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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HAPPINESS

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Autobiography, 7:facts which I know to be essential to the future happiness and progress of humanity - the fact ofAutobiography, 8:the good life and the good in all peoples, by happiness and an intelligent appreciation ofAutobiography, 9:of gaiety and joy and of uneventual peace and happiness. Our hours of stress and strain appear toAutobiography, 10:it is not the countless hours of uneventful happiness, the moments of peaceful rhythm and the weeksAutobiography, 10:cultivate the awareness of the things of joy and happiness and not only register the things ofAutobiography, 11:ours, suffering is registered more acutely than happiness and seems more enduring in effect.Autobiography, 11:in effect. Perhaps, also, we are afraid of happiness and push it away from us under the influenceAutobiography, 11:to deal. The evil and the misery will pass but happiness will remain; above everything else willAutobiography, 12:opposites - poverty and riches, the heights of happiness and the depths of sorrow, the pull betweenAutobiography, 13:care, I would always be either in the heights of happiness and exhilaration or overcome withAutobiography, 43:not one of the elect; I believed in a heaven of happiness for those who thought as I did and a hellAutobiography, 105:and the white for it never seemed to work for happiness on either side. I was appalled to discoverAutobiography, 190:its name. I regarded it as a great privilege and happiness to know Mr. Prater. Another old pupil ofAutobiography, 208:you can help me out by accepting them." All this happiness, therefore, which nice and correctAutobiography, 210:the same pains and sorrows, the same sources of happiness and the same urge to go forwardAutobiography, 252:in any nation who are against human freedom and happiness. In their love and their grasp ofBethlehem, 79:eventually by all. It is a life of joy and happiness, of test and of problems, but its essence isBethlehem, 150:hearts, the full vision of which is the highest happiness." - Psychology and God, by L. W.Bethlehem, 153:typified, with its longing for pleasantness, for happiness and for pleasure, and an indication ofBethlehem, 179:It is so essential to the salvation and to the happiness of the world that God has alwaysBethlehem, 209:are believers shall enjoy an exclusive life of happiness, whilst the rest of God's children areBethlehem, 213:the support of fellow beings; desires for the happiness of loved ones; for the alleviation of painBethlehem, 217:words are used to express this power to enjoy - happiness, joy and bliss. Happiness has a purelyBethlehem, 217:this power to enjoy - happiness, joy and bliss. Happiness has a purely physical connotation, andBethlehem, 217:of the nature of the soul and reflects itself in happiness. But bliss, which is of the nature ofBethlehem, 217:is an expression of divinity and of the spirit. Happiness might be regarded as the reward of theBethlehem, 217:significance, and we are sure that Christ knew happiness, even though He was a "man of sorrows";Bethlehem, 221:not only of forgiveness, but of peace and happiness. He had spoken the Word which brought togetherBethlehem, 226:nature as we know it can neither attain happiness without suffering, nor perfection without theBethlehem, 247:to us. We seek to share with them some state of happiness which will have in it truer values thanDestiny, 85:the hands of France and Great Britain, and the happiness of the world is assured if the soul energyDiscipleship1, 158:your registration of joy must work out also in happiness and eventually in bliss. For you, too,Discipleship1, 170:oft most useful destructive work. Ponder on joy, happiness, gaiety and bliss; these release theDiscipleship1, 181:the wings of joy. I would remind you here that happiness is the result of achieved personalityDiscipleship1, 241:past. Keep busy with the Master's work and with happiness enter upon and accomplish each day'sDiscipleship1, 268:poise. Yet turn not your back on aught of joy or happiness which may come your way and that mayDiscipleship1, 272:for that which is not necessary to health or happiness. The magnetic force utilized has been,Discipleship1, 307:When grasped, they lead to increased happiness [308] and to power in all relationships. A rightDiscipleship1, 397:six months, be as follows: 1st month - Why is happiness needed in order to: a. Tread the Path ofDiscipleship1, 397:I find? 2nd month - What is the relation of happiness to joy? a. What do I know of each? b. WhichDiscipleship1, 397:can I demonstrate joy? b. How can I shew forth happiness? c. What are the differences in these two?Discipleship1, 397:these two? 4th month - In what way can joy and happiness undermine fear, and liberate me fromDiscipleship1, 408:may I add one parting word? Aim at demonstrating happiness. Be joyous in your work and service. BeDiscipleship1, 415:to fuller service, to better health, and truer happiness. I seek to see you a quiet center ofDiscipleship1, 420:Secondly, the cultivation of a spirit of happiness, of joy - which is based on an inner assuranceDiscipleship1, 472:of the law and offers opportunity. Cultivate happiness through understanding. I mean not jocosenessDiscipleship1, 489:you are ready now for that measure of personal happiness which will tend to make your service moreDiscipleship1, 489:all that you have to do and work with ease and happiness. There is so much for you to do inDiscipleship1, 496:in your home and in your office by bringing happiness and release to others. Discipleship1, 557:what I have elsewhere pointed out, that: Happiness is the goal of personality desire and its mostDiscipleship1, 