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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HAPPENINGS

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Astrology, 105:as to the esoteric significance of these three happenings within every sign. They can also indicateAstrology, 134:effects than the more concrete and spectacular happenings. It is not my intention here to deal withAstrology, 135:and not so much with the symbols and the outer happenings such as events and mundane activities.Astrology, 137:period. They determine the final stages and happenings of the Path of Initiation. The seventh rayAstrology, 140:(and under that word I place all events and happenings going on in the three worlds of humanAstrology, 145:of the form aspects, and also with the events, happenings, circumstances and the conditioningAstrology, 169:Gate in full waking consciousness and these five happenings are frequently called the five majorAstrology, 216:astrologers are primarily concerned, emphasizing happenings and events and not their conditioningAstrology, 216:is given a physical interpretation, and thus happenings which are entirely mental are portrayed asAstrology, 331:produce very diverse changes and significant happenings to which man will consciously orAstrology, 371:which underlies all events, all progress and all happenings in time and space. It was the BuddhaAstrology, 418:has sought to do in connection with tangible happenings on the outer plane of existence; we,Astrology, 486:The potency of Aries, as it initiates those happenings which will set in motion the causes thatAstrology, 496:student away from the world of tangible happenings, precipitated events, and personalAstrology, 526:the world you will get the clue to the various happenings taking place today and will understandAstrology, 591:of the life aspect. This refers not to events, happenings and occurrence, but to the nature of theAtom, 40:presumably nothing morbid would happen... morbid happenings would lie between this microbe andAtom, 47:from his own standpoint, and the outer happenings, are mostly interesting just in so far as theyAtom, 123:would account for various vicissitudes and happenings upon the planet. Often we consider theAutobiography, 2:of moment and not the earthly experiences, the happenings and events in the life of one of TheirAutobiography, 40:of the planetary Hierarchy, and that there were happenings and events of far greater moment to theAutobiography, 88:do not like discussing myself, particularly such happenings as my life in relation to Walter Evans.Autobiography, 96:and also the [96] knowledge how tragic life happenings are to the young, and how over emphasis is aAutobiography, 110:not manufacturing instances but relating factual happenings. My husband was, first of all, rectorAutobiography, 232:of the astrological implications to astronomical happenings the story is very different. PeopleAutobiography, 248:consequently their actions; the events and the happenings in their lives then become unpredictable.Autobiography, 268:the why and the wherefore of circumstances and happenings - both individual and universal. He isAutobiography, 268:to direct some of the energies producing world happenings. He thus carries out the purposes of theAutobiography, 274:and in their environment. This leads to three happenings: The old groups reject those who respondAutobiography, 278:the custodian and which underlies all planetary happenings, furthering the divine purpose, isAutobiography, 278:present point of development, is studied; the happenings of the present are interpreted in terms ofAutobiography, 279:planetary, and the why and the wherefore of all happenings. As he gains a knowledge of esotericAutobiography, 290:And bring to light the Love That underlies the happenings of the time. Let vision come and insight.Bethlehem, 30:to be only symbolic of inner conditions and happenings. Then we shall begin to work and live asBethlehem, 56:We have taken our stand upon the physical happenings of His life and have struggled to prove theBethlehem, 103:of the state of initiation. All life's happenings are related to the carrying forward of the lifeBethlehem, 165:(St. Luke, IX, 51.) As we consider these happenings, the particular test which Christ nowBethlehem, 200:man, the Christ within; and no outer earthly happenings, and no national situations, no matter howBethlehem, 235:related in the Gospel story are not isolated happenings in the life of Jesus of Nazareth, but thatBethlehem, 241:to regard the happening as therefore the best of happenings, even if it does not seem so from theDestiny, 26:That is the factor of moment and not the happenings in any particular country. And, I would remindDestiny, 27:Character indications and small personality happenings can frequently and correctly be deduced butDestiny, 28:must inevitably lead to definite and tangible happenings. Any deep student of human affairs couldDestiny, 41:They can frequently determine the probable happenings. If I say to you that the higher expressionDestiny, 65:of any neutral power who stands aloof from the happenings of the present. The Hierarchy is notDestiny, 72:by her Leo personality, a large part of the happenings in Europe during the Middle Ages and forDestiny, 101:the world, you will get the clue to the various happenings taking place today and will understandDestiny, 115:and of the emerging events and of the imminent happenings which may logically be expected. ThereDestiny, 121:sixth ray has prepared humanity for the imminent happenings with which it is faced. What I have nowDestiny, 136:expression of the first ray attributes and happenings than would otherwise be the case. This willDestiny, 144:that is the major value. All