation, 190:to other searchers, and to hold out a helping hand to those following behind. To say: "I hear" mayMeditation, 201:the Manu and His subordinates upon the matter in hand. So in the department of the Bodhisattva willMeditation, 231:But by constant application to the subject in hand, by frequent brooding and meditation on theMeditation, 237:a virtue you have the key to the matter in hand. You will have noted two facts that stand out inMeditation, 251:Supreme concentrated attention to the matter in hand makes them what they are, and in many respectsMeditation, 268:of one-pointed application to the duty in hand (which is after all the fruit of meditation workedMeditation, 283:of the whole threefold man to the work in hand. It entails, therefore, the application of theMeditation, 301:nerve and bends every effort to the work in hand. If all that is possible is done, when the GreatPatanjali, 72:subtler bodies with the physical body on the one hand, and with the soul on the other, willPatanjali, 285:and he knows that the day of liberation is at hand. Through meditation and ability to function asPatanjali, 381:to do. It is part of unfoldment on the left-hand Path. The gaining of the soul powers by intensePatanjali, 383:of religion, a man definitely takes himself in hand, and through conformity to the rules and thePatanjali, 390:exceedingly rare, and have relation to the left hand path, and the practice of black magic. ThoughPatanjali, 391:either good or bad desire attract him on either hand. That type of activity which is called white.Patanjali, 392:and its relation to matter on the one hand and to spirit on the other. Meditation, or mind controlPatanjali, 393:selfish, material, and inclined to the left hand path; if black-white, they will carry him into aProblems, 14:in right national citizenship upon the one hand and on the other in the responsibility for worldProblems, 63:Indications of this can be seen on every hand but as yet the emphasis is not laid in trainingProblems, 110:upon the Negro as a field laborer, a factory hand, a beast of burden, or one only [111] capable ofProblems, 122:any vague or distant center called the "right hand of God" (a symbolic phrase), but from close atProblems, 122:of God" (a symbolic phrase), but from close at hand and near to humanity whom He eternally loves.Problems, 171:and loving understanding. Then, on the other hand, we can have a period (difficult but helpfulPsychology1, 10:the mind aspect becomes organized) to the left hand path of black magic. Psychology1, 61:a son of God, incarnate in form, with one hand (as the Old Commentary says) holding firmly to thePsychology1, 61:firmly to the rock of matter and with the other hand plunged into a sea of love. An ancientPsychology1, 61:ancient scripture puts it thus: "When the right hand of the man of matter grasps the flower of lifePsychology1, 61:of life and plucks it for himself, the left hand remains in emptiness. "When the right hand of thePsychology1, 61:left hand remains in emptiness. "When the right hand of the man of matter grasps the golden lotusPsychology1, 61:seeks it not for selfish ends. "When the right hand holds the golden lotus firm and the left handPsychology1, 61:hand holds the golden lotus firm and the left hand grasps the flower of life, man finds himself toPsychology1, 64:gave to Him, as They begged Him to hold His hand till They had had time to work out Their purposes:Psychology1, 65:thy power. Quality - dynamic power. Withhold thy hand until the time has come. Then give the giftPsychology1, 71:the Three and Three The Divine Intermediary The Hand of God The Hidden One The Seed, that is thePsychology1, 73:the situation. But the time is near at hand wherein there will be a fuller expression of rayPsychology1, 84:there the unseen Master stands with welcoming hand and understanding heart, to lead the pilgrims toPsychology1, 196:mean when we speak of seeing divinity on every hand, of recognizing the note sounded by all beings,Psychology1, 201:and utterly indifferent to comment. On the other hand, an unmodified first ray can produce a man ofPsychology1, 244:and of perfume, is to be seen on every hand, and had you but the eyes to vision the reality, thePsychology1, 270:family [270] unit and family life. On the one hand, you have promiscuity and over-indulgence in sexPsychology1, 270:an over-production of human beings. On the other hand, you have an enforced sterility which -Psychology1, 285:emotional nature fused and blended, on the one hand with the physical body, and on the other withPsychology1, 344:He sees the end from the beginning nor stays His hand though deep [345] and full the pain andPsychology1, 350:not entirely negligible; or are hovering near at hand ready to pass into the stage of revelationPsychology2, 39:into form, but held [39] with firmness to the hand of the Magician. He sought to reconcile thePsychology2, 39:He could not understand, yet still held to the hand of the Magician. He sought to bring about thatPsychology2, 45:the Angel. Eye to eye, and face to face, and hand to hand, they stand. Will reinforces will, andPsychology2, 45:Angel. Eye to eye, and face to face, and hand to hand, they stand. Will reinforces will, and lovePsychology2, 46:entranced. Ear to ear, breast to breast, right hand to left, the two (who are the three) producePsychology2, 47:Knee to knee, and foot to foot, they stand. Hand to hand, and breast to breast, forehead toPsychology2, 47:to knee, and foot to foot, they stand. Hand to hand, and breast to breast, forehead to forehead,Psychology2, 47:" Ray Seven "The Angel of the Presence lifts one hand into the blue of heaven. He plunges deep thePsychology2, 142:organization and of criticism (for these two go hand in hand). Ideas are taken by the third ray
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