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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HAPPENINGS

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Psychology1, 288:Let me briefly refer here to these two symbolic happenings, for the use of esoteric students, soPsychology1, 314:marriage." The aggregate of these individual happenings will produce a group activity of anPsychology1, 350:light upon the vast importance of these cyclic happenings. Ray five is the latest of the rays toPsychology1, 352:clarity, they will expect and look for great happenings in the racial development. If a minor rayPsychology1, 375:and apparently insoluble mystery. There are two happenings of close and imminent occurrence. TodayPsychology1, 395:readjust your sense of values. The standard of happenings varies in importance according to thePsychology1, 395:of life, and around which central factor the happenings, trivial or important, pursue their cyclicPsychology2, 115:with the subsequent physical plane happenings, dependent upon the conscious realizations of the menPsychology2, 117:stage of indifference to personality claims and happenings, they learn to cherish a spirit ofPsychology2, 212:They persistently remain abnormalities. Two happenings of great import will occur before so veryPsychology2, 218:purpose and objective behind all the difficult happenings of daily life. It broadens and widens andPsychology2, 275:Here again there is a correspondence to earlier happenings, for much time has transpired sincePsychology2, 326:event an intelligent power to extract from the happenings to which they are subjected some gain toPsychology2, 334:to give the needed aid, particularly when three happenings eventuate, which will inevitably be thePsychology2, 367:position to understand. This series of spiritual happenings or unfoldments of consciousness in thePsychology2, 420:see his visions and to participate in heavenly happenings, and which enables the advanced adept toPsychology2, 498:determining conditions which lie hidden in the happenings of childhood or infancy. These discoveredPsychology2, 508:opening up before them and the phenomena, the happenings, the ideas, and the life and knowledge ofPsychology2, 570:they are still astral, for they concern happenings and phenomena found upon the higher levels ofPsychology2, 662:by the leaders far to outweigh any temporary happenings to individuals and smaller groups. In thePsychology2, 699:with the subsequent physical plane happenings, dependent upon the conscious realization of the menPsychology2, 703:time of reaping, or some spectacular climax of happenings. When all that occurred was an interim ofPsychology2, 707:us. This is the result of certain astronomical happenings, such as the pouring in of energy from aRays, 12:as the result of certain profoundly important happenings upon inner planes of such advanced statesRays, 12:- if I may use such a phrase to describe the happenings which are rending humanity today. The evilRays, 12:as a whole. The significance of the present happenings is interpreted (and necessarily so) in termsRays, 13:you any true picture of the interior events and happenings in the life of our planetary Being. IRays, 13:by mankind to great paralleling and originating happenings which involve the following groups: TheRays, 16:realm of cheap comedy one of the most notable happenings which has ever taken place upon ourRays, 16:point of invocation will be evocative of great happenings, and will involve every aspect of HisRays, 37:their personality conditions, events and happenings in terms of their real meaning. But that stillRays, 75:What will come through that series of spiritual happenings and their inevitable reaction upon theRays, 93:and in His Own right." The episodes refer to happenings in the life of Jesus. At the present time,Rays, 156:of certain major unfoldment, major spiritual happenings and a series of major awakenings inRays, 258:beauty and revelatory strength that all the happenings of all time, up to the present emergingRays, 354:Savior, the Christ - are implicated; two major happenings [355] are indicated, and the ChristianRays, 370:all the three subhuman kingdoms. This series of happenings will remain for a long time inexplicableRays, 414:the following esoteric events, relations and happenings are simply consequences: 1. The majority ofRays, 449:in speech, and are used to express events and happenings in the world of energies and forces, inRays, 531:they cannot be reduced to symbols or to symbolic happenings; they are formless and remain in theRays, 531:and not through the details of ceremonious happenings. This symbolic representation will hold goodRays, 549:that your minds remain undisturbed by the happenings in the three worlds; to seek that attentiveRays, 550:crisis has been made possible by three major happenings: The conclusion of a twenty-five thousandRays, 554:nature of the circulation of energies. All these happenings are part of a process of planetaryRays, 623:other, by withholding the truth as to events and happenings. But men are awakening everywhere and -Rays, 648:initiation. The effect however of hierarchical happenings, in conjunction with Shamballa, will leadRays, 662:consciously aware on soul levels of the various happenings, possibilities, undertakings andRays, 720:in a new sense and quite definitely that all happenings on our planet are in truth simplyRays, 742:will come to the surface as we study present-day happenings from the angle of renunciation andRays, 743:all men are today immersed in vital spiritual happenings may serve to encourage the faithful andReappearance, 15:are factors present in the world today, and happenings have taken place within the past centuryReappearance, 45:elicit reinterpretation; circumstances and happenings will not necessarily be exactly as theReappearance, 46:of the underlying Plan. It is these physical happenings which are of moment and not the vague hopesReappearance, 54:realize that we are talking of exact and literal happenings on our planet. We are dealing withReappearance, 73:to His reappearance), are dependent upon happenings and contacts which are now taking place withinReappearance, 189:And bring to light the Love That underlies the happenings of the time. Let vision come and insight.Telepathy, 47:world which lies between the world of external happenings (the world of appearances and of exotericTelepathy, 109:awareness of events, apprehensions of happenings, and identification with personality reactions.
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