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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HANDS

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Problems, 67:which they have long wished to penetrate. In the hands of science, this new potency is far saferProblems, 67:this new potency is far safer than in the hands of capital or of those who would exploit thisProblems, 67:for the increase of their dividends. In the hands of the great democracies and of the Anglo-SaxonProblems, 67:races, this discovery is safer than in other hands. It cannot however be kept in these handsProblems, 67:other hands. It cannot however be kept in these hands indefinitely. Other nations and races areProblems, 70:directorates and have retained it in their own hands. They have made possible the vast differencesProblems, 72:of the disposal of the millions in their hands. They are frequently rendered helpless by theirProblems, 72:helpless by their fellow executives and their hands are largely tied by the existing rules of theProblems, 77:power, is now itself becoming a tyranny in the hands of the unscrupulous and self-seeking. LaborProblems, 77:the whole of mankind, is passing into the hands of the masses, of the working classes and of theProblems, 78:of the employer. Power in the future lies in the hands of the masses. These masses are movingProblems, 81:of atomic energy has not only put into human hands a potent force which will inevitably bring in aProblems, 82:and the mode of their release remain in the hands of the people's chosen representatives and areProblems, 82:responsibility for its control must lie in the hands of the men of goodwill. They must control itsProblems, 101:other nationalities, however), helpless in the hands of a cruel fate, or not so helpless butProblems, 109:gather the reins of government into their own hands and gradually eliminate white control? Will theProblems, 110:leading to the release of Africa into the hands of its own people. At the same time, a saneProblems, 113:face a grave responsibility and it lies in their hands to change conditions. When they do so, theyProblems, 115:of right human relations that it can tie the hands of the selfishly aggressive and open the door ofProblems, 119:also demonstrate their ability to strengthen the hands of all workers who are struggling to bringProblems, 133:creation of that Temple of God "not made with hands, eternal in the heavens". They serve thatProblems, 138:all over the world still remain in the hands of the church dignitaries and synods and conclaves.Problems, 141:deep within the human heart, "nearer than hands or feet", the Self, the One, the Atma, smaller thanProblems, 168:the power and the produce of the earth in the hands of a relatively few men, while the rest ofProblems, 169:people. They have left the power in the wrong hands and permitted the selfish and the undesirablePsychology1, 159:his idea into manifestation, and employs his hands and all his natural forces to perfect hisPsychology1, 183:a little of that to which I refer, and in their hands lies the training of humanity so that men mayPsychology1, 188:in all the groups and to strengthen their [188] hands. I ask you to seal your lips to words ofPsychology1, 302:forming of an earlier recognition lies in the hands of the disciples and thinkers of the presentPsychology1, 325:slowly growing group of World Servers. In their hands lies the salvation of the world. The finalPsychology1, 368:but the time of that end rests in the hands of awakened humanity. The margin of difference willPsychology1, 388:is too dangerous, for destiny lies in the hands of the peoples, and no one knows exactly what wayPsychology1, 397:before the Gates of Light, this time with empty hands. Then enter, free, accepted by the ServantsPsychology2, 34:of Release, and on that way, all drops from our hands; everything is taken away, and detachmentPsychology2, 114:made. The success or failure lies largely in the hands of those scattered but spiritually alignedPsychology2, 168:and his aims. His feet move steadily; his hands work swiftly; his voice, without cessation, chantsPsychology2, 275:from a body nature into a body "not made with hands, eternal in the heavens" takes place. ThePsychology2, 298:some such chart is prepared and placed in the hands of his Master. In fact, four such charts arePsychology2, 352:ears be closed to all the outer voices, and the hands clenched, the body braced, and mind alert.Psychology2, 375:to bring the two together. The plan is in my hands. How shall I work? Where lay the emphasis? InPsychology2, 450:the centralization of power in wrong and selfish hands. They are anxious for peace, rightPsychology2, 470:cure, as I said above, lies in the patient's own hands. It involves earnest application to onePsychology2, 477:Many of these people find their way into the hands of psychologists and psychiatrists; many are toPsychology2, 604:of daily living or from the clinging hands of those who love him; it can be brought over fromPsychology2, 619:one who seeks to serve and the binding of his hands and feet." One other difficulty I will touchPsychology2, 632:Yet all the time they are but pawns in the hands of Those who are working to some wider end. ThisPsychology2, 633:of the better informed and are helpless in the hands of those who seek to use them for any purposePsychology2, 635:This great second group itself suffers at the hands of those who seek to impose the new rhythmsPsychology2, 636:radio, and of the public platforms is in their hands. Their responsibility is enormous. Some few,Psychology2, 646:can be no doubt. It greatly strengthened the hands of the Hierarchy and established a "channel ofPsychology2, 654:for the transition of money out of one set of hands into another provides no real solution. WhoeverPsychology2, 656:their resources, strengthening each other's hands and sounding forth in unison the note of mutualPsychology2, 666:and the leadership of the world pass into the hands of those who have a definitely spiritualPsychology2, 691:and mobilize the good, and so strengthen the hands of the workers on the side of righteousness andPsychology2, 699:made. The success or failure lies largely in the hands of the New Group of World Servers. In thisPsychology2, 732:ourselves, and the most potent instrument in the hands of the spiritual Hierarchy, is the spreadingPsychology2, 734:with intensity of feeling, raising the clasped hands above the head, and then - at the last word -Psychology2, 734:and then to the heart. The raising of the hands above the head and their return in touching thePsychology2, 735:hold the forces there (symbolized by the clasped hands resting upon the heart) because the heart isPsychology2, 745:and separative trends. They hold out the hands of love and understanding to each other across theRays, 227:given to applicants emphasized: The use of the hands in service for healing, blessing and forRays, 279:of Solomon, the spiritual temple "not made with hands, eternal in the Heavens," is no longerRays, 355:committed to Him; that destiny still lies in His hands. But in the Gospel story, it is the ChristRays, 429:teach her; the result will be stability. In the hands of the United States, Great Britain andRays, 429:Great Britain and Russia, and also in the hands of France, lies the destiny of the world disciple,Rays, 621:the territories of the planet have changed hands many times and the earth has been the playgroundRays, 663:to the third (inclusive). They have set their hands to the plow - another way of sayingRays, 681:the people hold the ultimate triumph in their hands, for the heart of the people in all nations isRays, 707:next forty years - to find its way into their hands with the deliberate intent of bringing to theRays, 716:- impersonal and potent - should fall into the hands of the Black Lodge, the results would beRays, 760:as to its use and purpose, putting a copy in the hands of all those who are willing to use it. ARays, 765:These three are the great Helpers and in Their hands lies knowledge for the next generation.Rays, 766:In the bloodstained feet and the nail-marked hands lies hid the secret. Seek you them. Then doorRays, 766:The key is found; and with the pressure of the hands in service of the Light and with a beatingReappearance, 30:of promise and also full of difficulty; in the hands of human beings today and in the immediateReappearance, 57:to return but to leave the world of men in the hands of that great spiritual Server Who will be theReappearance, 144:deep within the human heart, "nearer than hands and feet," the Self, the One, the Atma, smallerReappearance, 145:"Closer is He than breathing, nearer than hands and feet," chants the Hindu. "Christ in us, theReappearance, 162:humanitarian thinking is unbounded; it is in the hands of the masses of good little men and theReappearance, 173:that had the directing agencies (through whose hands the money of the world is channeled) any trueReappearance, 186:ourselves and the most potent instrument in the hands of the spiritual Hierarchy is the spreadingSoul, 21:activity of the vocal apparatus, diaphragm, hands, fingers, eye-movements, etc. (p. 324). - Prince,
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