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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HANDS

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Astrology, 30:or cell in the little finger upon one of your hands. There may be a general response andAstrology, 366:most timely. Gemini rules the arms and the hands, indicating the service which the two brothersAstrology, 445:aspirants and workers to whose hearts and hands is committed the heavy task, incident to theAstrology, 525:and races. The fate of the nations lies in the hands of its leaders usually; they marshal theAstrology, 526:countries hold the destiny of humanity in their hands at this time: The United States of America,Astrology, 530:and men throughout the entire world. In the hands of these nations lies the destiny of the planet.Astrology, 541:of the present situation are in the hands of humanity itself. The "stars in their courses" will aidAtom, 107:and it begins to feel about with its little hands. The third sense which seems to awaken is that ofAtom, 116:can and will and do aid and assist us, but Their hands are tied until we have done our share of theAtom, 131:tremendous power be permitted to pass into his hands. Nevertheless, we can, I believe, look toAutobiography, 52:of the Bible have passed through many hands; they are the result of the theological thinking ofAutobiography, 96:extremely anxious co-workers and three men on my hands. I could talk to my aunt about Walter EvansAutobiography, 98:and physicians in London. I put myself into his hands. He was a brilliant man and really understoodAutobiography, 108:that I suffered severely at her [108] hands and went through three months of great discomfort andAutobiography, 116:and for three days I had two sick babies on my hands and a sick woman - too sick, ill and depressedAutobiography, 121:do? I understood Walter's fate was largely in my hands. If I could induce him to behave himself andAutobiography, 122:I made him see that his fate [122] did lie in my hands and that it would be the part of wisdom forAutobiography, 128:it, as it was the rush season and they needed hands. I made an arrangement with a neighbor to lookAutobiography, 129:I did. It was a much rougher group of factory hands - rather tough women, Mexicans and the type ofAutobiography, 130:The comments had been particularly rude and my hands were literally shaking with fury. After theyAutobiography, 131:it on a nail here. I don't like your drying your hands on that dirty rag in the women's room. I'veAutobiography, 131:always a clean rag for me on which to wipe my hands. I am quite sure that we get what we give inAutobiography, 154:But no one's reputation was safe in their hands. I have wondered about this and I have definitelyAutobiography, 190:years ago his theosophical library came into our hands with all the old Lucifers and all the oldAutobiography, 194:when they voluntarily put themselves into your hands for training, and give them what is needed.Autobiography, 215:sometimes they were. I had to suffer at their hands by being temporarily regarded as an out-of-dateAutobiography, 229:workers in the Masters' vineyard will have our hands full in future years in organizing, inAutobiography, 240:have ever been published and so put into the hands of the general public. In the above paragraphs IAutobiography, 249:on the discipleship in the new age is in the hands of the public, the work of A.A.B. for me will beAutobiography, 293:humanitarian purposes; much of it lies in the hands of the theologians of the various churches, butBethlehem, 123:His angels charge concerning thee, and in their hands they shall bear thee up, lest at any timeBethlehem, 165:"The Son of Man shall be betrayed into the hands of men, and they shall kill him, and the third dayBethlehem, 178:benefactor of the human race, was nailed by the hands and the feet, and with arms extended, to theBethlehem, 184:consideration. This information should be in the hands of all Christian people, because then andBethlehem, 214:(St. John, XIX, 30.) "Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit." (St. Luke, XXIII, 46.) TheBethlehem, 224:was prefaced by the words, "Father, into Thy hands I commend my spirit." His first word and HisBethlehem, 281:divinity, and they have always reached out their hands and their hearts to God. The sons of theDestiny, 55:is a dangerous one, for destiny lies in the hands of the people and no one knows exactly what theDestiny, 77:is it not, that the real solution lies in the hands of France, which must let its soul control? ItDestiny, 85:of the world lies at present largely in the hands of France and Great Britain, and the happiness ofDestiny, 100:and races. The fate of a nation lies in the hands of its leaders usually; they marshal the nation'sDestiny, 101:countries hold the destiny of humanity in their hands at this time: The United States of America,Destiny, 104:and men throughout the entire world. In the hands of these nations lies the destiny of the planet.Discipleship1, 20:relationship, thus strengthening each others' hands and, where possible, pooling resources. ItDiscipleship1, 26:of the intuition, disciples can strengthen the hands of those whose task it is to awaken theDiscipleship1, 119:and swinging, fails to touch the pleading hands, held forth for help. It swings in heaven high,Discipleship1, 119:"The magnet drops into the mass of clutching hands. It disappears from view. Disturbance thenDiscipleship1, 142:and keep the conditioning of it in your own hands and in the hands of no one else. Meditate muchDiscipleship1, 142:conditioning of it in your own hands and in the hands of no one else. Meditate much upon it butDiscipleship1, 142:possible work. Everything lies in your own hands and in your capacity to make wise adjustments. AsDiscipleship1, 150:working with and cooperating with those in whose hands lies the guiding of the "little ones." YouDiscipleship1, 155:when you have freed yourself from the clinging hands of well-meaning but weak-minded aspirants.Discipleship1, 162:the materializing of the project lies in your hands and with those who respond to the ideasDiscipleship1, 193:6th month - I place the torch of truth in other hands, and from my torch they light their light. IfDiscipleship1, 310:freeing of yourself from the "pulling hands" of associated friends and people. The necessity for anDiscipleship1, 312:are gradually standing free from the clinging hands of others. Just as the Great Renunciation ofDiscipleship1, 313:"The key is found; and with the pressure of the hands in service of the light, and with a beatingDiscipleship1, 347:below suggested. 