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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HAPPEN

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Magic, 133:attention is therefore prevented, what will happen? The Master will turn sadly away, distressed toMagic, 346:all controversy, you know that naught can now happen but what is for the best. You are sure ofProblems, 50:development in the educational world? What will happen after this complete world breakdown and theProblems, 93:civilized age. This, however, is not likely to happen; so close are the interlocking selfishProblems, 108:partner in world enterprise. This can only happen when the antagonism between the white people andProblems, 117:do they learn and progress. The miracle may happen and the beautiful and the unexpected appear butProblems, 171:all that makes life worth living? All this can happen unless basic changes are made and made withPsychology1, 26:seventh. The question arises here: How does it happen that we find people in incarnation on all thePsychology1, 117:of Observer to that of Communicator. This will happen because you can be trusted to communicatePsychology1, 132:an increasingly brighter light, though this does happen in a few cases in the universe. But itPsychology1, 358:such as is now happening. When this does happen, there eventuates a rapid following of effect uponPsychology2, 66:and blended stream of energy. Three things then happen: The kundalini fire is raised andPsychology2, 223:the revelation of meaning. This is beginning to happen today. It is the result of the ability -Psychology2, 245:in the case of individual human beings; it will happen in the case of humanity [246] as a whole,Psychology2, 681:of the kind which causes divisions. This may happen through their past inclination, by enforcedPsychology2, 688:We will not formulate to ourselves what will happen nor will we look for results or for tangibleRays, 152:this is understood and applied, then four things happen: The group must understand the nature ofRays, 330:On a higher turn of the spiral, this again will happen. The Masters will walk openly among men.Rays, 367:the accepted truths whereby men live. This will happen after the externalization of the Hierarchy.Rays, 430:Congress. It is not for me to tell you what will happen, although the Hierarchy knows. HumanityRays, 493:in no way discouraged by this picture. Much can happen on the inner planes where there is rightRays, 677:rather, fire? To what is he pledged? What is to happen within "the area of livingness" (I want youReappearance, 56:prepared and trained. But before all this can happen, He must again enter the public arena, playReappearance, 67:apt to look at all that happens, or that could happen, from the purely human and immediate angle;Reappearance, 121:turn of the spiral of life, this will again happen. The Masters will walk openly among men; theReappearance, 121:in physical Presence. Another thing that will happen will be that the ancient Mysteries will beReappearance, 128:they are at present too selfish to permit it to happen. You can see, therefore, that initiation isReappearance, 177:[177] and which The New Testament foretold would happen. Evil is seeking every avenue available forSoul, 84:and over-emphasize that particular part which we happen temporarily to be dissecting. But the wholeTelepathy, 145:in which the "dweller in the body" may happen to be focused. This may be the astral plane or theTelepathy, 154:the atmic level and the buddhic. This will happen as a result of conscious growth and initiation.
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