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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HANDS

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Initiation, 191:special intimates of the Logos, and into their hands he has put the working out of karma in theInitiation, 193:These are necessitated before his Master hands in his name as a candidate for initiation. If heInitiation, 206:to enjoin upon the applicant the use of the hands in service, of the feet upon hierarchicalInitiation, 206:esoteric. Occultly understood, the "use of the hands" is the utilization of the chakras (orInitiation, 206:of the chakras (or centers)in the palms of the hands in: Healing bodily ills. Blessing, and thusInitiation, 206:in prayer, or the use of the centers of the hands during meditation in the manipulation of mentalInitiation, 206:and a consideration of his methods in using his hands. More cannot be said here, as the subject isInitiation, 210:the lower and the higher. Upon those arms the hands are nailed, - the hands that grasp and hold,Initiation, 210:Upon those arms the hands are nailed, - the hands that grasp and hold, ministering to the lowerInitiation, 210:trained thus through many aeons. Lo, when the hands are helpless held, and cannot grasp and hold,Initiation, 210:downward to the man who standeth next below. The hands, freed from the transverse arms, are freedInitiation, 210:freed but to be held. Only the empty nail-marked hands can keep the chain complete. Where ends theIntellect, 7:with it more doors can be opened than with bare hands. Thus it is part and parcel of ourIntellect, 17:but which is known to both. When we have joined hands with the Orient and when we have united theIntellect, 21:methods and systems. At first this was in the hands of the organized religions, but now it isIntellect, 21:control of the religious bodies, and lies in the hands of the state. In the past, education wasIntellect, 111:be rested from bodily labor, not only of the hands but of the tongue as well and all five senses.Intellect, 115:side of manifestation and to put into their hands the power to work with soul-energy; to enableIntellect, 203:Science and Religion are joining hands in the world of the unseen and intangible. These are stepsIntellect, 207:and follow it out understandingly, whilst our hands or eyes are busy with the work to be done. Intellect, 220:relaxed, rightly poised and then forgotten. The hands should be folded in the lap, and the feetIntellect, 248:came and said to him, "A great work lies in your hands, you are doing well. We see and know, etc.,Magic, 90:on to that which hides the vision, and fills the hands so full that they cannot grasp what has beenMagic, 114:will reap its heavy karma, but it lies in the hands of you all now to transmute the old mistakes.Magic, 231:the aspiring disciple, resigns the struggle and hands the weapons and the reins of government toMagic, 253:second aspect or the soul expresses itself. The hands, through which the creative energy of theMagic, 253:the eyes open, the voice proclaiming and the hands conferring." These points are of technicalMagic, 253:and the voice speak only in benediction, and the hands be used only in helpfulness, may well be theMagic, 265:in blessing on the world of men, for only the hands that have let slip all within the three worldsMagic, 335:and the effect of sound and will put into man's hands a tremendous instrument in the world ofMagic, 367:(how little men see is astounding!) in your hands lies the opportunity to bring down to the mentalMagic, 371:lies your ultimate success, for we hold in our hands the solution of many problems, and apply thatMagic, 377:work (impulsive and controlling) lies now in the hands of three groups of lives, if it may be soMagic, 377:of lives, if it may be so expressed: In the hands of those of our Earth Humanity who have equippedMagic, 377:have equipped themselves so as to serve. In the hands of certain Existences who have come into ourMagic, 377:evolution from other planetary schemes. In the hands of a large number of devas of superhumanMagic, 470:discarded and destroyed, and holding forth the hands of helpfulness. Upon his shoulder sits theMagic, 506:their use when be cried aloud, "Father, into Thy hands I commend my spirit." And we have anotherMagic, 507:point towards the East and the feet and the hands should be crossed. Sandalwood only should beMagic, 575:on White Magic - Rule Fourteen - The Use of the Hands The Use of the Hands It is of value here whenMagic, 575:Fourteen - The Use of the Hands The Use of the Hands It is of value here when we are dealing withMagic, 575:give a little information anent the use of the hands in such work. One of the Masters has said, "ItMagic, 575:object." I intend to speak a few words about the hands, for there is more occult teaching hidden inMagic, 575:it might be well to study briefly the type of hands and their quality which are distinctive ofMagic, 575:disciples. In all forms of esoteric teaching the hands play a great part and this for four reasons:Magic, 575:of his selfish desire. In spiritual man, the hands are still symbols of acquisitiveness but he onlyMagic, 576:those he seeks to help. As centers of force the hands play a most potent part, and one that isMagic, 576:little understood. It is an occult fact that the hands of a disciple (once he has acquired thatMagic, 576:of spiritual energy. The "laying on of hands" is no idle phrase nor confined solely to theMagic, 576:episcopate of any faith. The occult laying on of hands can