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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HANDLE

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Discipleship2, 613:This force and responsibility you need to handle with more conscious understanding. Shrink not fromDiscipleship2, 614:associates, [614] does have definite results. To handle these reactions was something which A.A.B.Discipleship2, 645:the nature of your problem and so be able to handle it with increased poise, understanding andDiscipleship2, 650:of others. This follows when we have learnt to handle our own pain. Then and only then can theyDiscipleship2, 703:my brother, this situation which you have had to handle in relation to the work for which you areDiscipleship2, 733:most definite soul contact, but knew not how to handle the force engendered. In this incarnation,Discipleship2, 739:events has become almost too strong for you to handle. The "chain of Hierarchy" is a good subjectDiscipleship2, 762:mean dynamic purpose - he can then be trusted to handle the powers conferred with wisdom, toEducation, 81:the wisdom of the future. Capacity wisely to handle relationships and to recognize and assumeEducation, 110:and starvation. [110] It is not my intention to handle this subject from the angle of the manyExternalisation, 187:Germany scope in the Mediterranean; Japan, to handle the Asiatic problem which is too large forExternalisation, 187:problem which is too large for Germany to handle alone. It is an order whose intention is that theExternalisation, 252:it must not interfere with humanity's right to handle its own affairs, and it must be timed in suchExternalisation, 436:He, in His high place, is only now learning to handle, as a pledged Disciple of Sanat Kumara. Externalisation, 645:process. Humanity, as yet, does not know how to handle wisely the energy of the will-to-power, andFire, 123:we will take up in still greater detail when we handle our next point of "Kundalini and the Spine."Fire, 317:and desire. It is not possible [317] here to handle this delicate subject, save simply to point outFire, 407:In the next round, the work of the Lipikas who handle affairs in connection with our system outsideFire, 417:IV. The Future of Manas It is only intended to handle this immense subject primarily in itsFire, 783:[783] The Pitris who see, but touch nor handle not. The Pitris who touch but see not. The PitrisFire, 911:over a subsidiary council of seven devas who handle all that concerns the deva evolution, and theGlamour, 92:personality. You will then be in a position to handle yourselves with greater wisdom, to trace moreGlamour, 92:which will enable you (with greater facility) to handle the personality from that specific angle.Glamour, 102:himself three major capacities: The capacity to handle force. The capacity to tread the middle wayGlamour, 119:and that lack of interest and that failure to handle physical plane living which the thinker onGlamour, 125:- but that he is adequately equipped to handle it, did he but know it, and that there are methodsGlamour, 153:Your problem is essentially that of learning to handle the Dweller on the Threshold and ofGlamour, 226:group can pass to the more difficult tasks and handle the glamors further removed from their ownGlamour, 229:hinder aspirants and will pass on from these to handle the more powerful and more widely dispersedHealing, 16:of the methods which will enable us to handle the undesirable effects with greater facility.Healing, 49:properly equipped, or adequately developed, to handle the force. The above is a generalizationHealing, 95:and the soul) upon an instrument unfitted to handle it. These we will consider later. I referHealing, 96:types of energies, and also by a capacity to handle light substance, as it is called. To theseHealing, 98:This will go on until [98] man learns how to handle the higher energies and to recognize the needHealing, 104:upon the type of force you are going to handle, which is, in this case and for the present, secondHealing, 123:and frequently some of the most difficult to handle. These problems are based on livingHealing, 233:in the human consciousness. Instinct failed to handle this situation. Death, brother of mine, is aHealing, 290:with something which it is not possible to handle rationally. Karma was, for infant humanity andHealing, 316:the most forward-looking psychologists today, to handle these cases on the hypothesis which I haveHealing, 354:understanding and knowledge, we shall be able to handle such diseases as cancer far moreHealing, 553:of intelligent cooperation, but he can so handle himself that he reduces personality hindrances toHealing, 556:the causes of the disease which he proposes to handle. Methods for establishing a sympatheticHealing, 632:infection which the physician knows well how to handle. The healer can help and can hasten theHealing, 670:by man; it is energy which he cannot yet handle. This type of harmlessness is based on completeHealing, 701:is liable not to seek his help, but will handle his own problem, through the soul and through theHercules, 87:native is so sensitive that he is difficult to handle and so elusive and sometimes so indefinite,Intellect, 27:and realization. It must be equipped to meet and handle whatever may come, so as to get the highestIntellect, 130:will then have two functions. It will fit man to handle his worldly contacts with the greatestIntellect, 143:quiescent brain. When the soul has learned to handle its instrument, through the medium of the mindIntellect, 243:happening in their lives. It may