information and happenings which are connected with Shamballa areDiscipleship1, 14:of the day's events and has no relation to the happenings which may concern the personality. NoteDiscipleship1, 14:by the brain, via the mind. Any telepathic happenings between you and your fellow disciples. ThisDiscipleship1, 20:the group love which lies back of all world happenings. My brothers, when will the time come whenDiscipleship1, 59:rhythm and permits no secondary personality happenings or attitudes to mar the group work. [60]Discipleship1, 74:The Hierarchy is deeply concerned over world happenings. When the war is over, our work must goDiscipleship1, 240:decision. In the light of eternity, these little happenings (and how small they are when looked atDiscipleship1, 260:clear seeing of the issues involved. The smaller happenings of an individual's life can aid him toDiscipleship1, 287:- the danger of the detail and of the phenomenal happenings seeming of greater importance than ofDiscipleship1, 321:is carried through on to the plane of earth happenings and works out in paralleling action. ThisDiscipleship1, 338:today. You are all living on the verge of new happenings, of increased opportunities, freshDiscipleship1, 384:small moment. The attitude assumed towards all happenings and the methods employed in handling themDiscipleship1, 422:to retreat there and, in forgetfulness of outer happenings, live the life of spiritual tranquility.Discipleship1, 442:for you at times to interpret other phenomenal happenings. With all this, however, be not undulyDiscipleship1, 483:dull exterior of a person, in the world of daily happenings as you see it functioning around you.Discipleship1, 489:study your last instructions in the light of the happenings and changes - there hinted at andDiscipleship1, 506:activity? But, my brother, as you note these happenings, be not tempted to aid. Leave theDiscipleship1, 513:of the Onlooker, who sees all people and happenings through the light of love and from the angle ofDiscipleship1, 526:from two sources. Your reactions to all life's happenings and to your environment are those of aDiscipleship1, 578:though its effects may produce exoteric happenings. These latter are (are they not?) of smallDiscipleship1, 578:they not?) of small moment compared to the inner happenings. There were moments when the situationDiscipleship1, 581:is it not, to see the reason for the happenings within the periphery of one's consciousness, toDiscipleship1, 664:satisfaction, or is one of the "dead-level" happenings, where nothing brings joy and where onlyDiscipleship1, 705:minds of those directing world affairs and world happenings. The outer happenings are, to a certainDiscipleship1, 705:world affairs and world happenings. The outer happenings are, to a certain point, predictable; theyDiscipleship1, 750:in such a manner that individual events and happenings are ignored. It is intensity of feelingDiscipleship1, 780:consequently their actions; the events and the happenings in their lives then become unpredictable.Discipleship1, 790:And bring to light the Love That underlies the happenings of the time. Let vision come and insight.Discipleship2, 23:processes at work which are effects of inner happenings in your own souls, in the Ashram and in theDiscipleship2, 41:of instructions from me - a year of momentous happenings upon earth and of significant changes inDiscipleship2, 65:they are relatively unaffected by affairs and happenings in the three worlds, even though that isDiscipleship2, 117:And bring to light the love which underlies the happenings of the time. Let vision come andDiscipleship2, 146:And bring to light the love that underlies the happenings of the time. Let vision come and insight.Discipleship2, 160:better and progressively right. The events and happenings thus precipitated demonstrate the movingDiscipleship2, 164:endeavored to express the majesty of the recent happenings in various ways in order to impress uponDiscipleship2, 255:of the disciple to daily living and to world happenings are totally unlike that of the average manDiscipleship2, 291:with full knowledge in all events and happenings. Through what medium does he, on his own highDiscipleship2, 339:A recognition of the end of a cycle of happenings, i.e., retrospection. The recognition of theDiscipleship2, 406:on Earth, what will be the result? Three great happenings will take place with spiritual andDiscipleship2, 409:trained group of initiates and disciples. These happenings are taking place today before the eyesDiscipleship2, 410:of the approach of the Hierarchy. These three happenings will also indicate to you that, as far asDiscipleship2, 446:initiation. He deals therefore with those basic happenings which act as life-impulses, andDiscipleship2, 522:emotional and mental reaction to war and its happenings has well-nigh crippled your essential (notDiscipleship2, 524:three days) every kind of reaction to human happenings. Aim at a point of tension from which newDiscipleship2, 538:He learns to recognize it when events and happenings come which require understanding and whichDiscipleship2, 540:is ever the source of physical plane creation, happenings and events; it is the instrument of theDiscipleship2, 590:over the exoteric objective world of tangible happenings. Still holding the consciousness in theDiscipleship2, 663:for you an incarnation wherein certain major happenings have taken place. Your soul has, for oneDiscipleship2, 663:Do you realize the importance of those two major happenings? Again, you have learnt the meaning ofDiscipleship2, 667:more clearly. See the underlying purpose of all happenings in the past, and endeavor then to grasp
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