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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HAPPENED

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Atom, 126:thus miss that which they have to give us. This happened in Palestine in connection with theAutobiography, 47:it completely altered all my attitudes. What happened to me during that period was unrealized atAutobiography, 69:too young for the responsibility. Things that happened took too much out of me. I had no experienceAutobiography, 72:little recollection of anything particular which happened during these first weeks in Meerut but myAutobiography, 74:the matter up or was I just clever? The episode happened: I did not intentionally plan it. I learntAutobiography, 83:after thousands of years in hell, because they happened to live before Christ came? You can see,Autobiography, 93:and weeping. The other thing that made me laugh happened at a little wayside station in FranceAutobiography, 117:gone around the village of everything that had happened. The morning after my husband had been sentAutobiography, 127:handful of people cared in their busy lives what happened to me and I used to matter to lots ofAutobiography, 134:the Bible places the date of creation as having happened in the year 4004 B.C. I had been too busyAutobiography, 150:deal of my life worrying over things that never happened. Fear is a basic characteristic ofAutobiography, 151:fearing all kinds of things which have never happened and as I am a rather powerful thinker IAutobiography, 168:having been interpolated by me. This has never happened, even if I do not always agree orAutobiography, 232:is entirely accurate and that everything happened to them as their horoscope indicated. What theyBethlehem, 70:where the infant Child lay. A unique event had happened in the cosmos, and the hosts of heaven didBethlehem, 91:in the past had for its goal that which happened when Christ appeared; it prepared humanity for theBethlehem, 232:Their Leader was discredited. Then something happened to alter the whole trend of their thought.Bethlehem, 232:that Jesus is indeed the Christ. What has happened to cause this transformation? Their answer isBethlehem, 259:where something new can emerge, as has always happened in analogous circumstances in otherDestinyto our modern civilization; all that has happened is the result of these energies, pouringDestiny, 43:come unduly into play. This is what has happened in the spiritualistic movement; its investigatorsDestiny, 133:and cleavages and will account for much that happened. Under the seventh ray influence, theseDiscipleship1, 109:Ones, provided there is a vacancy. This has happened in your case and this you also know forDiscipleship1, 123:aiding you. Do you know the occasions when this happened? Training in the registering of offeredDiscipleship1, 142:the growing expansion of your work. That has happened and the past year has seen you making manyDiscipleship1, 217:too deeply upon your reactions to all that has happened. That you could weaken under it or that youDiscipleship1, 348:that during that time three things have happened to you: Your orientation towards reality has beenDiscipleship1, 446:this incarnation. [446] Something has happened to you that has "carried right through" from yourDiscipleship1, 608:from you a clear thought - and this has never happened before in your life. The reason has beenDiscipleship2, 39:without the pain of accomplishment. This has happened in the case of several who have beenDiscipleship2, 40:their troubled minds, to forget that which has happened, to return to the familiar, and toDiscipleship2, 76:from me and are not responsible for what has happened. Let me reiterate: The ashramic link remainsDiscipleship2, 114:conscious activity by the soul. When this has happened, the awakening to the higher issues of lifeDiscipleship2, 180:began to "share in the heart's reaction." This happened so generally and so acutely that the heartDiscipleship2, 331:a door of attack upon an Ashram - and this has happened, as you know, in the case of my Ashram -Discipleship2, 569:relative unimportance of form. These things have happened to you and these lessons have beenDiscipleship2, 628:proceeds upon his way. This has not, however, happened to you. You seem to have gone steadily on,Discipleship2, 634:success in passing along the corridor. What has happened to him, as both his eyes "function in theDiscipleship2, 665:tried can thus be trusted. Regard all that has happened to you as special training, what might beEducation, vii:she threw overboard her ancient culture. What happened in Japan can happen in the rest of theExternalisation, 270:for the inflow of liberating force. This has happened only once before in the history of the race.Externalisation, 273:the Deliverer when He comes - a thing which has happened before. We come now to the second stanza,Externalisation, 312:and history testifies that it has frequently happened at times of world crisis. Such are theExternalisation, 367:thinkers, educators and leaders, two things happened which it had been hoped might be averted. TheExternalisation, 443:then take place would wipe out humanity - as happened once