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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HANDICAP

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Autobiography, 121:heartsick about it and working hard to help. One handicap comes today from the Jews themselves.Autobiography, 231:my personal point of view, both a menace and a handicap. If a person is highly developed they willDiscipleship1, 129:so many lines as somewhat in the nature of a handicap. You must learn to regard it rather as anDiscipleship1, 139:for this life and greater sensitivity would be a handicap. The perfect fulfilment of your duty andDiscipleship1, 236:your consciousness is that of the physical plane handicap of an unstable digestive system. The oneDiscipleship1, 330:do it with such potency that they temporarily handicap their service. Or, secondly, they areDiscipleship1, 352:It is not hard for you to show love, though you handicap yourself considerably through theDiscipleship1, 360:inferiority (a racial inheritance) is a definite handicap. In your executive life in a great city,Discipleship1, 454:failure to achieve your high ideals afford you a handicap. The time comes now in your life whereinDiscipleship1, 551:soul that you will recognize no impediment or handicap, has been noted. Assistance, therefore, willDiscipleship1, 690:touched upon here is that frequently disciples handicap themselves because, not having learnt toDiscipleship2, 28:though the latest to pass over, was held by the handicap of the astral body for an exceedinglyDiscipleship2, 42:to a long life, the physical tendencies which handicap and limit your [43] service, theDiscipleship2, 459:glamor of an extreme sensitivity is your major handicap, my brother, and definitely limits yourDiscipleship2, 465:make your work possible but it will also greatly handicap you... Are you big enough for thisDiscipleship2, 486:short time all of you will drop the outer handicap of the physical body and be ready for a freshDiscipleship2, 562:outward activity. For such as you, with the handicap of a frail body and the limitations of karma,Discipleship2, 568:an increase in its quantity... You have had the handicap of poor health which is not, in your case,Discipleship2, 568:poor health which is not, in your case, a real handicap but a pronounced and definitely [569]Discipleship2, 618:for this you are well equipped and need not to handicap yourself with self-depreciation as A.A.B.Discipleship2, 673:point in mind. Your personality ray is a serious handicap to you, not [674] because of itsDiscipleship2, 739:identification with it. Such identification is a handicap and not a help. It feeds the life of theEducation, 121:multiplication of material goods constitute a handicap and are no indications that humanity hasExternalisation, 531:will experience the least possible measure of handicap; They will thus be enabled to give full timeFire, 483:- S. D., III, 110. We must remember the handicap of language. - S. D., I, 197, 290, 293. We mustFire, 749:Christ. The method of direct incarnation. The handicap of words is great, and the above phrases butHealing, 74:with each other, and you have a physical handicap and an etheric situation which is undesirable,Healing, 118:itself. Then the factor which has been a major handicap, and which has turned the man into aHealing, 289:Your impatience and your eagerness to help may handicap you; your ignorance may cause you to makeHealing, 441:When the fact that the man is to discard the handicap of the physical sheath may be for him andHealing, 602:condition and responsiveness of a center would handicap the healer, for his thought would beHercules, 86:sign the form is dominant, and constitutes a handicap. The crab builds its house or shell andMagic, 180:creep in owing to physical limitation and the handicap of words, but in the case of those who writeMagic, 183:All these matters are side issues and only handicap and limit, and one of the first things weMagic, 186:and duties to work through which would handicap him for active service in some particular life.Magic, 395:and steps down the qualities and serves as a handicap. A potent personality may function in anyMagic, 498:than ever before for he is freed of the handicap of the physical body. Two things, however,Magic, 499:When the fact that the man is to discard the handicap of the physical sheath may be for him andMeditation, 48:to develop certain qualities which might handicap the server in his work. Those meditations whichMeditation, 154:vehicles are in good shape, and unless the handicap of ill health and disease is practicallyProblems, 25:church. The United States of America has no such handicap, except insofar as the laws of capitalPsychology1, xxv:shall find, as we study, that words will greatly handicap our expression of the realities involved,Psychology1, 24:and not in terms of human personality. But the handicap of language persists; and in teaching thosePsychology1, 106:own feet, to use their own judgment and not handicap the Masters at this time of intense strain andRays, 706:racial type again. It would provide too great a handicap. The probability is that the Master JesusRays, 747:plus its gross materialism, acts as a great handicap to the steady gain of the spiritual position;Telepathy, 142:and despises occultism, Occult scientists handicap themselves either because of their presentation
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