557:upon the personality, thereby superseding happiness and imparting the gift of truth. [558] Bliss isDiscipleship1, 583:again, group love, group understanding, group happiness and group work are essential to progress,Discipleship1, 583:and group work are essential to progress, real happiness and good physical health. In group workDiscipleship1, 669:yourself in the subject, approaching it in happiness and in the spirit of service, I will give youDiscipleship1, 692:the gift of all resources is accompanied with happiness, then the disciple will have all that isDiscipleship1, 715:for personal integrity and for personal lasting happiness. This has to be changed into groupDiscipleship1, 721:and lead mankind into realms of beauty and of happiness. He will be the consummation of the [722]Discipleship1, 785:in any nation who are against human freedom and happiness. In their love and their grasp ofDiscipleship2, 89:light, better human relations and a newer happiness. The results of your activities along this lineDiscipleship2, 114:cannot react, except under group impetus, group happiness or unhappiness, and other groupDiscipleship2, 165:equally vague primeval condition of blissful happiness may be restored and all unhappiness and painDiscipleship2, 380:use. The idea that sacrifice signifies happiness and a joyful process of making desire "holy" isDiscipleship2, 450:when need arises. On that you may count. Meet happiness and distress alike with equilibrium, and beDiscipleship2, 469:cannot react, except under group impetus, group happiness or unhappiness, and other groupDiscipleship2, 555:For you, these two words will bring release and happiness. The trends of your life and service areDiscipleship2, 592:and better lines) the needed security and happiness. I refer not here to the work done by all ofDiscipleship2, 613:oft of great pressures but also of frequent happiness; you have fulfiled your duties and adhered toDiscipleship2, 621:does this because he is more interested in the happiness of his brother than in his own feelings orDiscipleship2, 728:and business duties and in the effort to bring happiness to those in your environment lies for youDiscipleship2, 729:of human living. Can you bring naught but peace, happiness and confidence into your home and intoDiscipleship2, 737:and arriving at that unconcern as to the happiness or the experience of the personality; secondly,Education, 89:human beings a sense of responsibility for human happiness and human welfare. Nevertheless, theEducation, 104:I am a miserable sinner and unfit for future happiness. How can I escape the penalties of myEducation, 121:public is educated to believe are essential to happiness. The old simplicity and the true valuesEducation, 121:that humanity has found the true road to happiness. The lesson is being learnt very rapidly and theExternalisation, 129:and ambition before the general good and the happiness of the world of men. This is the real andExternalisation, 172:world lately. When I speak thus, I refer not to happiness, which is a personality reaction, [173]Externalisation, 185:of those relations which will produce the happiness and peace of the whole, and not only of theExternalisation, 197:which are essential to the health, security and happiness of mankind must be made available. Third,Externalisation, 198:food, right thought, creative activity and happiness. These essentials are only possible under aExternalisation, 204:needs, and of rescuing and restoring the happiness of the little children of the world and planningExternalisation, 206:spirit of separativeness and hate. The peace and happiness of each is the concern, therefore, ofExternalisation, 236:together take the needed steps to ensure human happiness, and learn in so doing to face worldExternalisation, 253:successful foundation for the pursuit of true happiness. Therefore, those who are looking on at theExternalisation, 255:to human need, human good and the future happiness of the whole. The simplification of the attitudeExternalisation, 255:correctly handled lay the foundation for future happiness and progress. The present situation isExternalisation, 258:of France more than with the integrity and happiness of humanity, and this led to an inevitableExternalisation, 277:long for peace because they want to be happy. Happiness and peace will come when there are rightExternalisation, 366:theirs will be the task to restore new life and happiness to humanity, and it is for them I write.Externalisation, 372:the restoration of the children of the world to happiness, security, proper standards of life andExternalisation, 407:everywhere and which stands for a center of happiness and purpose. Shamballa or Shangri-Lha is theExternalisation, 443:which you can shoulder to your eternal happiness or discard to your shame and eventual karmicExternalisation, 463:Right Conduct Right Effort Right Rapture or true Happiness His ancient message is as new today asExternalisation, 670:average humanity, who think in terms of earthly happiness, the Plan should be something joyful andFire, 738:to darken the bright horizon of his unalloyed happiness; for, it its a state of perpetual 'Maya'.Glamour, 75:for full living, true experience and real happiness. The gluttonous desire for possessions is notGlamour, 212:put upon possessions and the belief that happiness was dependent upon things and upon material goodHealing, 20:rightly wielded, can bring that which produces happiness, good, and freedom from pain more easilyHealing, 261:everywhere know what are the basic essentials of happiness. The Emancipation of the Slaves. TheHealing, 441:mutually agree on the hour, and that nothing but happiness would characterize the passing? That in
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