be studied in four aspects: In healing.Magic, 576:In this case the force which flows through the hands comes from a dual source and via two ethericMagic, 576:on White Magic - Rule Fourteen - The Use of the Hands It will be apparent therefore that theMagic, 576:be apparent therefore that the Science of the Hands is a very real one and the disciple has toMagic, 576:to pass them outward through the chakras in the hands. The hands do their work either directly, orMagic, 576:outward through the chakras in the hands. The hands do their work either directly, or through theMagic, 577:frequently by speakers who magnetically use the hands to any extent and the effects as seen by aMagic, 577:no time to take up in detail the meaning of the hands as they wield the sword, save to point outMagic, 577:sword of the Spirit is that weapon which in the hands of the disciple cuts down before the eyes ofMagic, 578:arms to [578] wield the other swords and in the hands of an initiate is a most potent factor. TheMagic, 578:that all initiates use the palms of the hands in the work of healing. Only those therefore, whoMagic, 578:dare lay the sword down and stand with empty hands, uplifted in blessing. Only the "armed hand" canMagic, 578:to stimulate wrongly. As regards the use of the hands in turning keys I will simply give a hint.Magic, 578:keys I will simply give a hint. Only those hands can turn the key in the door of initiation whoMagic, 579:of the [579] centers", the significance of the hands in service, the wielding of the swords, andMagic, 579:the swords, and the four positions in which the hands are held in group service. Study, therefore,Magic, 579:on White Magic - Rule Fourteen - The Use of the Hands B. The quality of the force used isMagic, 595:dangerous and too intriguing to be put in the hands of the general public, who are driven by desireMagic, 607:of the evolutionary process and through whose hands the three threads of developing life steadilyMeditation, 62:be relaxed. The eyes should be closed and the hands folded in the lap. Then let the aspirant noteMeditation, 71:for they would be weapons of great danger in the hands of the unscrupulous. If then it seems to youMeditation, 130:of their endeavor and to perish at their hands. A truth I speak here; I give not voice to theMeditation, 177:- based as they are on law - will put into his hands the rule over lesser lives, and will teach himMeditation, 181:we have enumerated above are only put into the hands of those who are on the side of theMeditation, 222:life. When he can do this he holds in his hands the key to all knowledge. That he endeavors to makeMeditation, 234:way that the members of the Hierarchy in Whose Hands is placed evolutionary development in theMeditation, 247:esoteric becomes the exoteric) largely in the hands of the occult students of the world, working inMeditation, 257:than ourselves; They hold out to us helping hands, and call to us in clarion tones to struggleMeditation, 277:provides not the just conditions, the Master's hands are tied and He can do but little. Self-effortMeditation, 336:restored some of this information will be in the hands of the two bodies I refer to. ThePatanjali, 47:petalled lotus of the heart, holding in his hands the "jewel in the lotus." Thus the devotee findsPatanjali, 50:acquired possession to those who hold out empty hands, and passed on to inner halls of learning."Patanjali, 87:not meet that requirement, the emptying of the hands so as to be free for new possession, thenPatanjali, 157:possible. The five organs of action: voice, hands, feet, the excretory organs, and the organs ofPatanjali, 214:the spine erect, the feet crossed naturally, the hands folded in the lap, the eye closed, and thePatanjali, 300:"not caused by parents," that body "not made by hands, eternal in the heavens" mentioned by St.Patanjali, 303:concerns the body incorruptible, not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. The other deals withPatanjali, 354:the "All-seeing Eye" and the "Eye of Shiva." The hands are potent factors in all magical work ofPatanjali, 358:can be developed and power delivered into the hands of the Christ. Three terms serve to throw lightPatanjali, x:There are three books which should be in the hands of every student, the Bhagavad Gita, the NewProblems, 12:of the Nations The intense isolationism and the "hands off" policy of certain groups in the UnitedProblems, 14:of the nations (including our own) has clean hands, and that all are guilty of greed and theft, ofProblems, 18:of that unhappy land are placed in the hands of those with a vision of the future, who have a firmProblems, 25:practical ideologies is rapidly passing into the hands of the "people" and out of the hands of theProblems, 25:into the hands of the "people" and out of the hands of the so-called ruling classes and theProblems, 31:does? Or will they permit it to fall into the hands of a few powerful nations or a mere handful ofProblems, 32:today. The future of the race lies in the hands of the young people everywhere. They are theProblems, 34:of the Children of the World Education in the hands of any church would spell disaster. It wouldProblems, 39:degree, have contributed to this; none has clean hands and hence war. Humanity has the habit ofProblems, 62:possible for every student passing through the hands of our teachers. Students will have to beProblems, 67:the war. Its future constructive use lies in the hands of science and should be controlled by the
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