be, if they handle it right, and learn its lesson. What has reallyMagic, 55:own specific problems, stand on his own feet, handle his own life, solve his [56] own difficultiesMagic, 71:It will take us some time rightly to handle it. We have in it an interesting illustration of theMagic, 99:channel. Humanity's function is to transmit and handle force. This is done in the early andMagic, 167:for him, through strenuously applied effort, to handle his life in [168] such a way that he can notMagic, 168:has sufficient determination to enable him to handle the problems and obligations of discipleshipMagic, 187:unprepared into lines of forces before one can handle either them or their consequences. Magic, 281:processes on those he contacts, and [281] so handle his "chitta" or mind-stuff (as Patanjali callsMagic, 303:be seen as one, and right steps can be taken to handle situations correctly and to the bestMagic, 453:will achieve meaning as the aspirant learns to handle energies, to work in mental matter and toMagic, 505:of the death bed, for the man who has learned to handle his body as he falls asleep, has anMagic, 559:at present are concerned) he can proceed to handle power, because he will have learned to functionMagic, 621:the form nature can be keyed up and prepared to handle its new responsibilities, and deal with itsMagic, 623:real danger, for he hardly knows as yet how to handle himself, and is scarcely aware of the riskMagic, 637:in of force which he finds himself unable to handle. The second point of danger is to be found inMeditation, 254:who earnestly follow the light within. I seek to handle this subject with you in such a way that atPatanjali, 393:as many of those seeds, as under the law, he can handle or deal with in any one life. These are theProblems, 9:must take stock of themselves and begin to handle their own psychological weaknesses and complexes.Problems, 12:a wider sense of responsibility, of ability to handle its problems or to think in larger terms. TheProblems, 26:they are ready to tell other nations how to handle their problems but as yet evidence no ability toProblems, 26:their problems but as yet evidence no ability to handle their own, as witness the treatment of theProblems, 28:will recognize its own internal defects and will handle them with vision and deliberateProblems, 52:the wisdom of the future. Capacity wisely to handle relationships and to recognize and assumeProblems, 109:demonstrate also such an outstanding capacity to handle their own affairs and produce their ownProblems, 110:that full and useful maturity in which they will handle their own problems and territory. ThisProblems, 112:and that only the southerner understands how to handle the Negro is disproved by the Negro himselfPsychology1, 113:but no personality work is attempted. Disciples handle their own personalities. In the pressure ofPsychology1, 160:will remain a problem most difficult to handle. When, for instance, psychologists realize that itPsychology1, 161:or quality is too strong for the personality to handle. The man then finds that the path to thePsychology1, 237:which I seek to make clear. Science can handle with skill and insight the evolution of form. IPsychology1, 245:cannot concern ourselves. It is not possible to handle the subject in such a way as to make it ofPsychology1, 293:century, will prove themselves well equipped to handle this problem of sex, because they can seePsychology1, 386:Great Britain can contact the German race and handle the German psychology more understandinglyPsychology2, 13:touch with forces which they are not yet able to handle and control. They have done a great deal ofPsychology2, 123:Perhaps the simplest way in which I can handle a theme so new and yet so hackneyed is byPsychology2, 192:divine purpose can be carried forward. They will handle money as the agency through which thePsychology2, 373:usual, a most difficult one for the aspirant to handle. It is a crisis which seems to leave himPsychology2, 456:handling. It is also peculiarly difficult to handle, as the early stages are apparently wholesomePsychology2, 459:most difficult and quite the saddest types to handle because mentally there is little that is wrongPsychology2, 480:of Guidance is a peculiarly difficult one to handle, for it is based on an innate instinctivePsychology2, 497:stronger than the man's present capacity to handle. Secondly, in his desire to be freed from thePsychology2, 499:could elaborate and develop in order to handle the three types of modern consciousness - thePsychology2, 500:the physical plane; few people are competent to handle the two and, when there is persistence inPsychology2, 514:centers to those centers which can more safely handle them, thus producing a more even distributionPsychology2, 604:of cleavage. It is one of the hardest to handle. The mystic who can see naught but his vision, whoPsychology2, 708:of physical disease are the most difficult to handle and are at present little understood. What doPsychology2, 711:by himself and by those who are endeavoring to handle him. Sometimes I ask myself what real use canRays, 149:and take the training which will enable him to handle energy - having released himself from theRays, 153:of the Hierarchy, to learn to contact energy, to handle and direct it. This entails a comprehensionRays, 182:effort of struggling aspirants to deal with and handle those forces which have worked through intoRays, 237:of conflict was inevitable. The easiest way to handle it would have been as lesser conflicts were
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