1st month - The use of the hands in healing. 2nd month - The cultivation ofDiscipleship1, 349:during the coming half year period. Why are the hands the distributive centers for healing and whatDiscipleship1, 352:physical body gives you the desire to use your hands and it determines your life work, because theDiscipleship1, 352:and it determines your life work, because the hands are the agents of the magician and you are mostDiscipleship1, 353:also, to make a careful study of the use of the hands in healing. I have given various hints in myDiscipleship1, 354:doctrine of the Church as to the "laying on of hands" and also in the oriental teachings anent theDiscipleship1, 354:teachings anent the mudras, or the use of hands in ritualistic service. Find out all that you canDiscipleship1, 354:service. Find out all that you can about the hands. Later, I will indicate the future use of thisDiscipleship1, 354:indicate the future use of this science of the hands and give further instruction on the purpose ofDiscipleship1, 354:instruction on the purpose of the centers in the hands in relation to the healing art. In theDiscipleship1, 355:your brain consciousness. It lies in your hands and there is little that I can do. You areDiscipleship1, 388:my brother, and it lies entirely in your [388] hands. Go forward along the Way in the full vigor ofDiscipleship1, 393:yourself from people and from the clinging hands of those demanding presences who are to be foundDiscipleship1, 440:accomplished. The rest of the activity is in my hands and you can safely leave it to me. ThisDiscipleship1, 440:glamor. The power of an unimpeded channel in the hands of the Hierarchy is far greater than youDiscipleship1, 457:act of the will, out into the world through the hands held out in blessing. Discipleship1, 459:next six months [459] should render into your hands the high results of the process of discipline -Discipleship1, 516:yourself to those you love and oft the clinging hands of love can hinder progress - not only ourDiscipleship1, 536:prime endeavor. 4th month - I heal not with my hands. I heal through speech. Thus must I learn toDiscipleship1, 585:needed to direct this work and to strengthen the hands of the Builders. Ponder on this. What is itDiscipleship1, 676:discarded and destroyed, and holding forth the hands of helpfulness. Upon his shoulder sits theDiscipleship1, 690:blue prints for the immediate plan are in the hands of the world disciples; the working out ofDiscipleship1, 690:and help of the world disciples is in the hands of all accepted disciples everywhere. Neither worldDiscipleship1, 696:of any Ashram. [696] This lies entirely in the hands of the group. Every new person who is put inDiscipleship1, 730:activity. The destiny of the world lies in the hands of their three groups of initiated disciples;Discipleship1, 781:book on Discipleship in the New Age is in the hands of the public, then the work of A. A. B. for meDiscipleship2, 84:full approval, all the other activities in the hands of F.B. She will leave also, in theDiscipleship2, 86:I would like to see the work left in the hands of those who are already doing it; I suggest theDiscipleship2, 86:Triangle work and the Goodwill work are in the hands of young people who must be strengthened,Discipleship2, 88:the direction of A.A.B. or of those into whose hands she has put responsibility... It is in theseDiscipleship2, 118:slightly behind Him. Then stretching out your hands in blessing, say together with solemn, voicedDiscipleship2, 189:cross upon which he takes his stand - with his hands stretched out in blessing. That is the ideaDiscipleship2, 209:and which wields the Law of Synthesis. In the hands of this august Council, the Law of Karma findsDiscipleship2, 216:spiritual, dynamic meditation is largely in the hands of the New Group of World Servers and of theDiscipleship2, 220:of thinking and informed men and women in whose hands lies the destiny of humanity. This is largelyDiscipleship2, 220:in all fields of human interest; in their hands the form of the new civilization is beingDiscipleship2, 224:in nature is slowly being taken out of the hands of the deva evolution (hitherto responsible) andDiscipleship2, 225:caste or church. Money does not yet lie in their hands. Their need for it is great. Millions areDiscipleship2, 229:in regard to money which passes through my hands? Am I handling it as a disciple of the MastersDiscipleship2, 229:May this potent energy of Thine be in the hands of the Forces of Light." [230] Then visualize theDiscipleship2, 230:and unlimited sums of money pouring into the hands of those who seek to do the Masters' work. ThenDiscipleship2, 464:group with immunity and helpfulness in their hands - the group from which they have been freed. IDiscipleship2, 482:therefore, that it lies entirely in your own hands to increase your usefulness in the Ashram. If I
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