before in human history. I would hereExternalisation, 606:yet planned for from the very depth of time, happened then in that quiet garden; Christ,Externalisation, 657:of sensitivity never before attained. This has happened through the agency of the energies listedExternalisation, 670:in man's historical past, and all that has happened lately, is assuredly in line with that Plan.Fire, 93:the Moon or any other dead planet at any time happened to be. Fire, 461:of opportunity ceased temporarily, and something happened which is analogous to what will occur inFire, 599:major round is because in this round two things happened - the spark of mind was implanted and theFire, 894:is possible to man owing to certain events which happened to the Heavenly Serpent the second, orHealing, 224:which this is being brought about. It could have happened without war and through a conviction thatHealing, 224:happening has no bearing on the case. It has happened and is happening daily and will materiallyHealing, 224:interracial and mixed relationships have always happened upon a small and individual scale; theyHealing, 266:law must inevitably work. Though much that has happened to the Jews originated in their pastHealing, 444:life thread is broken or snapped. When this has happened, the conscious entity cannot return to theHealing, 664:could have been attained. But something happened which had not been foreseen even by the Hierarchy.Healing, 667:Their interest in the affairs of men, two things happened: The will aspect of divinity made itsHercules, 38:happening to the people in the neighborhood, happened to Abderis; they killed him. This is anHercules, 56:The Teacher, gazing from afar, saw all that happened, and to the great Presiding One who sitsHercules, 157:I want to give you a brief resumé of what has happened up to he present time; it covers what liesHercules, 177:realization. You cannot learn by hearsay. As has happened before in the myths, Hercules then had toHercules, 184:the stars revolved around him, everything happened in himself. By that he learned certain greatIntellect, 141:[141] and the brain. We can sum up all that has happened during the three stages we have consideredIntellect, 153:our conclusions have led us, and see what has happened to the man who has carried forward hisIntellect, 243:it right, and learn its lesson. What has really happened? Has the student really seen the Christ?Intellect, 244:have produced the occurrence, if it has really happened and is not the result of a vivid andMagic, 168:the aspirant remains in ignorance of what has happened and is unaware of his subjective contacts.Magic, 239:and questionings, based on that which has never happened? I would like to point out to my brothersMagic, 335:science of sound. The significance of what has happened in the world during the last century in theMagic, 386:the consciousness of the aspirant. When this has happened, the disciple has built the bridge (theMagic, 440:the then human being failed to register what had happened. In the words of the Old Commentary: "TheMagic, 495:life thread is broken or snapped. When this has happened, the conscious entity cannot return to theMagic, 520:nature assume undue control. This dire event happened in Atlantean days and the then group ofProblems, 33:different nature, the world war might never have happened. Many and differing reasons have beenProblems, 34:[34] causes behind the others. But - the war happened. Our old civilization has been swept away.Problems, 134:of the Churches Something of great moment has happened in the world. The spirit of destruction hasProblems, 150:when God took notice of man and [150] something happened - under the action and will of God thePsychology1, 97:no vision, the people perish," and so much has happened during the last two hundred years, and soPsychology1, 100:the year 1945. By that time an event will have happened in the world and a particular new teachingPsychology1, 315:the emergence of the teaching on the rays has happened at a time when the scientist is announcingPsychology1, 395:its control. The Old Commentary expresses what happened in the following terms, and as you read thePsychology2, 302:has been aroused in him, all that has really happened is that the energy of the sacral center (i.e.Psychology2, 446:requiring right understanding of what has happened, and leading to right adjustment of the fusedPsychology2, 578:which are almost uncontrollable. This happened on a large scale in Atlantean days and led to theRays, 98:incorporate him into His Ashram. The moment that happened, the disciple came not only under anRays, 411:that this is not this first time that this has happened. Changes were made in Atlantean times; theRays, 678:to mean more to him than himself. What has happened, technically speaking? The energies of theReappearance, 15:given for many centuries and nothing has ever happened. That is a statement of fact, and here liesReappearance, 53:yet planned for from the very depth of time, happened then in that quiet garden; Christ,Telepathy, 84:than that of individual sensitivity, but it has happened that way. The individual within a group
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